From This Day Forward

Fiona Davenport Elle Christensen Rochelle Paige

From This Day Forward

From This Day Forward

  • Title: From This Day Forward
  • Author: Fiona Davenport Elle Christensen Rochelle Paige
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  • Page: 161
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Quinn Evans knew Jenna Davis was the woman for him the moment he spotted her Five years, a stint in the military, and the longest engagement in the history of mankind hasn t changed his mind It s a good thing there are only three months to go until their wedding because he s about ready to toss her over his shoulder for a quick ceremony at the courthouse But when she tuQuinn Evans knew Jenna Davis was the woman for him the moment he spotted her Five years, a stint in the military, and the longest engagement in the history of mankind hasn t changed his mind It s a good thing there are only three months to go until their wedding because he s about ready to toss her over his shoulder for a quick ceremony at the courthouse But when she turns up missing, all bets are off as he races the clock to rescue his bride and their unborn child.

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3.5 stars. From This Day Forward is packed full of mushy goodness. If you're a fan of Fiona Davenport and believe in love at first sight, you'll enjoy this sweet and oh-so-hot treat that will have your naughty bits twitching with delight.

It's Live!!!! I loved this!!! I am a big fan of Fiona Davenport's books and this one was no different. We get a sexy OTT alpha hero and a sweet h. I really really loved Quinn and the way he loved Jenna it was super sweet. I was hooked from the beginning that Prologue really pulled me in. We get some sweet moments and some super sexy moments as well, throw in the hero saving the h and that my friends makes a awesome read! This is completely safe no ow/om at all! ARC

4.25 'Worshiping' Stars A new Fiona Davenport’s is here, and a Sex & Vows novella to boot – one of my fav series -, so I twice as happy!In From This Day Forward, Fiona gives us the beautiful story of Jenna, I’m Yours, Baby Weston’s sister, and the handsome and very alpha, Quinn.These ladies, gave us their usual victorious formula in this light-hearted, super sweet and über steamy story, where we pass superficially by their very first meeting and the first years into their relationsh [...]

3.5 stars!

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3.5 stars!I've been wanting to read Quinn and Jenna's story the first time I met them in Weston's story.Just like all Fiona's books, this one is quick, hot and with HEA of course!My favorite line:"Jenna, it only took a single heartbeat for me to know you were the one. That you would hold my heart in your hands for eternity. I want you to wear my ring so everyone else knows how much I love you and that you'll always be mine."

3.5 Stars<3

DIBSt really sure I need a review since I think that is self explanatory, but I love me a good over the top neanderthal. Just sayin, doesn't every girl want to be treated like a pampered princess? The answer is yes, if you had to think about it.en this review and book probably isn't for you. I can't even imagine anyone answered no, because doesn't every woman want a man who adores them and can't keep their hands off each other. I know I do *raises hand in the air*, pick me *jumps up and down*Qui [...]

4/5Hot fast safe read!-Insta love-OTT alpha -Virgin h-H was not a man whore-celibate during separation -No OW Drama-some suspense -No push or pull-HEA with epilogue -Liked seeing other character from previous books.

Loved Quinn and Jenna's book.

IT'S LIVE! Fiona Davenport has become synonymous with safe, hot and sweet reads. Their heroes are real men who are strong, brave and faithful. There heroines are sassy, sweet and endearing. This book was no exception! That formula is what keeps us all coming back time and time again.-hot sexy alpha hero-sweet heroine -no cheating -no ow/om drama -no pushing away -really good epilogue a few years out

This was a cute story. Quinn works for a security firm. He and his fiancee, Jenna met in college and they've been engaged for 5 years. He was finishing college and about to join the military, and she was only in her first year of college when they met, so their wedding has been put on hold time and time again. He's about had enough though, and he has given her a date and told her they will get married on or before that date, no matter what. Also, he wants to knock her up ASAP.Jenna is the sister [...]

Quinn and Jenna are the perfect couple. They fell in love at first sight, Quinn declared that she will be his forever and their insta-love ignited feverishly. However, their wedding date had to be postponed several times especially because of a call of duty. When he returned, he was more than ready to say, "I do" any time and place. But this time, it was Jenna who wanted more time to prepare. This was hindered when she and their unborn child were held captive. And it made them realize that time [...]

So very short but a sweet little story!

There are very few Quinns in the world. His loyalty and love for his soul mate is unfaltering. It has survived continents, mishap, and time.Jenna and Quinn are a very passionate couple. Not only passionate regarding their relationship but also passionate regarding each other as individuals. This novel is a fast paced, super romantic story. Although faced pace, Davenport does a phenomenal job with the story line, revealing details, developing the characters and scenes. It's a beautifully written [...]

This was a great story. Loved how the H and h met. Plus, the H was so perfect, I adored him. Definitely an OTT protective and obsessive caveman H.

**Disclaimer: If you've read I'm Yours, Baby (Weston and Aspen's story; which you should because it's so good), then you'll recognize Quinn and Jenna, Weston's younger sister. This book allows us to see not onky Quinn and Jenna's first meeting, but also their journey to forever.**Five years ago, Quinn was beginning his last semester of college and after graduating, would then leave for twelve weeks of Officer's Candidate School, then he'd be off to wherever the military sent him. But the day he [...]

Im a BIG, HUGE fan of Fiona Davenport and she hit this novella out of the park! It is hot, sexy, action packed and so sweet, with its insta-love theme, but yet different all at the same time. Quinn's a strong, alpha male who has waited for 5 years for him and Jenna to get married!! For them to get their HEA to get started—MY GOD, This couple is sooo freakin awesome and cute! I wanted to hug them and give him sugarsmile Quinn is so passionate and dominate when it comes to Jenna and her safety [...]

It is now Jenna's turn for her story. We meet her in I'm Yours Babye's Weston's sister. An accidental meeting in college places Quinn in Jenna's path. He knew from the very first time that he saw her that she was the only one for him. However he is getting ready to leave for the military and she still has to finish college begins their long distance relationship. Now, they are planning their wedding but a pleasant surprise has Quinn wanting to push up the dateke to yesterday lol. It was a very s [...]

4.5 It's Worth The Wait Stars!!!Reviewed by Franci NeillI've been waiting for Jenna's story since I first started reading the Yeah Baby Series and let me tell you the wait was worth it!!Quinn and Jenna met in college but not in the traditional sense you're thinking. Quinn was in the wrong place at exactly the right timeonce he laid eyes on Jenna, all bets were off and she was his!!! I love these alpha men that Fiona Davenport always gives us. They just make me swoon!!These two have quite the jou [...]

This is the third book in the Sex and Vows Novella series by the talented duo that make up Fiona Davenport. This book features Jenna (Weston Davis' younger sister) and Quinn Evans (friend/employee of Xander Gray). Quinn Evans is in his last year at Georgia State, when he graduates he'll be going to OCS (Officer Candidate School) for twelve weeks. His world changes when he walks into the wrong classroom and meets a beautiful woman. Jenna Davis was 19 years old and a freshman in college studying E [...]

^ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR^As of now this is my fave quick read! Fiona Davenport NEVER disappoints me when it comes to instalove stories!I love this series knowing I can still read the life of previous main characters. I love Quinn's character, how patient and passionate he is when it comes to Jenna. The guy waited for 5 years for him and Jenna to get married!! This couple is sooo cute!I'm sooo hooked from the first page until last. No hardcore drama which is what I like to my instalove stories [...]

As always Fiona Davenport delivers an amazing read!! I received an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange of my honest reviews!! And this book is va va vroom!! I loved Quinn or Q and Jenna's celebration of love!! Loved how desperate and crazy Quinn was to make Jenna Mrs Evans!!! How romantic!! And when and Jenna & his unborn child are in danger Quinn is there to save and protect them!! I loved each and every book in this series and this book did not disappoint me!! Overall 5 star rat [...]

This is Quinn & Jenna's story. She was originally I'm Yours Baby. She is Weston's little sister. Quinn is in his final year of college when he meets and falls in love with Jenna in a matter of weeks, days, hours. It is love at first sight. The time comes where they must have a long distance relationship due to Jenna trying to finish college. Years later they are planning their wedding and enjoying their time together. A few bumps come and go along with a few surprises made for a thrilling, s [...]

I enjoyed this novella from Fiona Davenport. Quinn & Jenna are a passionate couple that seem to be perfect for one another. I love how Quinn rescued Jenna when she was in danger. The way he showed his love for her was extraordinary. Jenna was the perfect woman for him. It's nice to read a story where there isn't other women drama and the hero doesn't have sex scenes with other women. If you love FD books then be sure to read this one!*ARC*

I'm a big fan of Fiona Davenport's books and I really love the Sex and Vows series. Quinn and Jenna have been together for five years and Quinn wants to make her his wife but Jenna resists him. A surprise pregnancy and a kidnapping make her reconsider her choices. Steamy and sweet read with loving characters and a cute HEA! Heroine was a virgin and hero was a flawless alpha male. The Sex and Vows series is amazing!

This was another fast paced, well written, and enjoyable read by Fiona Davenport!! I can't get enough of their books and this novella just proved that over and over again!! It was full of heat and some good feels that melted my heart something fierce! I loved reading this story and falling for these characters with all they shared. This was another great read by this writing duo and I can't wait for more!!

Jenna and Quinn are a match made in heaven, Quinn is OTT Alpha who takes charge. He is over waiting to make Jenna his wife. He can't even wait the scheduled 3 months. Like most of the alpha's Fiona writes, he has her knocked up with a baby and down the isle. Sadly it takes unforeseeable event's to get Jenna to agree to a quicker wedding. Jenna is defiantly his soft to his hard. I loved this book! Highly recommend it! A beautiful HEA!**ARC given for an honest review.

3.25-3.5 stars. This was a sweet, sexy, easy read. This is Quinn and Jenna's story. I missed a bit of the relationship building in this one, because the couple is together and has been engaged for 5 years when the book begins. There are some flashbacks to when they met and other key points in the relationship, but I still felt like I was missing a bit. But I still enjoyed the book. I liked Quinn and Jenna and their OTT, insta-love!

Fantastic storyThank you for such a great bunch of characters. I love this series and can't wait for more. You've hinted at Jenna a lot in this story will we get her story next? I hope so. If you have not read the yeah baby series you are missing out. Get them all now you can thank me later.

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