Calm & Storm

Susan Fanetti

Calm & Storm

Calm & Storm

  • Title: Calm & Storm
  • Author: Susan Fanetti
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Kindle Edition

THE NIGHT HORDE SOCAL SERIES CONCLUDES.Ronin Drago has always been a fighter, a warrior, a soldier Not one to take the lead or the limelight, he stands stalwart with his brothers, but he keeps his own counsel.The Night Horde SoCal has been taking too many hits lately, and he fears that they are cracking under the strain Every run seems to bring chaos and less claritTHE NIGHT HORDE SOCAL SERIES CONCLUDES.Ronin Drago has always been a fighter, a warrior, a soldier Not one to take the lead or the limelight, he stands stalwart with his brothers, but he keeps his own counsel.The Night Horde SoCal has been taking too many hits lately, and he fears that they are cracking under the strain Every run seems to bring chaos and less clarity, and Ronin no longer sees the purpose in their fight But he is a loyal man, and long ago the club gave him a family when he had no other, when he came home from war to an empty life that had once been full of love and promise.Lorraine Milligan loved the young man that Ronin had been in that long ago time, and she loves him still But she broke his heart and left his life empty She s regretted it ever since, but she never thought to have the chance to make amends.In the years since she ran from their young love, she has made a good life, successful and content, but shadowed by her regret, her Great Lost Love.When their paths cross unexpectedly and the old spark between them rekindles, they have a chance to remake a future together But first Ronin must come to terms with the full dimension of what he lost when Lorraine left him.And then they both must decide if his club and their love can fit together at all This volume also includes Home Safe, the epilogue novella to the Night Horde SoCal series.Note explicit sex and violence.

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2 stars. Review posted November 1, 2015Like I already said, reading that foreword was a warning for what would happen. This could not be good and it sure wasn't. Not good is actually a huge understatement. Witnessing (view spoiler)[Diaz's death, reading about the assassination of La Zorra and her three kids (hide spoiler)] (happened off page) was bad enough. However, what occurred during that (view spoiler)[shootout (hide spoiler)] was total overkill. When I read it first, I felt dazed and shock [...]

THE FINAL RIDE FOR SoCalI loved this book’s Ronin &Rainy’s love story. For his ‘straight’ job, Ronin was a Hollywood stunt rider.As a stunt rider and a member of the Night Horde Ronin's time is filled but for the most part he lives a solitary life. Ronin is over 50 years old and still a bachelor. He had one great love but that was 25 years ago. When Ronin loves he loves for a lifetime. She’d been his ‘hippie chick,’ in Birkenstocks, broomstick skirts, and layers of jewelry . . [...]

Reread as part of the entire series Aug/Sept 2017 - An emotional whirlwind of a conclusion to the SoCal series. Ronin and Lorraine's story is nothing short of incredibly heartbreaking yet extremely fulfilling. I loved every single epic part of my reread. The impeccable writing and immersive story telling leave me in awe of Fanetti once again. The way in which she wrote Calm & Storm stays true to her MC saga and to the characters she's created. It's been another incredible ride with the Night [...]

Epilogue was 5 star worthy. I enjoyed Ronin and Lorraine, but their story was a bit slower paced, I found myself constantly wanting to check in with the rest of the mc crowd. That epilogue was perfection, though. I'm going to miss these bikers.

4.5 Stars for the main book * * * * 1/25 Plus for the Epilogue * * * * *It is no secret I have been waiting for this book. It has been a love/hate want, thoughBecause wanting to know the outcome and how Fanetti was going to play this was stirring me up; but I also knew once it had been read then I would not have this series as new and fresh.Calm & Storm had many purposes there were many boxes to "Tick" and I felt by using Ronin and Rainy, Fanetti gave us the appropriate perspective to see al [...]

Was there ever any doubt this series finale would be anything other than utter perfection? The Night Horde. To me, this club is like a dynasty. Regardless of location, SoCal or Signal Bend, the Flaming Mane represents more than just a club. It embodies family, unity, and even freedom. So, how do you end the story of an empire? If you're Susan Fanetti, you do it with the most epic storytelling imaginable. And then, you add in an incredibly moving conclusion novella (a bonus at the end of this boo [...]

5 END OF THE ROAD STARSThis was an emotional ride; the last book in this fabulous series covered a lot of ground. In a way that only Susan Fanetti can do, she gave me closure that let me walk away at peace but not without leaving my heart feeling like it's been pulverized. As I write this, it feels as though I’ll be doing two reviews in one. One for Edmund ‘Ronin’ Drago and Lorraine ‘Rainy’ Mulligan's story and the other on the finale of the Night Horde SoCal series. Ronin is truly a b [...]

How do you say goodbye to an epic journey? One that has brought so much happiness, joy, love, inspiration, yes even sadness and tears? As I was reading Calm & Storm, I was in the midst of it all and cried almost throughout the entire novel. Oooh my god did I cry! Partly because I knew this was the last of "The Night Horde SoCal" and the characters I'd grown to love. The story lines were ingenious, skillfully masterminded and always kept you guessing, no two books were ever alike. Yes my hear [...]

5 Beautifully Ending Stars Ronin and Rainy lost their love for over twenty years. They met by chance when he was doing a stunt tricks for a movie set and Rainy was doing a catering job. Rainy invites Ronin to her restaurant for a friendly catch up. They decided to give their love another shot. A lot has happened in this book, love and lost. The Epilogue: Home & Safe. It's a closure of Signal Bend and SoCal series. It's in a member POV and how that person deal with their loss. How they cope a [...]

Just a big ole sobbing mess GAH!!

5++++ stars for that heartbreaking but epic epilogue! 1----stars for that awful Ronin's and Rainy's story. I disliked the story and I absolutely hated Lorraine. The worst female lead in this series hands down. How can a women who claims to love Ronin and claims that he is the greatest love of her life (view spoiler)[HIDE HIS SON FROM HIM FOR FREAKING 25 YEARS?????? (hide spoiler)] Their whole 'love story' was BS, or one of the worst love stories I have ever read. You can't claim that it is love [...]

I have two ratings:Roe and Rainy's story *** It was just ok the story for me was too fast and at times felt unemotional.Bart's Story **** It's been a very long time since I cried real heart retching tears I will miss the Night Horde and their familyThank you Susan for taking me on an awesome journey !!

I'm almost tempted not to post my rating because I know I am definitely in the minority here (and I'm going to do my absolute best to not post spoilers!). I found this to be just an okay read and it was all down to the heroine. Lorraine or "Rainy" was probably the worst heroine that could be teamed up with uber-cool Ronin. She was selfish, judgemental and the decisions she made affected not only her but other people involved and it didn't seem like she gave a shit. Had she not bumped into Ronin, [...]

a little sad to this this wonderful series end but it ended beautifully. 4 star romance, a little bit more subdued and slower than previous books but deep and real throughout. 5 star epilogue!

Susan Fanetti knows how to end a series. The epilogue was amazing!

March 2013 -- 4.5 Stars

I did not connect with either character. There was nothing endearing to me about H. I hated the h for what she did to H 25 years prior. I was excited for a mature couple's story but this story didn't fall flat, it never rose in order to be able to fall. What happened to David Vega? Loved Bart's epilogue.

3- 3.5☆

5++++ STARS*****This entire series was unbelievably good. Book after book, perfection.Calm & Storm was intense and beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a better conclusion, even if it broke my heart a little bit. But that is part of the experience when you are part of the Night's Horde; and you do become part of their family as you read these books. Simply AMAZING.>

REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS. DON'T READ DOWN UNLESS YOU'RE A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT!!!*3 stars for Ronin's story, and 5 stars for Bart's epilogue*This is the end of an era; the stories of the Signal Bend and SoCal branches of the Night Horde MC have concluded. While the Signal Bend series was my favourite, the SoCal series still kept me coming back for more. I LOVE this author's writing style, and because of the Night Horde MC, she is one of my favourite authors. I thought Ronin was great, but this [...]

Welljor book hangover here. I don't think I can pick up another book for a few days. If there ever was a good way to say goodbye, Susan Fanetti just accomplished that in spades. My stomach did a little flip just reading the forward but I charged ahead. Reader bewareere is lots of Storm before the calm. I will admit to being a die hard Signal Bend fan. I was not as excited to see the SoCal Night Hordes. They weren't my loveable guys in Missouri. With each book, I became more intrigued. This final [...]

I cannot put this series down.The foreword with warnings!! I just know going into this one that there will be tears and heartbreak.And oh, how this hurts! This book is told from Ronins perspective as his relationship develops with Lorraine. The last brother to find his mate. But the main Horde story is the real focus here as the Cartels wreak havoc on the SoCal Horde and their families. It is impossible to review without spoiling the plot and twists, so I will just saye bodies DO pile up and it [...]

i wanted to wait a couple of days before reviewing this one i did. 3 stars, liked it, but didnt love it. Since this is Fanetti, that surprised me. Let me first say that isn't about the pain I knew would come with any Fanetti read, especially an end of series read. She brought the pain, plenty of it. Heartbreaking, gut wrenching, inevitable pain. It all ended as it should in my opinion and none of that was a surprise to me. I did not feel Ronin and Lorraine all. shocked the hell outta me. Cannot [...]

Susan Fanetti delivers again in this final instalment of her Night Horde SoCal Outlaw Bikers series. All the emotional elements are there, shock, loss, loyalty and love as the storyline comes full circle and take us back to Missouri where it all began. For me, Fanetti is the premium writer of this genre primarily because she doesn't sugar coat the brutality of this lifestyle but skilfully adds such depth to the characters they become more than the violent situations of their making. Is it over. [...]

My overall rating is a 4 but that is an average of the two included in there. The first part, the story of Ronin and Lorraine, was only really a 3 for me. That was the biggest part, and I just didn't honestly feel that one. Despite the climax of the whole SoCal storyline, it felt really flat and bland to me. Ronin and Lorraine are back together after 25 years, and they too just felt bland. I don't know why and may very well have a very different opinion than the majority on this one.The last par [...]

I don't have enough words for how amazing this series has been. From the beginning of this series, in Missouri to the end in SoCal, it is hands down some of the best books I've read. I'm not a reviewer, I have no eloquent word to describe this story, or the other's in the series, I leave that to others. Just a reader, taking a moment to tell other reader that these books rock and you should read them ALL. They are the full package. Well done Susan. You have done what very few author has done for [...]

I don't have the words yet describe how I feel about this journey ending.

Love Ronin and Lorraine "Rainy"But"Bout fuckin' time, Bartholomew."That was perfect.

Wow, what an ending!If you've been following Susan Fanetti's Signal Bend and Night Horde SoCal series you have been through the emotional wringer more times than you care to count. Tragedies have been in abundance but for each and every horror the Horde has endured they have always had support and goodwill from within to carry them through the tough times. The way they overcome their hardships is what has made this series so memorable.Calm & Storm is as much about Rainy and Ronin’s story a [...]

I'm glad and relieve this series is over! I had been reading from the very start, which is the Signal Bend Series, back to back non stop. Night Horde SoCal is the spin off of Signal Bend though each book carries a big punch to us, readers. For those who had read Signal Bend and thought to get "happier" storiesyou'll be sorely disappointed. I don't think I had my heart battered this bad by a book or series before, but I couldn't stop reading, they were that good. The last two books including this [...]

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