Taltos I

Anne Rice

Taltos I

Taltos I

  • Title: Taltos I
  • Author: Anne Rice
  • ISBN: 9789721042452
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Capa Mole

Este novo romance de Anne Rice d seguimento epopeia das Bruxas de Mayfair, a excitante saga do oculto que come ou com A Hora das Bruxas e Lasher.Em Taltos, iremos conhecer Ash, reservado, inabalavelmente bondoso, nico sobrevivente de uma antiga esp cie, agora senhor de um grande imp rio empresarial No in cio do romance, Ash fica estupefacto ao descobrir, por meio de uEste novo romance de Anne Rice d seguimento epopeia das Bruxas de Mayfair, a excitante saga do oculto que come ou com A Hora das Bruxas e Lasher.Em Taltos, iremos conhecer Ash, reservado, inabalavelmente bondoso, nico sobrevivente de uma antiga esp cie, agora senhor de um grande imp rio empresarial No in cio do romance, Ash fica estupefacto ao descobrir, por meio de um velho e misterioso amigo, que foi avistado um segundo Taltos, no mesmo vale da Esc cia onde, s culos antes, Ash reinara sobre o seu cl imediatamente lan ado no misterioso mundo da fam lia Mayfair, a dinastia de bruxas de Novas Orle es, eternamente perseguida por fantasma, esp ritos e poderes estonteantes, e da Talamasca, uma ordem secular de estudiosos com poderes para ps quicos, a nica organiza o existente que poder compreender Ash, o seu passado de Taltos e o dilema envolvendo as bruxas de Mayfair.

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this character "Ashlar" just up and jizzes all over the faces of the preceding novels in the series, except that it is not hot, not hot at all. The Witching Hour was a fascinatingly cracked historical-family saga and Lasher, although a much lesser work, was a disturbingly oedipal psychodrama. Taltos is like a big bucket of spooge, just silly and disgusting and entirely unappealing to even contemplate. ugh, thanks a lot Rice for ruining a perfectly good series! almost as criminal is the increasin [...]

Tim Curry narrates, so time for a re-read! :D

The grave of bones scene in this book is creepyt a good way to die : /

Rice remembered all the detail but forgot to throw in some story to go with it. First two books were great. Maintain a safe distance from this one.

If you've already been sucked into the Mayfair trilogy, you're going to have to read this book. I'm sorry. It's not good. Really though, this series is worth finishing, even if you LOL your way through the last book because it's so freaking ridiculous. There is a good explanation for what Lasher is, and how he came to be involved with the Mayfairs, and what the Talamasca knows about it; you're going to want to know this stuff. Unfortunately, the characters (particularly the family members) have [...]

I loved this trilogy so much and the last part doesn't let it down. Rowan and Michael are great characters and the usual southern new Orleans setting works so well for these books. The talamassca is in these more than her Vampire novels and it was great to learn more about the shadowy organisation.Mona Mayfair is another good character and in this book she gets a lot more time as she is central to the storyline. We also find out just who Lasher was, where he came from and the whole history of th [...]

It took me a while to get around to this third installment of Rice's Mayfair trilogy. I started it a while back and realized I couldn't quite handle it yet so I moved on to other things for a while then came back and was able to finish it. There's just something about this story, from beginning to end (1st book to 3rd book) that has gotten under my skin. It's one of those stories I won't soon forget beautifully written yet intensely disturbing. The perfect formula for an unforgettable tale. Anyw [...]

3.5 stars usually it's the middle book in a trilogy that I would give the lesser rating to but in this case taltos was my least fav of Mayfair witches

So, I am writing this review many, many years after the fact. This was my third Anne Rice novel after The Witching Hour (which I loved) and Lasher, which was OK. And along comes this book? I just couldn't get into it. It was so horrible, squicky and stupid. In fact, my best memory of it was the woman at the laundry in Georgia who saw me reading it and warned me not to delve into books like this, they would only wreak havoc with my soul. If only she knew how prescient that comment was! Just not i [...]

Every time I read an Anne Rice novel I come away from it feeling as though for a while I were peeking into another world, a world I would very much so like to exist in. Knowing my luck even if I did exist in this world she's created I'd never happen upon one of these amazing creatures, and so I'd still never be the wiser or I'd become a part of a short tragic scene. Taltos is another example of Anne's amazing skill as a writer, and master story teller. Her words are the paintbrush while your min [...]

A profoundly dumb conclusion to the series. It's Anne Rice—I don't expect Chekhov. I liked "The Witching Hour" because it was smutty and dark. But the answers we receive in this book are so dumb that they reduce a good ghost story to the level of weird, sci-fi slash fiction. This is "The Force is caused by midichlorians," level stuff. The series would have been so much better if it had just ended as a sort of open-ended horror tragedy after book one.

!!Warning; Can contian spoilers if you haven't read The Witching Hour and Lasher!!Taltos is the story which birthed the journey of Lasher and the Mayfairs taken in The Witching Hour and Lasher. Yet it also furthers the relationship development between Michael Curry and Rowan Mayfair. After all the tumultuous events in Lasher I tumbled in to a story that I found very bittersweet to read at times. There are more troubles ahead for the Mayfairs. Characters who I had to say goodbye to and more histo [...]


Reminded me of the "Watchers" from Buffy

Still full of excitement Hard to write a review First of all, I am happy I have finished reading all "Mayfair witches" series. After "Vampire Chronicles" I thought that "Mayfair witches" won't be so good and I'll be disappointed BUT I wasn't. All these three books were as good as Vampire Chronicles. Anne Rice is my favorite author, I'm fascinated how she created such families, their histories, family trees and everything else. And I just love when she mixes real history with her fiction, it's li [...]

This is the final book in the original trilogy. I've found two others with Mayfair Witch characters but they are mixed up with the Vampires in those two books, and I'm not sure I really want to deal with either of them.We finally get to know a real Taltos in this book. One who was around when disaster struck this not-quite-human species. They are normally a separate species, but even though Ash doesn't remember a time when the two species were a single one, they have to have been one at some tim [...]

I started this book with the sense that it was unnecessary; after all, Lasher and Emaleth, the only two Taltos still alive, were both killed at the end of the last book, bringing a close to the conflict between the Taltos and the Mayfair witches. However, because people love trilogies just as much as Anne Rice loves interview-style exposition, we get a third part to the Mayfair saga.All kidding aside, this is a very interesting book; we meet a new, more mature Taltos named Ashlar, and he freely [...]

Just finished this last book and must say am mildly disappointed--it leaves you hanging, drags you on for at least a hundred pages with this confusing stream of consciousness memory trail and confuses you by turning your favorite characters into dependent mindless ninnies. is crazy to meet Mona and love her headstrong mind and mischeviousness and then see her become doting and helpless after a strange experienceWhat can I say I loved the premise, thought most of the chararcters were okay (hated [...]

Oh Taltos, I am so disappointed in you. Why couldn't you live up to the first two novels? Why? Answer me, goddammit! You had so much potential but you just threw it away. Don't you think it pains me to see you fail like this? Mediocre, that's what they'll call you, you know. Those people out there who had such high hopes for you and you let them down like this? For shame! You should hang your head in embarrassment after this weak ass stunt you pulled.

The 3rd book was much better than the 2nd, but left me saddened that the story is over. I did not care for the abrupt ending to the trilogy. Even one or two more chapters would have sufficed only they do not exist.Having waited so long to finish the series I am only disappointed. What happens to the family? The Taltos? Everyone? Too many questions are to go forever unanswered!

Well, Anne Rice is definitely committed to her vision.

3.5Que giros y vueltas me ha presentado esta historia! Me ha gustado, me ha confundido, me ha sorprendido.Sigo pensando que no tiene el impacto del primer libro y que a pesar de que estoy de acuerdo con el final, se enredo tanto que ya no sabía por dónde iba a ir.Es complejo a tope, los personajes son tan profundos y con tantos matices que me encanta que sus concluciones no son los tipicos finales rosas pero tampoco terminan siendo negros, hay de todo! El final deja abierta varias cosas y seg [...]

Very cool series. I fell in love with Anne Rice after reading these.

I liked this one but thought the ending a bit rushed. The final installment of the Mayfair witches trilogy. More information about Taltos and their origins. Introduction to Ash, only male Taltos left in existence and his relation to the the Mayfair family.

I was almost considering not reading this book--not because I didn't enjoy the 2 earlier installments of the Mayfair Chronicles, but because they were just soandering. I often had to force myself to work through the denser, long-winded descriptions and too-drawn-out, chapters-spanning monologues of characters recounting every last detail of their backstories that Rice seems to be quite fond of. But I pushed through for my love of her expertly-crafted characters and spellbinding world.So I was co [...]

Culmination of the Mayfair Witches' trilogy, this sometimes feels as though it's an entirely separate book as much of it is concerned with the relating of Ashlar's tale, which is a delicious mix of history with myths and legends, all imbued with the inevitable sadness that comes from having lived a centuries-long life.The events concerning the Mayfair's (other than Rowan and Michael, who simply listen to Ashlar for the most part) and the reclamation of the Talamasca are relegated to the sideline [...]

This book was my favorite one of the series. I read the whole book in a day and loved it. I loved the characters. Because of this book I decided I would love to have a little girl named Rowan. About a year after reading it I decided to try for a little girl. Nine months later my little Rowan arrived. In the books one of the signs that a Mayfair is a witch is her being born with an exter finger. My baby girl was born with an exter finger as well. It was kind of a creepy coincidence. The Mayfair w [...]

Here we are there is another Taltos Mr Ashhe claims to be the sthlar. I loved himi loved the story it took a step back fromt he total immersion into the talamasca story that was hugely explored in Lasher. You learn about the Taltos race and thier tragic end. this is what Lasher worked so hard for. It is shorter than the prevous two books. I enjoyed it very much and by the end i was in tears.

Really, why did this book need to be written? It has very little to do with the first two books of this "trilogy". They stood alone in terms of story, and Taltos adds nothing but an unrelated story line. I hate how Rice disposes of the character of Aaron Lightner. For such key person in the first two books she really just erases him from the page. The entire book droned on like a third rate spy novel with the usual huge flashback from that point.

This book was SO weird. The first book, The Witching Hour, a 1000 page hunker was fantastic. Lasher, the second book was okay. This one was just creepy and perverted and cringey. The characters and the idea of this book are so out of place compared to #1. I still want to read Interview with a Vampire because Pitt and Cruise!

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