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  • Title: Misconception
  • Author: Morgan Black
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  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Finnegan brothers are bound to hurt any girl that gets between them But that doesn t stop Lena She loves pain with her pleasure When things get too hot for her to handle, she does the only thing she can do to protect herself she runs away Three years later, Lena is back in town for her father s wedding She prays she can avoid her past, hoping nobody remembers hThe Finnegan brothers are bound to hurt any girl that gets between them But that doesn t stop Lena She loves pain with her pleasure When things get too hot for her to handle, she does the only thing she can do to protect herself she runs away Three years later, Lena is back in town for her father s wedding She prays she can avoid her past, hoping nobody remembers her parents messy divorce or how she disappeared However, as soon as she arrives, she finds she can t run from her past any There s no escaping the Finnegan brothers Not this time

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ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley for an honest review.3.5 SECRET STARSThis story fluctuates between Lena's freshman year in 2011 when her family disintegrates over the Christmas Holiday break when her father leaves the family for another woman and Lena has an emotional indiscretion with her boyfriends brother, and the present, three years later when Lena returns to her hometown, for the first time since that week, for her father's wedding.Blake Finnegan was Lena's boyfriend, who she d [...]

Still deliberating I had this book for a long time and i just came around to read it , i do have to finish the complete story before give a more rounded opinion , but so far so good though ! i really like the interaction of the charatcers , some scenes are really hot , like mayorly hot !!! and you can see that it will be more as the story develops.I like Lena, but is to soon to tell if she will develope in to something more interesting.Blake seemed to really care for her , and Slade seemed to be [...]

*NetGalley book review*I was rather impressed by this book. It was a fast read with only 50 something pages but the only problem is I feel we spent more in the past with the main character than in the present. Not bad.

Book SummaryPublished by - Mark My Words Book PublicityRelease Date - 2nd October 2014Pages - 50My Rating - 2 StarsReviewThis book is number 1 in a serial by Morgan Black, and though the premise is something that I thought I could totally get behind, the reality was so not there. Lena, despite being what I can only work out to be 22, behaves like a twelve year old girl, both '4 years later' as well as when she was 18. The way she carried on about her parent's divorce was beyond ridiculous and ov [...]

Very fast paced great steamy read. Great story cannot wait to see more about the Finnegan Brothers.

OH MY GOD! AHHHHHHHHHHH!Okay breathe.This mini novel was pretty damn killer, the only issue wasIT WENT WAY TOO FAST!I want more!!

Full review at The Pluviophile Reader: wp/p3VFNP-7n232964412/5 stars.ebook, 46 pages.Read on November 26, 2014I'd like to thank Netgalley for the opportunity to review this book!Misconception is a very short erotica novel that is the first in the Finnegan Brothers series. The novel follows Lena, a young college student whose parents have recently divorced. Before leaving her hometown she was in a relationship with Blake Finnegan, who has an older brother named Slade. Things were really strong be [...]

Originally posted at Revenge of the FeelsRating: 4½ stars *Thank you to Metamorphosis Books for providing me with an eARC via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.HOT. FAST. FURIOUS.That practically sums up the entire book. 3 words is all it takes. The only problem with this book is…… EVERYTHING ENDED TOO FAST!I know the book has 40 pages but I never expected the book to end so fast! I read this book under 15 minutes, it was just too good to stop and rest. (PFFT! REST IS FOR THE WEAK! [...]

I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This short story is about Lena, an almost college graduate, and two brothers: Blake and Slade. The story starts out with a hot little sex scene that happened back in 2011. Lena is dating Blake and she stops at home to visit him prior to spending time with her family for Thanksgiving. She jumps in to take a shower and practically collides with a naked Slade. I was a little put off that in 50 pages we're already starting out [...]

WHAT???? OMG! How can you leave us hanging like that Morgan Black???? I am so frustrated right now. Oh loved this book but now I need more. So very much more, that I will be buying the next book the second I can. Wow, this was great. To set up a story like this and leave us hanging. Genius, the work of a writer who knows how to draw a crowd. I feel for Blake and I need to know what comes next. I know that Slade with be the bad boy we all love to hate but, eventually love. This is a story that wi [...]

Purchase on :The Finnegan brothers are bound to hurt any girl that gets between them. But that doesn't stop Lena. She loves pain with her pleasure. When things get too hot for her to handle, she does the only thing she can do to protect herself she runs away.Three years later, Lena is back in town for her father's wedding. She prays she can avoid her past, hoping nobody remembers her parents’ messy divorce or how she disappeared. However, as soon as she arrives, she finds she can't run from he [...]

1,5. Lots and lots of typos, missing or completely wrong words due to autocorrect. And neither Lena nor Slade seems very likeable.

Review for Misconception by Morgan BlackMisconception is the first book in The Finnegan Brothers series by Morgan Black. It’s a novella length book with erotic elements as well as a love triangle for those of you that always want to know.Lena is home from college for winter break; after a hot and steamy visit with her boyfriend Blake and a rather awkward run in with his big brother Slade she heads home to her parents house. Everything she thought she knew falls apart when her parents throw out [...]

Lena has it all: the perfect family, she's doing great at college, and she has a great boyfriend, Blake Finnegan. But one fateful night, she stumbles upon Blake's brother, Slade, while she's naked and on the way to the bathroom. She can't deny the attraction she feels for her boyfriend’s brother, but she knows her boundaries and manages to resist the temptation.But when she gets home that night and her perfect life crumbles apart when her dad announces he's found another woman and is going to [...]

Check out more of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuchforittomenormal.Misconception is book #1 in the Finnegan Brothers series; this is the first book I have read by this author. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes.This is a novella length story which I wasn't aware of before I started reading.This book starts with a bang quite literally lol, it throws you straight into a hot sex scene between Lena and Blake the youngest Finnegan brother.This author writes no h [...]

2.5 stars - this fell somewhere in between it being okay and me liking it. I think my biggest problem was that even for a serial or novella the story felt under developed. It felt like moments were missing. The writing could have been a little cleaner; there were times I had to reread a sentence to make sure I understood what was trying to be relayed. I didn't really connect with the lead female, Lena. Because there wasn't a lot of development I couldn't always relate or understand why she react [...]

ARC received from NetGalley for honest reviewThis was my first time reading anything by this Author and let me tell you I was left wondering why I had waited so long!This book may have been short, but in no way was it lacking. From the very first page it is smoking hot and leaves you sitting doing nothing but turning the pages.Although it is placed in the erotica genre and will leave your kindle smoking it still has an excellent story line! The writing is smooth and the plot line flows effortles [...]

~~I received this in exchange for an honest review~~This is the first book in the Finnegan brothers series. And I have to tell you, this book grabs you at the beginning of the story and it never lets you go. It still has its claws on me! We have Lena who is in love with Blake, but at the same time, she loves Slade, Blake's brother. When all hell brakes loose at her house, her sister, mother and Lena leave and don't come back. That is until, her dad is getting remarried. Can she keep the peace wi [...]

Spoilers bewareLet me start this review by saying I hate love triangles. Im not oppose to cheating, but with brothers, thats another story. The way Lena handled the situation was horrible. Instead of holding herself accountable she blames the other brother for taking advantage of her seriously. Women up. You slept with him dont act like you didnt know what you were doing. I didnt like it one bit. I understand the running away part cause you didnt want to have to break another person's heart. How [...]

ARC from publisher from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 StarsLove triangle except with two brothers thrown in with a tumultuous divorce and what do you get? The beginning of something good. This book has potential but I didn't know it was a series. The only reason it didn't get 4 stars is because I was left hanging here with no clue how this will go next. The writing is good and the buildup good, I just don't like waiting to know what happens next. I feel like there is a lot more [...]

I have been a fan of Morgan's for awhile now and Misconception is now my favorite out of her books. In Misconception you are introduced to Lena, a woman that tends to run away from all of her problems. When she returns back home she runs right into the two people she had originally ran away from. Without giving anything away, let's just say things get very complicated between Lena and the Finnegan brothers.Misconception was such a great story. I can't wait to see where the story goes next!This i [...]

We get to meet Lena during her freshman year of college. She is coming home from school and of course her first stop is to see her boyfriend Blake. Where she has an unexpected run in with Slade. This sorta creates the triangle. But we aren't given much more as she goes home and her family falls apart. Now years later she's back. Her relationship with Blake blew apart when she left town but now she's back and has to face both Slade and Blake. Things heat up quickly but of course there is a cliff [...]

I received this book from NetGalley for review:This was a really good start. When I requested this book I didn't know it was the start of a Novella series, I thought it was more of a full length story. That being said I liked it. But there were moments where the dialog felt, off. And there were a couple formatting issues, but that's a different issue. I guess my only real big issue is that I didn't know it was a novella, other than that it's a great start to a novella series that makes you want [...]

I was provided an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Unfortunately I was not a fan of this book, which is disappointing because I thought the plot was good. The length of the book was a hindrance, as the author didn't have time to really create much depth to the characters or the storyline, but I was grateful for the length because I really didn't enjoy it. Most of the book was spent on her parents' divorce and the relationship between them. I would have rather had more backsto [...]

This is a quick little read. It is plenty steamy and hot with a twist. Lena comes home from college and gets a shock of life. She feels like her world is falling apart. She wants to she her boyfriend Blake but who she sees instead is someone that could destroy her would even more. What happens to Lena? I would recommend this to readers who like hot steamy sex with a suspense of what happens next. ~Lisa

Not badThe story line was there, and it flowed easily enough. I just didn't feel that much of a connection to the main character. She just seemed a bit childish and whiny for someone who stated over and over how much of an adult she was. Maybe it gets better as the series goes on. I wouldn't purchase the second one, but if I found the book for free, and I was looking for something to kill the time, I may pick up the second book.

I was just getting into the story when it was over way too soon. NO! We meet Lena who is going out with Blake but one night her world breaks apart and Slade is there. Years later she returns to her hometown and runs into the brothers and all that was left unsaid between them. I can't wait to read what happens next!

Morgan Black's book, Misconception was an amazingly quick read that hooked me in from the beginning and held me until the end. The endI literally did not want this book to end. There is so much more coming from this author. I can't wait to read more of this story! 2 brothers, one girl I can't wait!

The story had potential unfortunately I couldn't get past the rough writing enough to want to know what happens next. I found myself rereading sentences do to typos, missing words, word order etc. I hope the author hooks up with a better editor/proof reader as her ideas are good just needs a little help with the delivery.

**I received this book as an ARC, in exchange for an honest review**Misconception is the first book in The Finnegan Brothers series by Morgan Black. Its a quick read that had me in from the beginning and held me until the end. It’s a novella so don't be upset its has a cliffhanger.

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