Web of Shadows

Susan Sleeman

Web of Shadows

Web of Shadows

  • Title: Web of Shadows
  • Author: Susan Sleeman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A killer is lurking in the shadows .FBI agent Nina Brandt loves her job Sure, she s made some enemies, but she knows she s making the world a better place It s lonely at times, but she has good friends to get her through It s a good life.Little does she guess that her past is about to come back and haunt her in ways than one.When Navy SEAL Quinn Stone leaA killer is lurking in the shadows .FBI agent Nina Brandt loves her job Sure, she s made some enemies, but she knows she s making the world a better place It s lonely at times, but she has good friends to get her through It s a good life.Little does she guess that her past is about to come back and haunt her in ways than one.When Navy SEAL Quinn Stone learns that his geeky younger brother, Ty, hacked into the TSA s No Fly List, he would rather take a bullet than go to his former fianc e, Nina Brandt, for help Five years ago, she resented his commitment to his SEAL team and gave him an ultimatum her or the team He chose the team But now, he and his brother have no other choice not if he doesn t want to see the kid behind bars.Nina has finally moved on, but she can t resist Ty s plea for help especially when he drops a bomb that could rock national security The laptop he d used to hack the TSA has been stolen Fearing terrorists would do just about anything to get their hands on this list, Nina agrees to take the case to her team After all, this will become an FBI matter and Quinn s help won t be needed as much as she s starting to want it.But the thief has on his mind than just the list He s been waiting for a chance to get back at the woman who sent him to prison two years ago And he intends to make her pay in the most painful way possible .

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This is the second book in the Agents Under Fire series. It serves well as a stand-alone. If you like strong female protagonists, you will certainly like this book.Nina Brandt is an FBI Agent, as well as her two closest female friends. Nina is still trying to get over her last broken relationship with Navy SEAL Quinn Stone.Quinn's teenage brother, Ty , is a hacker . a very good one. He has hacked into the federal government's No Fly List and added a friend's name who happens to be an American M [...]

WEB OF SHADOWS is the second book in Ms. Sleeman's Agents Under Fiire series. These are not Christian books, but they are sweet, clean reads. I liked Nina, I loved her southern roots and persona. Living in the south, I am very familiar with the raising Nina had. Quinn is definitely a man's man, a hero in every way, putting his country first and family second. Nina broke up with him years ago because she didn't feel important enough to him when he brushed her aside to rush off to save the world. [...]

I love Susan Sleeman's books! She does know how to do suspense. She completely pulls the reader in with the first paragraph, even the first sentence, and you hang on for dear life until the ride stops! She ratchets up the suspense every few chapters. The writing is taut, and the suspense is high in each of her books. This one involves the crime of hacking into websites that affect national security. Seriously, I was completely invested in this book, every single paragraph until the ending! Don't [...]

Some authors write books so engaging, they’re difficult to put down even though you want to story to last. Susan Sleeman is one of those authors and on Feb 29, 2016, readers get to pick up book two in her Agents Under Fire series, Web of Shadows. From the first page, I was drawn into the suspense and mystery as well as the romance.Nina Brandt’s job as an FBI agent working in the cyber division allows her to make the world safer for everyone. With her two agent friends, Kait and Becca, Nina [...]

Give yourself a Susan Sleeman book, a coke or coffee, a little quiet. You will emerge for air in a couple of hours, thoroughly entertained, totally terrified, and amazed at the writing prowess of Sleeman, who can control your emotions through the power of her pen. Indeed, in this second book of the Agents Under Fire series, Web of Shadows,Ms. Sleeman again has produced a likable couple at odds (Navy Seal Quinn Stone and FBI agent Nina Brandt, his ex-girlfriend). They must work together to keep Q [...]

This is the second book in Ms Sleeman’s series Agents Under Fire. This time the story centers around agent Nina Brandt and Navy Seal Quinn Stone. They have a history that didn’t end well, due to Quinn’s dedication to the Seal’s.Quinn’s brother Ty, has gotten into trouble due to hacking the No Fly List and Quinn is desperate enough in trying to help Ty, that he contacts Nina. Unbeknown to both, the troubles are deeper than the hacking. A person from Nina’s past is in the midst of this [...]

This is the second book in the series An Agent Under Fire. I really enjoy Susan's work and this book is an excellent example, you are going to love it. This book is well written, full of intrigue, and action packed. I was fascinated by her characters. I love how she takes a group of characters and keeps them all involved in the series.Navy SEAL Quinn Stone comes home to find his younger brother in trouble. Ty has hacked into the No Fly List as a prank to keep his friend from flying out to take h [...]

Despite an almost innocuous and slow start, the plot very quickly begins to thicken and it is not long at all before this story is Suspense to the Max. To add to the interest there is a chemistry between two of the lead characters that is sizzling on a low burner in the midst of the story. This is a page turner that is hard to put down. In fact, it gets seriously intense. I loved it.Although this is book 2 in the series, it is a stand alone and the reader isn't left with the sense that there are [...]

FBI agent Nina Brandt loves her job. She has put her entire life into her career. She has brought many criminals to justice, but she never really excepted one of them to try and get rid of her.Navy Seal Quinn Stone learns that his little brother has hacked into the TSA’s No-Fly List and will likely be arrested for his crimes. Quinn is used to taken action and getting results, so when he finds out about what his brother has done he will not stand idly by. Quinn will do anything he can to help h [...]

Susan Sleeman has the unique ability to show you, the reader, what's going on in the minds and lives of, not just protagonist but also the antagonist.Wiley Fagan is geocaching; looking for the prize “every computer nerd would love”. That's what the ad said anyway. The claim was unusual as geocaching is nearly always about the hunt; the fun of the hunt. The prize was customarily something nonsensical, amusing and in a fun way, of no real use. Fagan knows what to expect but this time he wants [...]

Once again, Susan, has delivered a fantastic thriller! This is the second book of her series on female FBI agents but you don't have to have read the first one. This one stands alone as does the first one. I love the way I am grabbed into the book from the beginning and can't put it down until I'm finished! The characters are so real and they run the gamut of emotions so you connect with them right away. Another thing I love about Susan's books is that she writes the villain's thoughts and feeli [...]

First thoughts: What I like best about a Susan Sleeman novel is the amount of research she puts into the story so the investigations and FBI side of the story is accurate. Her stories always feel so real to me. I love how she uses the dialog between characters to share the technical sides of things in everyday terms for the reader. As always, Web of Shadows is a great blend of romance, danger and page turning suspense.Plot: As a member of the Cyber Crime Unit of the FBI, Nina Brandt knows a thin [...]

Web of Shadows, the second in the Agents Under Fire series by Susan Sleeman, was terrific. Ms. Sleeman has a way of hitting the ground running with her stories, letting me up for air occasionally, but keeping me in suspense until the last page. She does a wonderful job of subtly weaving the next book’s storyline into the present book as well as keeping me updated about the characters I grew to love from the previous book. She is a writer who knows how to spin a great mystery, yet adding comic [...]

When Quinn Stone's teenage brother loses his computer after hacking into the No-Fly-List Quinn must go to his ex-girlfriend to enlist her help. Nina Brandt works for the FBI in the cyber crimes division. Nina couldn't handle Quinn's job as a SEAL and when Quinn chose his SEAL family over her their relationship was over. Nina is unable to turn Quinn's request for help away when it involves Quinn's brother. Nina loves Ty and is determined to help him fix the scrape that he has gotten himself into. [...]

Wiley has spent the last two years in prison, and he was just released. He is now bent on revenge against FBI agent Nina Brandt, who he feels ruined his life. Wiley has come into possession of a laptop and plans to sell it for parts, until he realizes he can use it for a far more sinister plan: setting up Nina. Nina is part of a cyber action team and has a feeling she is being watched. She used to date Navy SEAL Quinn Stone. She begrudgingly agrees to help him help his brother Ty, who is accused [...]

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.Nina is an FBI agent, her specialty being in the computer area. One day she is contacted by an ex-boyfriend Quinn because his 17 year old brother Ty has managed to hack into the "No Fly Zone" list, a list of potential terrorists the government keeps.It was malicious on Ty's part, he was upset with an fellow teen over a girl and played a dumb prank.Being in contact again affects them both. It took Nina quite awhile to get over him and her heart [...]

This is book two in the Agents Under Fire series. However, it is also a stand alone book. You will get to know most of the characters in the first book, Web of Deceit, plus it is a great read too, so I would suggest you read it first, but it is not necessary.Susan Sleeman always does a great job at keeping your interest, keeping the mystery and suspense plus all the romance thrown into one great novel. Her characters are well defined and their dialogue is great. I love all the different personal [...]

4 STARS Web of Shadows is the second book in the Agents Under Fire series. It is full of drama, suspense, action , with strong female characters. It does have some violence in it but a clean read.Nina Brandt works with two other female FBI Agents. They are good friends and support each other. Nina ex-boyfriend is Navy SEAL Quinn Stone. They broke up a year ago when he chose to stay a Seal.Now Quinn finds his younger brother in big trouble and has to go ask Nina for help. Ty has hacked into the D [...]

Nina Brandt, an FBI agent, loves her job. She has friends, a beautiful home, and a job she enjoys. But her past is about to hit her in both good and bad ways. When an ex-boyfriend asks for her help, she can't refuse. She still loves his little brother and wants to help. But she's hoping that they'll have very little contact. When a killer lets her know he intends to take her down, Nina decides that maybe having him close is a good thing.This story started off with a bang and didn't let up. It wa [...]

I am a huge fan of Susan Sleeman. I was very excited to see the sequel, Web of shadows released. In the first book in the sequel, Web of Deceit, we had a very creepy villain. This villain although not creepy in the same way , is still frightening over what he can do in the cyber-crimes arena. I have been waiting for Quinn’s story and he did not disappoint. We met him when he helped out on the last case and it was enough to know I was going to love their story line. She was also a great charact [...]

I love the rich, vibrant characters that Susan develops. They are good and strong, be they on the right or wrong side of the law. In fact, I cringed when the villain in this book was named! He's as creepy as ever, with a grudge against FBI Agent Nina Brandt, who sent him to prison. When he inadvertantly runs into her, his crazed plot for revenge begins. It unfortunately involves Nina's ex-love, Navy SEAL Quinn Stone and his family. Nina must get involved and save not only Quinn's younger brother [...]

Web of Shadows is another fast paced cybercrime suspense in the Agents Under Fire Novel series. If you did not read Web of Deceit yet it will just make you want to run out and get it!Quinn Stone's brother Tyler gets himself in to big trouble with the Federal Government for hacking into the TSA's No Fly Zone List. Quinn (a Navy Seal) seeks help from his former fiancé Nina Brandt to try to keep his brother out of jail. Nina is an FBI Agent, she is put in a compromising position as she tries to he [...]

"Web of Shadows” is Sleeman’s second book in the Agents Under Fire series. It serves well as a stand-alone so you do not have to have read the first book (although you will want to)!It is evident that Susan did a ton of research to back up all of her facts related to Navy Seals and the FBI. Both agencies are represented in this thriller which surrounds our nation’s security. A teen prank goes awry and ends in murder. It is only a matter of time before secure information will fall into the [...]

An absolutely incredible romantic suspense novel!The characters in this book are fantastic! Both Nina Brandt and Quinn Stone have been extremely well developed and their family backgrounds are slowly revealed. This really to make me feel like I was getting to know people I have just met. I really enjoyed seeing how things, from each of their family’s worked to shape who they are and how they dealt with different situations throughout the story.The fact that we met the bad guy from the beginnin [...]

If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be intense. Lots of action filled nearly every page. The relationship between Quinn and Nina was a bit confusing at times, and frustrating, but I think that's true to real life. :)I enjoyed the story. I'm giving four stars because I did have to put it down at times due to something I can't quite put my finger on. I wanted to get back to it, so it wasn't the plot or any writing infraction. Maybe just the darkness of the antagonist? I'm not quit [...]

Wow! Couldn't Put It Down!!This book is so awesome!! I was engrossed in it immediately, and I happily thought it would be a great read for the next couple of days. But I couldn't stop!! I read it straight though the night because I HAD to finish it. I'm so exhausted now, but there's no way I could have slept without reading it to the end. It's unpredictable, riveting, suspenseful, awesome characters, everything an awesome book should be. I HIGHLY recommend it!!

I was given an ARC of Web of Shadows from NetGalley for an honest review and this is my review.This book was a good read but very predictable. It pretty much told you who the doer was and who he was after so the entire plot was played out from the start and there were a few surprises here and there but for the most part it was what one would expect how it would go.However, it is full of action an is worth the read and that is why I am giving it three out of four stars.

Eventful page turning suspense story. Throw in a dash of romance and it's a winner in my book. A very quick read that keeps you thinking as things twist and turn.

Excellent romantic suspense book written by author Susan Sleeman. Second in series, but works well as a stand alone. Thanks to NetGalley and Belle Bridge Books for the advance copy.

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