The Devil's Brigade

Samuel Marquis

The Devil's Brigade

The Devil's Brigade

  • Title: The Devil's Brigade
  • Author: Samuel Marquis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback

Alternate cover title edition 978 1943593002In this first thriller in the Nick Lassiter Skyler International Espionage Series, Mr Everyman Nick Lassiter becomes an unwitting intelligence operative and encounters for the first time the beautiful female assassin Skyler, who plays a prominent role in Books 2 and 3 of the series As he celebrates his thirtieth birthday with fAlternate cover title edition 978 1943593002In this first thriller in the Nick Lassiter Skyler International Espionage Series, Mr Everyman Nick Lassiter becomes an unwitting intelligence operative and encounters for the first time the beautiful female assassin Skyler, who plays a prominent role in Books 2 and 3 of the series As he celebrates his thirtieth birthday with friends, Lassiter is also a man in crisis he has lost his girlfriend and his job, is wanted by the police, and has discovered that his unpublished thriller, Blind Thrust, has been stolen and turned into a blockbuster movie called Subterranean Storm Even worse, the movie is based on a soon to be bestselling novel by Australian thriller writer Cameron Beckett, one of the world s biggest brand name authors Rather than seek revenge through a financial settlement or public humiliation, Lassiter sets out for New York to obtain mea culpas from Beckett and his renowned literary agent, whom he is certain colluded with the Aussie in stealing his debut novel Once in New York, Lassiter, and his three fish out of water friends who insist on accompanying him, instantly run afoul of the law and other powerful forces intent on thwarting them and their mission As they encounter one thorny obstacle after another, the scope of their inquiries expands and they are soon in way over their heads, battling toe to toe not only against the mega bestselling author and his agent, but a formidable army of antagonists, including the NYPD, Beckett s Big Five publishing house security squad, and the Russian mob Collectively, these adversaries present Lassiter with the greatest and deadliest challenge of his life Unexpectedly aided by his CIA father, Director of the Russian Counterintelligence Desk, and his former girlfriend turned CIA informant, Lassiter and his comrades take to calling themselves the Devil s Brigade in tribute to the legendary U.S Canadian First Special Service Force, an elite commando outfit that fought in Italy in World War Two Outmatched and outgunned, they are foiled at every turn but still they are determined to win But will justice be attained Can they prove that Beckett and his crooked literary agent have stolen Lassiter s blockbuster novel and are undeservedly reaping the success More importantly, can they solve one of the most important counterintelligence cases in CIA history and in the process honor the original Devil s Brigade

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Slush Pile offers readers insight into an exceptionally gifted and creative literary mind. I was surprised to learn this is Samuel Marquis’s first book. Each page has literary or and historical references. There's no way you can keep up with them all, but I mean that in the best way. I think every teacher of literature will be scrambling to ensure their students (and they themselves) know each of these references. This book seems to have been written by three people: a geologist, a librarian, [...]

What an enjoyable read. An action thriller/mystery that has you wondering how a novelist could start an international incident. Nick has discovered that his manuscript has been published by an Australian writer and is being made into a blockbuster movie. He's convinced that legal recourse won't help so with the help of his CIA father, his quirky friends and an ex-girlfriend they get involved with the Russian mob, a secret CIA organization, the NYPD and the publisher's security squad. Funny and a [...]

I LOVED this book. I read to escape and to be entertained and this fit the bill. After a long day, I want to engage in something interesting -- a thriller, a mystery, something funny -- and this book is all of that. Right from page one, the reader is introduced to the literary world and how difficult it is to be a writer and then Chapter One you are introduced to Nick Lassiter and his madcap group of friends -- three crazy guys that have known him forever. It becomes apparent that Nick's book he [...]

At last aMonkey Wrench Gangfor Millennials! Abbey's got nothing on Marquis. The Brigade's gripping romp through the pomp and deceit of the New York publishing industry kept me turning the pages. Humor, intrigue, insight, and moral indignation abound in this boldly entertaining debut novel. Marquis combines a professional researcher's art with a provocative storyteller's heart. The guy loves to think and write--and it shows. He's a new talent to watch.

A must-read for anybody who has fought against or lived in the world of publishing. Nick Lassiter's life is every new author's worst nightmare. Fun read from Denver to Manhattan! Evil uber-successful author and literary agent in cahootsbut will Nick beat them at their own game with his quirky team of friends?

First, apologies to Samuel Marquis and Andra Maguran (she is part of the marketing firm he uses). I accepted this book in exchange for an honest review and it has taken me months to get around to it. I stopped accepting books for review when my "to be read" got too high and this was one of the last ones under the wire. Not that it is not a quick and easy read, just gathered dust for far too long leading to my unconscionable delay.It would get 2.5 stars if that were possible. I hate to disparage [...]

Can a no-name writer who has just lost his job and girlfriend stop the world’s second-best-selling author, a crooked literary agent, and a Big Name publisher from stealing his slush-piled blockbuster novel and undeservedly reaping the success? This is the central plot of The Slush Pile Brigade, a fast-paced modern thriller that reminded me of the books of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Daniel Silva, and Lee Child but with quirkier characters. The author in question is Nick Lassiter, who is [...]

Originally posted at kimheniadisI had never really thought about all the books that are sent to editors, and don’t get printed. But Samuel Marquis not only did, but wrote a fast-paced thriller that gives us a glimpse into the world of publishing.Even before reading the credits at the end, you can tell that Marquis has had experience dealing with publishing houses. At times I felt as if his anger towards traditional publishing houses came out through his characters. It helped to add another lay [...]

The Slush Pile Brigade is a fun, fast-paced read and an adventurous sprint through New York City. Marquis’s descriptions, historic detail and strong writing keep you running alongside Nick Lassiter and his “brigade” through many of Manhattan’s unique neighborhoods and historic icons. His characters are just that – a crazy crew of amateurs who somehow beat the New York Establishment and the Russian Mob at their own game through a combination of pluck, passion and a commitment to integri [...]

I am not a fiction reader unless I am at the beach or on vacation with ample time to get lost turning pages. I got a copy of the Slush Pile Brigade and picked it up to pass some time. The book has a different flair in writing style from all the other fiction books I stopped reading long ago. The tone had a more modern and interesting style than others. Along with the storyline the writing kept me going. Marquis has found a way to enhance the fiction experience. The story builds and becomes more [...]

New York City, the publishing world, and the CIA all collide in this fast- paced and adventurous book. There are twists and turns that propel the book forward in unimaginable and hilarious ways. Marquis builds his unique characters with quick humor and bold brush strokes of creativity. While Marquis pushes boundaries like Tom Robbins and weaves history though his passages like Doug Preston, but he seems to have created his own form of fiction. I hope this book becomes a movie. I want to enjoy th [...]

Loved this book! A real page turner which keeps the reader on the edge of her seat, it's a "just one more chapter" type of book. Set in New York City and Denver and featuring a group of guys who have been friends since childhood on an adventure to wreak havoc with a dastardly author and his publisher, it's hilariously funny with plot twists and turns throughout. The Slush Pile Brigade is highly entertaining!

In fascinating, absorbing prose, Samuel Marquis weaves a masterful story of intellectual theft, a high-stakes mission, and an absolutely thrilling power play between an unscrupulous mega-author (and Big Publisher) and a literary underdog you'll want to cheer for. An incredible debut from a breakout talent--and I loved BLIND THRUST as well!

Indie fans unite!!!!!Nick Lassiter takes on big publishing in this page-turning indie read. I don't use the word "indie" lightly here - this truly is a GREAT, quality indie book about an indie crusader! You won't want to put it down, and you'll be happy there are more books planned in this news series!! I'm ready for book 2!!

Reminiscent of a modern day Monkey Wrench Gang. The twists and turns are as crazy as they are unexpected and keeps you glued to the story as Nick seeks out a small measure of justice in the big city. First novel I have ever read that also takes a shot at the publishing world, warts and all. Fun read!

The Slush Pile Brigade is an intriguing story laced with the perfect amount of detail. Mr. Marquis does an excellent job of setting the stage, his descriptions of the surroundings make you feel like you are standing there watching. The characters are interesting and the story has several twists and turns.The consummate underdog story, an entertaining ride!

A fun look at the publishing industry, and New York City. And a great cast of characters made this book easy to read. Its hard to believe nobody stole one of Marquis' manuscripts previously (at least that's his claim in his Author's Note). I notice there is no such claim that the character Austin Brewbaker was not a CIA operative

What a delightful romp through the life of Nick Lassiter. It kept me reading, on my toes and had enticing twists to the plot. Wonderful characters, good research, thrilling plot and held me until the end. Samuel Marquis has the expertise, the drive and intelligence that makes him a first rate author. Congratulations. Annzo Phelps

A tremendous read. It's action-packed with intriguing twists and turns throughout the plot. I really enjoyed the vast array of characters- from the loveable yet quirky slush pile brigadiers to the despicable Russian mobsters. There's something for everyone in this book. Be prepared because once you start reading it you won't be able to put it down.

This action packed book is full of surprises. There were so many twists and turns in the plot and the author has an interesting way of inserting historical facts and history into the story. The characters were well developed and I loved how they were all such good friends and took care of each other. I enjoyed the book very much.

The Rocky Mountains and The Big Apple collide in Marquis's debut novel. A modern day suspense thriller filled with unpredictable characters that thoroughly entertain and engage the reader as they navigate the deceptive waters of the ever- competitive publishing world. A must read for anyone who wishes to be on the edge of his/her seat.

Slush Pile Brigade is a great fun read! From the moment I started until I read the very last word I could not put it down. Every page kept you involved and you never knew what was going to happen next. I can't wait to read many more of Sam's upcoming books!!!

Sam hits it out of the ball park with The Slush Pile Brigade !! Each chapter leaves you wanting more and you get it in each and every chapter. I real page turner that I could not put down- A new author is born!!!

A must read for anyone who loves a page turning mystery within a mystery combined with science and humor. I especially enjoyed the interaction between the slew of misfit characters. A truly unique and refreshing story plot. Marquis brand of story telling is top shelf.

Great characters. Intriguing plot twists and turns. Very enjoyable read.

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An Australian novelist, said to be second most popular author in the world, steals a manuscript from the slush pile in his agent’s office when he has writer’s block. He picks the right book, because he turns it into a best seller, but more importantly he picks the wrong book, because three years later the writer who was plagiarized comes looking for an apology, setting into motion a chain of events that brings death and destruction to everyone’s world, especially the agent’s. The protago [...]

The Slush Pile Brigade by Samuel Marquis is about one bestselling author not having anything to write about until a newbie's submitted manuscript falls into the author's hands. The agent knows it's wrong but he can't wipe away his client's moment of happiness. Yet the guilt is slowly eating at him. The bestselling author decides to use the newbie writer's novel idea and twist it to use for his new number one bestseller. The newbie author, Nick Lassiter, means to take back his novel and has sever [...]

Sam Marquis’ book, The Slush Pile Brigade, takes the reader on a rollicking romp of literary intrigue and espionage. A ‘Little Guy vs. Goliath’ tale, Marquis infuses new life into the genre’ by imbuing the story with a moral high ground. The protagonist, Nick Lassiter, doesn’t seek riches, fame, or power; rather his quest is for a simple apology.The Slush Pile Brigade, is a rag tag band of brothers who were boyhood friends and are now drawn together as adults to help their buddy, Nick, [...]

This was a book with a lot of elements. The first thing I noticed was the clever use of the author's other book title, Blind Thrust. I don't want to rehash a plot that the readers can get from the synopsis, but at it's heart, this is a book about a struggling young man who had his book idea stolen by a best selling author. Don't let the simple premise fool you, this book is packed full of elements of suspense and has many surprises. Nick Lassiter, and his friends, the self-titled Slush Pile Brig [...]

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