Free Fall

Laura Anne Gilman

Free Fall

Free Fall

  • Title: Free Fall
  • Author: Laura Anne Gilman
  • ISBN: 9780373802678
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback

The Cosa Nostradamus is in disarray the Truce holding violence in check has been broken Magical Manhattan is at war, and Wren Valere is left without her partner lover Sergei, whose past loyalties keep him from her side just when she needs him the most.Hoping to keep herself occupied, Wren takes a job, but what should have been an ordinary Retrieval instead forces her toThe Cosa Nostradamus is in disarray the Truce holding violence in check has been broken Magical Manhattan is at war, and Wren Valere is left without her partner lover Sergei, whose past loyalties keep him from her side just when she needs him the most.Hoping to keep herself occupied, Wren takes a job, but what should have been an ordinary Retrieval instead forces her to realize that it is time to do It is time for the Cosa to take the battle to the enemy.But she ll do it her way The Retrievers way Sneaky, smart, and with maximum damage possible What was lost will be found, what was stolen will be Retrieved And this war will be ended, once and for all.Wren Valere always finishes the job Always.

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Burning Bridges, the book before Free Fall pushed the Retrievers story off a cliff: "Wren" Valere and her partner/boyfriend Sergei split up, each thinking they were pushing the other away to protect them, her demon friend P.B. revealed that he is her familiar, whether she wants it or not, P.B. and Sergei were colluding instead of bickering, The Silence was the enemy instead of the client, and Valere was a leader instead of staying in the background and keeping her head down. While it was a fun b [...]

The final book of the battle between the Cosa and the Silence, it is less then the spectacular finish. The book opens with the Wren having left both Sergei and her mother behind, with PB still at her side, and the battle moving towards full-on war. This book is suppose to be, I think, about Wren finally stretching and reaching her limits - her limits of her morality, her magic - ability to channel her old magic vs new - how far can she go without wizzing and without loosing herself? But really, [...]

4.75 stars. Darker, grittier. Missed the Wren /Sergei connection though.

This is my absolute favorite book of Author Laura Anne Gilman's A Retrievers Novel!Free Fall had me equally enthralled as the previous books but in this one the beloved Wren had more fire, more spirit! I felt like all of my senses were heightened and engaged throughout the entire story, my eyes stayed glued to page after page of this action packed book! I literally felt as if Free Fall was being imprinted in my mind for all the impression it made on my book addicted self! Wren and Sergei belong [...]

I just finished this book yesterday. It only took me two days to read and that's only because it was a busy weekend. If it wasn't a busy weekend I would have eaten this book in a day. This is my favourite of the Retriever series and if Laura Anne Gilman left this as the final book I would be happy because it resolved everything that has been building up in the books before it. I am curious to see what happens next for Wren, Sergei and P.B. though so bring on another one and I'll read it. This is [...]

This was a good continuation of the Retriever series. It picks up after Wren and Sergei have split up, and Wren is trying to move away from the center of events. This doesn't work so well for her, and she ends up caught up more intensely than ever. In the last book, we discovered that The Silence was kidnapping, torturing, and brainwashing younger members of the magical community. Wren and the rest of the Cosa Nostradamus decide it's time to rescue those kids, and bring the war directly to The S [...]

Free Fall was better than the previous book in this Retrievers series. It brought back some of that action, killer attitudes and more focus. It had some intense moments, life changing moments for Wren that really gave her character a serious mind twist that effects her the rest of the book. It was one of those things though, that should effect someone. The relationship drama between Wren and Sergei is there, it's just not the main show, which was nice. It did feel a bit more realistic, as did th [...]

Emotionally wrenching for those fans of the series. We see our heroine become stretched to her limits after an event that scarred her deeply but an event that she locks away in a mental box. She begins pushing people away just when she needs them the most and because of this, she has no safe haven, no support. She is pushed to her limits only to be brought back slightly more damaged but stronger, harder and wiser.One thing that bugged me was the relationship between Wren and Sergei. She is so sm [...]

Note: This book comes out from Luna, which is a fantasy/horror/SF romance line. But the novel is very gritty and hard-edged. Things happened at the end of BURNING BRIDGES, the fourth Retrievers book, that are definitely not HEA (happily ever after). This is a fine fantasy-mystery, and has an evolving relationship in the story, as well as examining the bindings of friendship. But this is not a book where 51% of the story is microscopic analysis of the relationship.That said, I like the writing an [...]

I've been following Gilman's Retrievers series for - five books now, and I'm not tired of it. In this revised version of our world, the creatures of fairy tale are real and hiding among us (or out in the wilderness). Also, some humans have the ability to channel "current" (which is basically, though not exactly, electricity) (one must wonder if Tesla and Edison were Talent - Gilman doesn't say, but it seems likely). I'm not going to recap the whole plot of this series here, just say that in this [...]

I really wasn't looking forward to this installment in the Retriever series; such doom and gloom and dire straits were hard to look forward to in the beginning of the story. I'm glad now I stuck with it, as several of the issues were nicely resolved. I'm still rooting for Wren and Sergei to work through their remaining issues and come out the other side stronger than ever. This series has been building with each book and I'm sticking along for the ride.

These books just get better. Valere is estranged from Sergei as he has become addicted to her current and it is jeopardizing his health. Meanwhile, life's challenges continue. She believes The Silence, the secret organization that trained Sergei as a spy, is behind the recent attacks and slaying of the talented and fatae. She decides to retrieve talented poeple that the Silence have abducted and are torturing into mindless slaves.

In this book Wren must take on the Mage Council, The Silence, and The Lonejacks for her own survival and that of the Fatae that are her friends. Also it helps Sergi to accept PB and relize that they can both love Wren and that no matter what else happens their relationship is strong enough to weather it.

book 5 in series. Wren and her usual partner Sergei are estranged. A job goes wrong. The Silence, whose mandate is to protect the innocent, is now targeting anyone who doesn’t fit their idea of human-only. Reluctantly, Wren must become a leader.

Amazing. My favorite of the series so far. I think Wren is one of my favorite urban fantasy characters. I am really intrigued to see where the series goes from here, I was surprised that this was not the last book.

new author for me; want to go back and read the first four and then the next one.


fantasy,urban, received

quite excellent

can tell it's a book 5. more drama and less action. pg-married due to sexual content. final battle type. and the hero has to live with the darkness. getting a little predictable.

Finally, a plot! After two books of a whole lot of nothing happening, there is finally some action again. Fast-paced, emotional, gripping. Loved it.

I liked this one best so far out of the series. Got to about 80% done, and couldn't put it down until I finished it at 2am.

A fine continuation of the series.

I just could not get into this book.

I like this series overall, but this one it took me almost a year to drag myself through it. I had to make myself finish it, and now I pretty much never want to see it again.

Great as always

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