Blue Rage, Black Redemption: A Memoir

Stanley Tookie Williams

Blue Rage, Black Redemption: A Memoir

Blue Rage, Black Redemption: A Memoir

  • Title: Blue Rage, Black Redemption: A Memoir
  • Author: Stanley Tookie Williams
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  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Book by Williams, Stanley

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Williams was a veteran and a casualty of three wars - the war on drugs, the war on the poor, and the war on blacks - his memoirs are an all-too-familiar tale of systemic racism's toll on the urban black community. Although his romantic recollections have a tinge of chauvinism, he never seeks to justify his gangsterism, or excuse himself from the equation of circumstance. And while many presses are busying themselves turning out absurd moralistic tropes that advance the ethics of personal respons [...]

If you think you understand racism in the world, read this book. If you think you have your finger on the pulse of the inner city, read this book. If you think you know about gangs and violence, read this book. When you are done, understand that you will never completely understand.

"It's about Stanley Tookie Williams' life in prison. He meets his son and relates his life story to his son. If you are into books that show someone changing over time, you will like it." --Christian (Spring '15) *****

I think this will inspire many people who were or still are with that gang banging stuff because he learned his lesson toward the end and tried to fix his problems before it was to late

I was surprised on how much I enjoyed this book. It tells a great autobiography of Stanley "Tookie" Williams, who was a co-leader of the Crips. It was well written and I loved the multiple perspectives of the book. Tookie really gave it all he had when he wrote this and didn't leave anything behind. The book has two parts to it "Blue Rage", which was his early days of him being ignorant to the crimes he was doing and this discusses how the Crips ended up becoming a gang. The second part "Black R [...]

A long book but well-worth it. The story itself is fascinating. I especially appreciated the second half, the "insider's" perspective on our criminal justice system as well as a look at the internal mental process of someone who turns their life around for the better. Stan's story gives me a lot of hope!

Stanley Tookie Williams the author of this book grew up in a humble house hold. Although he grew up this kind of house hold right outside of his front door was a hostile environment full of violence and things no child should ever witness. At a very young age Tookie was introduced to many forms of violence, drugs, addicts, and poverty. He grew up watching people gamble, sell and take drugs, shootings, fights, and more. All of this seemed to interest Tookie's young mind. He seen everyone around h [...]

Blue Rage, Black Redemption was a book of a young black man, growing up in an unstable enviroment, poverty, and violence. Tookie Williams is a boy struggling to find a place where he belongs. As he grows up and learns more about street life and experiencing gangs in school, and drugs. He is adapting to the lifestyle that he see's. Soon, he is smoking, inhaling, and cutting school. He became a disruption and bad influence on other students and was constantly being banned from a school. Each schoo [...]

Tookie is a tremendously courageous individual. He was fearless throughout his life, but in many different ways. I cannot express my respect and admiration for him in words, so I will use a variety of quotes from BLBR to describe him: "We wanted to kick the door wide open so any imprisoned black man could enter and begin to initiate a productive change within himself" (270), "Just because we exist around madness does not mean we have to function like mad dogs" (328), "Though it may be viewed by [...]

This was an incredibly surprising novel and was a true pleasure to read. Tookie, the author, offers an exceptionally fascinating history of his founding the infamous Crips gang with his friend, and the story is told with a wonderful articulate and highly erudite narrative.Tookie came from the ghetto of LA, with no education and describes his life and rise to gangsterism, but what is the most enlightening is his self discovery, renunciation of gangs and his self education while on death row.The m [...]

Blue rage, Black redemption by Staley Tookie Williams is an memoir novel about his life. Ever since Tookie was a child he has been in trouble and it has carried over in the most of his life. The final days happen when he was sentenced to life on death row for the murder of four people. While in prison he described his life and what has happen in his life.There are a lot of things I like in the novel. The memoir of Stanley's life is a hard, gang life, and gritty type of memoir. There are certain [...]

I read the book Blue Rage, Black Redemption: A Memoir . This book was a great book. I always like to read books about people lives. In this book it was about the crip leader Stanley Tookie Williams. He was a troubled child and remained troubled throughout his life until he had went to jail and had turned himself around. He just talks about his life and his experiences that he had faced living in California and as the leader of a notorious gang. What I liked most about this book is how he went in [...]

I found this book intriguing and better yet, the fact that a young man who grew up in poverty, street life and juggling gang life, to a man who writes childrens books and preaches everything about his life and what not to do, to prevent children from meeting the same fate as he did. Stanley 'tookie' Williams; although he was the co-founder for the crips, was a well respected leader and rolemodel for those who continue to struggle through the difficulties of race relations and poverty issues that [...]

I am really eager to read this book. This was technically a Christmas gift for my husband but I think it will be the gift that keeps on giving. Anyone else read it yet?UPDATE-Ok finished this one. It was a mediocre read. He spends way too much time listing the various people he encounters as he is out "crippin' (his word no mine) and I just don't need a list of twenty people at gathering that resulted in a fight. Also he is very sketchy about many personal details. Like when he talking about rec [...]

Let me start off by saying I'm a seventeen year old girl who doesn't know that much about the inner workings of gangs, thankfully. I decided to read this book because I have been on mission to expand my horizons and start reading more memoirs. So, I picked this one at random, and extremely grateful I do. It enlightened me on different world and time. Yet most importantly, it reminded that people can change. That one can do amazing things if try want to, no matter what they have done or where the [...]

Everyone should read this. The narrative on the black male experience in America, sadly, is an undertone of a lot of societal ills still imposing a hurdle to equality. It was amazing to read Tookie's words and hear his experiences which led to both the evolution of the notorious gangs of our modern era as well as the redemption of a man on death row facing racism and brutality as an inmate. Tookie is insightful directing the reader along his life path which ended too soon at the hands of the sta [...]

I feel everyone should read this book this book explains Stanley Tookie Williams life story from beginning to end. First the story begins as Stanley was a crip co-founder and is soon to be getting a death sentence and you have to read the story too figure out why he is getting this sentence. But then that's barley the introduction when the actual story begins it explains how he grew up in a very dangerous environment with robberies, crime rates at its highest, and high growing gang violence and [...]

A *** book for a ***** man. Not convinced he was guilty of the quad murder he was convicted of, but the fact is that Tookie was a lot of bad things and it caught up with him. This joins the long list of memoirs by gangbangers and locked-up African Americans but it doesn't quite stand above books like "Monster" and the like. It's a bit lengthy and the prose, though sometimes beautiful, is a bit pedestrian. The narrative gets a bit repetitive, lots of driving iron, gang stories, drugs, and womaniz [...]

The purpose of Blue Rage, Black Redemption was to make readers realize how bad Tookie Williams' life was while he was growing up. The author's point of view was his own life because he was the author of his own book. The theme of the book is a biography because Tookie Williams was explaining his life and how bad it was while he was growing up. The style of the book is a narration because Tookie was explaining the main events of his whole life growing up and being in a gang. I think that this boo [...]

I agree that it isn't the best-written book ever, but I couldn't put it down, especially the details of his early life. Very eye-opening re trying to understand what makes a gang member tick for those of us far removed from the poverty and daily despair of kids in these circumstances. He lays it out.I haven't read the latest edition, with description of his execution addended; maybe sometime I will. I was furious and felt a personal loss when the execution went forward, having written letters to [...]

Blue Rage, Black Redemption is detailed memoir of the life of Stanley Tookie Williams. He begins with his early childhood and moves through the founding of the Crips and his time in prison. I have mixed feelings about this book. I'm glad I read it, but I sometimes felt it was over-detailed and slow moving. In my opinion, the best writing about his life occurs from his incarceration onward. I'm also not sure who I would recommend this to. It's certainly relevant information for someone studying g [...]

So far my book is about a young boy name stanley and he lives with his mom.He finds out that hid mom met someone and hes very upset about it.Stanley goes to a school and he dont have much friends.Stanly sits by himself at lunch time and some kid tries to take his money and Stanley didnt want to give it to him so the guy decided to jump himafter school. I feel that Stanley gooing to join a gang to get protection because he dosn't really have friends so he probably wants to join a group to fit in. [...]

Tookie gives a lot of great insight into what, for him and likely many others, creates the mindset of one who joins the gamg culture- or builds it up. That knowledge is super important to combatting the mindset and activities, and to redirecting the power of young folks for positive. There were a handful of times that he seemed to be namedropping, or trying to include various people who were part of his experience. Those lists of names, often 5 or so, followed by a phrase like "and others" got t [...]

Yet another book on gang banging life in LA. Though this one had more thought to it. The fact that he was still executed appalled many, but his eloquent writing aside; this does not change the fact that he helped bring about a youth 'movement' that destroys many many lives I can relate to the fact that he changed in jail; that he grew up and realised all the damage he had caused. But too late in the machinery called the US Government Penal System

Had to read this book after an article in the New Yorker about Crittendon who was basically the San Quentin mouthpiece for decades and ran death row. He never believed Williams changed and was frustrated by the Nobel Prize nomination. After reading the book I have a lot of questions about what redemption really means because although he grows internally he still seems very proud of his acts of brutality. However, the accounts of police brutality and prison corruption ring true.

Actually 3.5 stars is my rating. This book improved, as I hoped after he sought redemption. I enjoyed reading more about Tookie the man, than Tookie the Crip.Barbara Becnel needs to be canonized in life. What a remarkable woman.I have loads of respect for anyone who has found the path that was destined for them. Stan Williams will be my hero for what he accomplished on death row. I happy I finished this book, and as I always say. I owe it to the book, to finish it.

Very good. I was saddened by the ending, even though I knew the outcome beforehand. This man was so obviously innocent of the charges set against him. Tragic. He did so much good for his community after being incarcerated, and I will certainly be collecting his children's book series. Anywhere from 1.6 - 4.1% of prisoners sentenced to the death penalty are innocent, and that alone is reason enough to take a good hard look at the processes involved with putting someone to death.

It’s not often that a book moves me to tears. There were times where I found myself stepping into judgmental thoughts. The author would quickly remind me of my own humanity void of perfection.I struggled with staying motivated during the major transition from Blue Rage to Black Redemption. But once I aligned with the authors new rhythm, I was able to complete the book.Happy to have read it.

I like this book it talked about Stanley Tookie Williams and his life as a child. Growing up in California in the 6o's and 70's. Also it talks about he he was one of the Notorious founders of the crips. I liked reading this book because it was adventourous because it talked about him when he was so little to when he was a grown man. I liked this book and recommend it to teenage boys.

A tale of how systemic racism and poverty profoundly repress inner city youth and the repercussions that reverberate throughout society because of these inequities. It is also a book about choices, missed opportunities and an ego that needs to be filled no matter what the cost to himself and others. An interesting and exhausting read.

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