Travelers' Tales Thailand: True Stories

James O'Reilly

Travelers' Tales Thailand: True Stories

Travelers' Tales Thailand: True Stories

  • Title: Travelers' Tales Thailand: True Stories
  • Author: James O'Reilly
  • ISBN: 9781885211750
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback

The first title in a revolutionary new style of travel guidebooks It is an enriching and absorbing collection a perfect traveling companion New York Times News ServiceNotable authors include Jeff Greenwald, Karen Swenson, Charles Nicholl, Pico Iyer, Ian Buruma, and Thalia Zepatos.

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Wish there were more Travelers' Tales books -- about many countries. Great reading while actually there!

Not as exciting or as well written as I would have hoped. Some of the stories were really dated white-man's burden type of shtick.

As a collection of stories from many different travelers who have walked, biked, climbed, swam, meditated, cooked, slept and been lost in Thailand, you are offered a lot of different points of view about the place and the people. The stories are, of course, all over the board in terms of both quality and content. As always, I loved Pico Iyer's investigations and I really enjoyed the clips from Alan Rabinowitz's book about saving Thailand's wild cats. I appreciate learning about a country through [...]

Although this book is around 20 years old, it remains as relevant today as when it was gathered. I say gathered, because this is a collection of short stories from travelers in Thailand. It explores some of the seedier aspects of the country from prostitution to the poppy industry, as well as deep chapters on Buddhism and the Thai lifestyle. I long for the Farang lifestyle and I found this book difficult to put down. It’s a bit long and at times drags, some chapters are more interesting than o [...]

Read this while traveling through Thailand, along with Thailand Confidential. This was a lovely collection of stories of travelers in Thailand. While slightly narrow in breadth of experiences, it was enlightening to read these while traveling to the same or similar areas. So many of the stories are adventure travel, it can be hard to relate to the experiences, but I certainly felt they broadened my understanding of what I was, and was not, able to see in my travels.

Like all of the Travelers Tales series, this book aims to give the traveler a sense of the culture, geography, and activities that Thailand has to offer. It does so through engaging essays and excerpts from excellent travel writers that tackled the topic in a lengthier form. Recommended for globe-trotters and armchair travelers alike.

Make your way through Thailand on the backs of its travelers, explorers and truth seekers. A book of narratives and short stories and the country, its people and its language are your friends by the end.

Good enough for a bedside read. Nicely written short stories perfect for a few pages of browsing before you snooze. A bit more than half of the stories are interesting traveler insights, the rest are dire, some even painful to read. And oh, most are from the perspective of western travellers.

This is the first of the Travelers Tales books, and while I'm not credited on the cover as an editor, the book was partly my creation. I came up with the concept, and did the final organization into the five parts that became part of the TT style.

Great book! There a couple of stories I wasn't in love with. the 4 instead of 5. Although, there are 2 wonderful visuals that will stay in my head for the rest of my life. A perfect book to go to bed to.

The very first story is fantastic; poetic, provocative. Some of the stories, not so much. If you're interested in Travelling to Thailand and want to get a feel for the experience (not the sex tourism or bucket party part) then this book is for you.

I didn't read every single story, but picking and choosing among what's here was a great way to get culturally prepared (and excited!) for our trip to Thailand. I'll check out more from this series for future trips.

Hoping to go in January to study Thai massagewould love to hear from anyone who has been to Thailand, especially anyone who has studied massage.

got it at the Rockford Librarydidn't finish. But good reference book

Lots of good reading for those traveling to Thailand (and even for those not).

I'm going to have a blast in Thailand!!

Helpful companion for traveling. Helped me get a better perspective on the country. However, I don't really like reading essays - I prefer novels - so I wasn't ever really excited about reading it.

The BEST travel book I have ever read, and reread, and reread.

Good background information before heading to Thailand - I would recommend other books in this series before traveling.

The good, the bad and the downright ugly of Thailand. Essays written by Western visitors discovering things like durian fruit, soul healers and dead squirrels in the marketplace. For adults only.

The editor was asleep at the switch. Some of the stories stop in mid-stream, while others are very disjointed.

The Traveler's Tales series is very uneven. India and Food were great, Cuba was lousy. This one is somewhere in between. I'd skip the first boring 184 pages and pick it up from there.

I only read the short essays I was interested in, avoiding ones about food, for instance. They seem mostly to be articles taken from other publications.

Excellent before a first-time trip to Thailand. Wished for more deviation from the typical list of topics though.

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