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  • Title: Mefisto
  • Author: Richard Montanari Karin Meddekis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Sommer in Philadelphia Doch die Ruhe tr gt Kevin Byrne, Detective der Mordkommission, und seine Partnerin Jessica Balzano werden zu einem bizarren Fall hinzugerufen Eine Frau ist ermordet worden, und ihr Todeskampf wurde von dem M rder auf Video aufgenommen, hineingeschnitten in die ber hmte Dusch Szene aus Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho Doch diesmal ist das Blut rot und dasSommer in Philadelphia Doch die Ruhe tr gt Kevin Byrne, Detective der Mordkommission, und seine Partnerin Jessica Balzano werden zu einem bizarren Fall hinzugerufen Eine Frau ist ermordet worden, und ihr Todeskampf wurde von dem M rder auf Video aufgenommen, hineingeschnitten in die ber hmte Dusch Szene aus Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho Doch diesmal ist das Blut rot und das Messer real Bald tauchen weitere Filmklassiker auf, in denen Mordszenen nachgestellt und nachtr glich eingef gt wurden Ist ein Verr ckter am Werk, der die Filmgeschichte zum Hintergrund seiner perversen Phantasien macht

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Okay that's it, I'm 2/3s in and I just can't take it anymore. Montanari's writing is just BAD. I wasn't being catty when I said he writes like me at 16, he literally does! The over-descriptiveness, the weird awkward emo stuff that is meant to be deep Actually, I think he's a lot WORSE than me at 16. The main female character has yet to have A SINGLE SCENE where she doesn't find some excuse to ponder how her life is basically over because she's now OVER 30 and thus practically dead. And just I ca [...]

I read The Skin Gods entirely by chance a few years ago. It was one of those books that you pick up at the airport at random. This was pre-iPad era. At least for me.I had really really liked it. I have no idea why I didn't try to look for more books by the author. Specially the first book in the series. And then it got lost in the massive quantity of books I intermittently drop at my parents house. Upon a recent cleaning, I found it and read it again.Did not love it like I previously had. But I [...]

Most serial killers like to hide their work.t so the Actor. He is recreating and filming the death scenes from famous movies, and then splicing the scenes into rental videos.Byrne is still recovering from being shot so Jessica has a new partner. But a woman from Byrne's past that he is forming a romantic attachment with, is abducted.Are the two cases part of one?I did not enjoy this book as much as I have the other Montanari's I read. The book started with its usual shock factor (I think at the [...]

This book had an intricate plot with several victims, several suspects, and many unknowns. I never figured out whodunit and was surprised when the author finally made the reveal. I like Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne, both individually and as partners. The book was somewhat slow in places and got bogged down in too much description. For me, this slows the action when the pace could be so much faster.

Great book!! Another great story. Am loving this series!! Keep you guessing till the very end!

Meine Meinung:Mefisto ist der zweite Teil um das Ermittlerduo Kevin Bryne und Jessica Balzano. Dieses Buch schließ fast nahtlos an den Vorgänger "Crucifix" an. Seit Kevin Bryne angeschossen wurde, um seine Parnterin Jessica zu retten sind ein paar Monate vergangen und er befindet sich in der Wiedereingliederung. Er und Jessica werden bald mit einem sehr brutalen Fall betreut, in dem ein Serienmörder berühmte Morde aus Filmen nachstellt, diese aufzeichnet und in diese in die Orginale einfügt [...]

Detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano catch a serial killer case that revolves around the movie industry. The many old-movie references get tedious and annoying after a while. The killings are gruesome and somehow spiced into actual VHS tapes and placed on video store shelves. The mystery is extremely complex with multiple suspicious characters and storylines. The bad guy was a complete shock to me. This revelation came completely out of left field and was very surprising. I found the begin [...]

At first, it was a hard to read book Lots of words and so many details. In fact, i have put this book down for 2-3 weeks. But as a bookworm as I am, i urged myself to finish it prior to starting a new one and to be honest, when you have gotten to the 2/3rds of this book, the pacing becomes more exciting and a bit faster. Which one is better? I would vote for the first book.

Second time reading and I really liked it this time around. I'd completely forgotten who the Actor turned out to be so it was a nice surprise. I love this series to death and even though I am disenchanted with where the new books are headed, I still hope Montanari continues to write Kevin and Jessica for years to come.

I love the characters in this book although I think I preferred The Rosary Girls for storyline. In this novel, a killer re-creates famous death scenes from Psycho, Fatal Attraction and Scarface. Quite a bit of action, with a few "shock" moments.

The premise behind this book, a serial killer murdering people like scenes in famous films, was interesting, however the story fizzled out by the end and got way too convoluted to maintain its tension. That said, it was very well-written and I certainly would read more of Montanari's work.

Confusing cast of characters.

Wow. totally TERRIFIC ! what can i say unless this book hooked me up.i love the storyline. just like watching a thriller movie awhile i'm reading it.

This was my second book from Montanari. I like the first one, it was ok. But this one was terrible. One of the worst books i´ve ever read and it´s the last one.

Perhaps i was so impressed by the first one, that this second one did not impress me as much! For me it got abit too personal, and the crime didn't entice me as much as the first one did

Sì, la trama è di quelle che fanno immediatamente gola agli amanti del genere thriller: un assassino che si ispira, per i suoi omicidi, a quelli commessi nei films più celebri, li filma e li fa avere alla polizia. Si parte dalla scena della doccia di Psycho, peccato che sotto alla doccia non ci sia Janet Leigh bensì una giovane ragazza come tante, barbaramente pugnalata. Un gioco diabolico, una perfida sfida. E Montanari, all’inizio, riesce alla perfezione a catturare l’attenzione del le [...]

Ci sono alcune esagerazioni che mi hanno fatto abbassare il voto: delitti efferati a raffica, non si fa in tempo a sviscerarne uno che ne arriva un altro a sovrapporsi. Se questo va bene per tener alta la tensione, dopo un po' il lettore rischia di stufarsi perché, come i due investigatori, si continua a girare in tondo senza concluder molto. Poi, da un certo punto in poi, si corre con la lettura perché la voglia di sapere "chi è" è troppa. Avevo una mia idea sul killer, che ha tenuto fino a [...]

As with the other books in this series I have read, the plotting of this book is very intricate; perhaps too intricate as it is sometimes difficult to remember who is who and what they have done or are doing. The lead characters are excellent portraits of driven cops and the sense of place makes me want to visit Philadelphia. The overall grade currently stands at 3.91, just about right it is probably 50 pages too long, but still difficult to put down. On to the next book soon.

Aunque pienso que le sobran páginas y hubo líneas que tuve que releer por error en la sintaxis (entiendo que por la traducción) me resultó una buena historia. Prefiero el primer libro. Justo cuando ya tenía en mente una valoración de 3 pues me resultaba predecible, el autor logró engañarme y dar un giro inesperado con un desenlace lleno de suspenso.

An excellent, gripping read - the idea that the killer is re-making classic murder scenes & inserting them into videos in rental stores is a corker. Byrne & Balzano are characters I really like & I'm a huge fan of this author & series.

This is my first read from this author and rather enjoyable. Interesting plot twists, heroes who are not squeaky clean and strong female characters. I may just read him again

Solid follow-up to the first. Learned a lot more about Byrne in this series - kind of a devious detective compared to the innocent Balzanno. Solid storyline as well.

I have read this several times but still managed the entire book in two sittings, and I forgot the ending, it really is that good!

Läst på svenska: Dödsscen

A little obvious with the odd surprise in a complex plot. Some good descriptions.

Great readI enjoy everything about Montanari's novels and can hardly wait to start the next one in the series. Be sure to read them in order.

3.5 stars. Like the combo of Byrne and Balzano but there are so many characters in this book it became hard to keep track of.

Really loved this books. A very suspenseful thriller that made me discover a very interesting author.


The blurb:The streets of Philadelphia are blistering in the summer heat, the homicide rate is soaring and the nights belong to the mad. Detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano are prowling the streets with a growing sense of unease. Where next will evil rear its ugly head?When a series of seemingly unrelated crimes shatter the restless silence of the city, their worst fears are confirmed. A beautiful secretary is slashed to death in a grimy motel shower. A street hustler brutally murdered wit [...]

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