Love's Promise

Melissa Storm

Love's Promise

Love's Promise

  • Title: Love's Promise
  • Author: Melissa Storm
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  • Page: 289
  • Format: Kindle Edition

This special pre order price of 99 cents is available for a limited time only She s waiting for her prince to come but was he right beside her all the time Kristina Rose Maher wants to know why fairytales never happen for fat girls Certain that diner cook Jeff, handsome and fit, will never want her as than a friend, she stuffs down her attraction to him But whThis special pre order price of 99 cents is available for a limited time only She s waiting for her prince to come but was he right beside her all the time Kristina Rose Maher wants to know why fairytales never happen for fat girls Certain that diner cook Jeff, handsome and fit, will never want her as than a friend, she stuffs down her attraction to him But when she finds herself facing a life altering weight loss surgery, she discovers she s willing to do whatever it takes to embrace life and love to the fullest Jeffrey Berkley can t bear the thought of losing the friend he s only just beginning to realize matters so much to him no matter what size she is But he is also terrified that helping her reach for her dreams will also mean finally reaching for his own and letting down his family s legacy in the process Both Kristina Rose and Jeffrey must learn to love themselves before they can find a way to make a promise to each other Will they finally be able to lay their heavy burdens at the Lord s feet, and trust him to bring the happily ever after they both crave Don t miss this sweet tale of faith, love, and gastric bypass get your copy of Love s Promise today

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Melissa Storm has done it again with the second book in the First Street Church Romances series. Love's Promise focuses on Kristina, a woman who has lived with weight problems all her life and, due to this, suffers from low self-esteem. Then along comes Jeffrey, the cook where she works and their friendship slowly turns to something deeper and more meaningful. Melissa Storm has such a way of story-telling that it just leaves you wanting more and more. Looking forward to reading the next book in [...]

Wow! LOVE'S PROMISE is a beautiful love story that comes true. Melissa Storm must knows firsthand how it feels to be overweight because she has written it perfectly and poignantly. This terrific read will have you laughing, crying and hoping that Kristina Rose and Jeffrey realize their friendship is the lasting foundation for their love. This is a great book, I highly recommend!

Very sweet but not always interesting story. The plot was simple with twists along the way. I couldn't feel any emotion but I slogged through.

What a refreshing lovely story by Ms. Storm. She has a way of writing that makes you feel warm, fuzzy and content. Don't miss out on another fantastic read.

Every once in awhile I want to switch gears and read a honest to goodness romance that is hard to come by more and more. Mostly too it is because life is becoming more complex so novels have become in so many to pick from that is another reason search will become real. I know that this author will deliver though that romance I need so when I can I hunt one of her novels down if available. This one also drew my attention because I know three people that have had this surgery, two of them it was s [...]

First, I need to thank Melissa Storm for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review!Love’s Promise by Melissa Storm is the second book in The First Street Church Romance series. This book is not a standalone and must be read in order. Reason being you will be lost in the storyline and the characters.I am a huge Melissa Storm fan but none of her books have touched me more than Kristina Rose’s story has. Even though this was Melissa’s story about her own journey written throu [...]

Love's Promise is another wonderful book by Melissa Storm. She is a terrific author and you need to read all of her books.Love's Promise is a sweet romance and so much more. It deals with the struggle to love one's self in spite of the flaws and imperfections. Of being true to who you are and not letting others expectations/opinions determine how you live your life. Of the importance of faith in yourself.Kristina Rose and Jeffrey are wonderful characters. People who, if they are in your life, ar [...]

Do you know the moment that you find a book that you've been looking for your whole life?Melissa wrote the story beautifully and it has been an amazing journey with Jeffrey and Kristina.It gives me hope and love that something good is going to happen one day and that love sees inner beauty.Jeff is a remarkable guy. Not only he cooks, but also thoughtful. He finally managed to face his fears and that helps him to be closer to his family and God. Sometimes the path that we chose is not only the pa [...]

This is a new series for me ( haven't read book 1 yet) but I will be going back to read that one as well. This is a sweet romance which was a change from what I normally read. It was a nice change to have something a bit more realistic. It's nice to see real life type situations brought out and handled beautifully. Seeing Kristina's struggles about her self esteem really hit home. It was nice to see people working together to give her support and prove to her that she is worth all the love she f [...]

Love's PromiseMelissa StormLove if fickle and it will hit you when you least expect it too. So come along for the ride in this sweet romantic story.This is book 2 and can be read as a stand alone. All the characters do tie in together if you want to read in order.A woman lost in thought of how to turn her life around and fine the one thing to make her happy. A man who is tired of his life being dictated by his family, he just wants to be happy and enjoy life.Kristina Rose has to have surgery to [...]

Second in the First Street Church Romance series, this novel (like the previous one) is a quick, fun read. The Christian characters openly pray, attend church services and functions, and read the Bible, but the reader won't feel like they're being beaten over the head with religious platitudes. In this story, Kristina undergoes gastric bypass surgery and her coworker Jeff struggles with his father's professional expectations for him as well as his feelings for Kristina. A meddling friend convinc [...]

I loved this story more than the first one in this series. Kristina Rose has health issues and has to go through gastric bypass surgery. All her friends rally around her to support her. Her co-worker Jeffrey realizes that he has been in love with her all along. They both have family problems.Her mother isn't supportive of her and Jeff's father wants him to go to school to take over the families pharmacy. It is really interesting how they come together. It was a great story of finding faith and s [...]

Sweet romance story. Kristina Rose is a very realistic character with a few self-esteem issues whose decision to have weight loss surgery not only helps her health-wise but helps her mature and accept herself. Jeffrey considers KR as his best friend for life soon realizes that he wants more, he is a very patient and kind man but he is weighed downed by being who he wants to be and being who his father wants him to be. Through prayer, these two are stronger together as they deal with their family [...]

Wonderful storyI bought this book when it was released but I never got around to reading it until now. I think God was waiting until I needed to know this story. Recently a friend had gastric surgery, intellectually I understood what she had done but not what it really meant for her and her future. This story has helped me understand this process. This is a wonderful HEA but the emotional and spiritual tie in was amazing or 'awesome', as Jeffery kept saying. Looking forward to reading more stori [...]

A beautifully written story that touched my heart. While the main focus is Kristina and her life before and after life-altering surgery, the theme of the book can relate to many things. It was a sweet love story about Kristina and Jeffery and their friendship that blossoms into something more. It was an inspirational story of knowing your own self-worth, understanding that how you see yourself is not how others see you. Accepting yourself, loving yourself and accepting the friendships and love t [...]

This was a well-written, sweet, faith-based book. Kristina has decided to have weight loss surgery. Her co-worker, Jeffrey, has feelings for Kristina but doesn't want to lose her friendship. Both have to learn to love themselves before they can have the happily-ever-after they crave. This book can be read as a standalone story, though it is part of a series with related characters set in the same small town. I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more in this series and other bo [...]

I really love the First Street Church romances. “Love’s Promise” is the second book in the series and reveals Kristina and Jeffrey’s stories while shadowing part of an experience of her own life. Jeffrey is torn between what his dad wants him to do in life, what he wants to do, and the realization of a love of a woman. Kristina has her own battles including her weight, her mother, and the man she secretly loves. With God’s help and nudging, both will follow their hearts but will the ou [...]

When you can see pieces of yourself within a story, you know that you've found something special. Ms. Storm spoke from the heart with Love's Promise. Kristin and Jeffrey could be any of us. The wounds run deep and the insecurities are at times hard to bear, but the message of hope and solidarity adds to the power and integrity of an uplifting journey. We all need a little help, that voice of encouragement to inspire us to push through and never give up. Love's Promise is that voice.

A beautiful story of an overweight girl Kristina and Jeff her good friend and coworker. It is about letting faith drive out fear to open yourself up to love. The two main characters have feelings for each other but Kristina needs to work through her weight loss surgery and Jeff needs to figure things out about his future. When and how will they find the time to show their feelings to each other? I was given a copy of this book by the author with no obligation.

I am glad I found Melissa Storm and read this book.My journey was like hers but over a period 40 plus years and over 100 pounds.I have done the yo-yo, dieting, the exercise losing 50lbs so many times I lost count.The weight is still there, the low self-esteem but no more yo-yo diets.I need to learn to lean on God and let him take over.This story gives me hope that it is even possible at 70.Thank you, Melissa, for writing the book that I hope will change my life.

Original First Street Church Romance SeriesWonderful story! This is one of the original 4 books that began the popular series. This is a sweet and clean romance with strong faith elements. I can see why chose this as one of their Kindle Worlds. I have other of this author’s works and this is the high quality that I have come to expect from her. I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to share my honest review.

Another great addition to the First Street Church series. Ms. Storm deals with the emotional issue of life before and after gastric bypass surgery. She displays the feelings of the one suffering and also of the friends that surround her extremely well. Sweet romance and a wonderful read. I recommend this entire series highly.

A very good book about a problem a lot of people have and how it can impact their lives and the way they look at themselves. I found it to be a tastefully written book that drew me into the book and would not let go until I had read the last page.I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily choosing to review it.

Fat girls insecurities!!People only see the outside of a person. They don't know their hearts or their inner struggles. Many of us only look at the outside of people and don't see their pain , heartbreak, self loathing , and indecision. Melissa does a great job focusing on th e inner self in this book. All with a happy ending!!

Love's Promise Kristina has to lose weight for her health so the doctor recommended gastric bypass surgery. Her and Jeffrey works together and he loves her but she has a lot to work out. A very good book, the author does a very good job of bringing the characters to life. I was given an complementary copy of the book. This is book two of the series and I look forward to the next book.

Love's Promise by Melissa Storm is a great book. I loved Kristina Rose and Jeffrey's story. I fell in love with the characters both individually and as a couple. Kristina Rose is going through a life altering surgery and has been looking for her Prince Charming. Little did she know he was near her all along. I absolutely loved this book and can't wait to read more by Melissa Storm.

A good story about Overcoming and achieving goalsI enjoyed this book. I liked how real the characters and their struggles were. I liked that they turned to God to help them through their problems. I recommend to anyone who is struggling with liking themselves. Overall a good book.

Once again, Melissa Storm has a hit! Modern times with a subject that many people deal with today. The love that these people (cannot even classify them as 'characters' in the book) have for each other is very obvious. They care enough to be there for each other through good times and bad times. That's what life is all about. I really look forward to book 3 in this series "Love's Prophet".

Melissa has done it again. She makes you feel as if their characters are your friends too. She shows you all the emotions, feelings, thoughts their are going through. Kristina Rose and Jeffrey are best friends but they realise that their feeling are desperate in a very difficult time in their lives. But love, friendship and God help them reach each other and find true love.

I enjoyed this one Kristina is an amazing bbw who is strong and yet in some ways weak she thinks she needs to be a specific weight and look and it made me sad but it had so many emotions in this it was very well written and i loved watching from before the surgery and after. i really enjoyed it and im glad i got to review it

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