While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within

Bruce Bawer

While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within

While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within

  • Title: While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within
  • Author: Bruce Bawer
  • ISBN: 9780767920056
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback

The struggle for the soul of Europe today is every bit as dire and consequential as it was in the 1930s Then, in Weimar, Germany, the center did not hold, and the light of civilization nearly went out Today, the continent has entered yet another Weimar moment Will Europeans rise to the challenge posed by radical Islam, or will they cave in once again to the extremistsThe struggle for the soul of Europe today is every bit as dire and consequential as it was in the 1930s Then, in Weimar, Germany, the center did not hold, and the light of civilization nearly went out Today, the continent has entered yet another Weimar moment Will Europeans rise to the challenge posed by radical Islam, or will they cave in once again to the extremists As an American living in Europe since 1998, Bruce Bawer has seen this problem up close Across the continent in Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and Stockholm he encountered large, rapidly expanding Muslim enclaves in which women were oppressed and abused, homosexuals persecuted and killed, infidels threatened and vilified, Jews demonized and attacked, barbaric traditions such as honor killing and forced marriage widely practiced, and freedom of speech and religion firmly repudiated The European political and media establishment turned a blind eye to all this, selling out women, Jews, gays, and democratic principles generally even criminalizing free speech in order to pacify the radical Islamists and preserve the illusion of multicultural harmony The few heroic figures who dared to criticize Muslim extremists and speak up for true liberal values were systematically slandered as fascist bigots Witnessing the disgraceful reaction of Europe s elites to 9 11, to the terrorist attacks on Madrid, Beslan, and London, and to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Bawer concluded that Europe was heading inexorably down a path to cultural suicide.Europe s Muslim communities are powder kegs, brimming with an alienation born of the immigrants deep antagonism toward an infidel society that rejects them and compounded by misguided immigration policies that enforce their segregation and empower the extremists in their midst The mounting crisis produced by these deeply perverse and irresponsible policies finally burst onto our television screens in October 2005, as Paris and other European

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Hmmm Curious, to say the least. Let me get this straight (no pun intended): Bruce Bawer is a gay New Yorker who hooked up with a European lover and now currently resides in Oslo, Norway. Yet, he is also a proud American and (yeesh) proud conservative who takes pot-shots against the US quite personally, even going so far at one point to chastise German kids for wearing Che Guevarra T-Shirts? Sounds as ridiculous as the Log Cabin Republicans -- like Paula Poundstone once noted, "Gay Republicans? [...]

Despite its subtitle, this book is not so much about radical Islam as it is about the essential cultural differences between the United States and Western Europe that make it less possible for Muslims to assimilate and liberalize in European countries than in the U.S. Although it made me concerned for the fate of Europe, it actually made me more optimistic about the future of Islam in America than did a sugar-coated apologetic like Who Really Speaks for Islam? Leave it to a gay New Yorker who fl [...]

I disagree 100% with the Bush war on terror or whatever the hell his malignant policies concerning Islam can now be called. The political views of the author of this book couldn’t be further from my own. His conclusions on many of the events described in this book are completely the opposite of mine. However, I am a firm believer that this religion is a very destructive force in the world. I believe all religions are pretty much poison but Islam is especially dangerous. As a long-time resident [...]

Coming across this recently, I was initially surprised that the same Bruce Bawer who penned one of the great pro-gay rights books, "A Place at the Table", wrote this. Naturally, I picked it up having recently finished the mind-bending "A Death in Amsterdam."I’m not the reactionary-type – being the liberal-minded gay man that I am. But Bawer did fully awaken my latent frustration and internal dilemma that our War on (Islamic) Terror has its justification, if not my quiescent approval at times [...]

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend, where you suddenly realised that you both held a secretly unpopular opinion, and then enthusiastically raved together for hours, finally able to share with sympathy? Bruce Bawer writes like a man who has been supressing his unpopular opinions for years and suddenly found a friend. This means that the book is an easy read and a great polemic. Bawer's sincerity is clearly genuine, his passion for enlightenment values is heart-warming, and his prose i [...]

Two things stood out to me as i read this book. First, the dire situation that the old continent finds itself because of its cultural/economic socialism and immigration policies. The fact that Europeans have seriously slowed in having children is producing chaos for their economic system. How can Europeans enjoy the perks of their supposed 'socialist' government benefits if there are less and less of them (Europeans) to fill the employment void as more and more workers retire, in order for them [...]

As someone who has been following the problems Europeans have been having with Islamists, I found this book strongly resonant with the concerns I have for Europe and her culture.I suspected that part of the reason Europe was in the fix it is now was due in part to her abandoning her Christian heritage. For all the problems European Christianity has had, it did provide Europe with a certain strength of character and a certain clarity of vision. Abandoning this backbone has left her defenseless ag [...]

Bruce Bawer's "While Europe Slept" reads like an all-night, outrage-fueled, feverish conversation with a fascinating, impassioned friend about shattering events that shift tectonic plates even as the conversation progresses; you both know that when dawn breaks, the world you re-enter may be changed utterly from the world you began talking about the night before.Though the book focuses on the destructive impact of unchecked and unassimilated Muslim immigration to Europe combined with self-destruc [...]

As Bruce Bawer begins his book WHILE EUROPE SLEPT: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from within, he introduces himself as a gay man who moved to Amsterdam and Oslo and became appalled at how European countries are undermining their own fabled tolerance of gays and freedom of expression by condoning growing radical Islamist sentiment that is anything but tolerant. I am worried by the implications of EU demography, which suggest that unassimilated Muslims will soon wield immense political [...]

I've sent this book to several friends. If they're not buying the war on terror from the American right, maybe they'll listen to a gay guy.Bawer moved to Europe, enamored by "a world that had moved beyond bigotry," where "people's sense of identity and self-worth didn't depend on jobs or salaries," and folks "are appreciative of and satisfied with everyday pleasures." He wanted to love Europe, did love Europe, apparently still does.All the more powerful, then, his eye-opening, highly readable ac [...]

A depressing and infuriating read. The European stage is set for a second Dark Ages and no one seems to care. When Rome fell in the fifth century, it took a thousand years for reason and humanism to triumph over superstition. I fear we may be seeing a repeat. Brexit makes sense to me now.I would have given 3.5 stars had it been an option. The information contained within is worth five stars, but I removed a star because the book contains no references which gives its critics ammunition to ignore [...]

Author/journalist Bruce Bawer had looked forward to living in liberal Norway with his new husband. When he got there, though, he found that Norwegian society was in a period of reaction so as not to offend Muslims, instituting some prohibitions against speech, liberty and other forms of open expression -- whether one is a co-religionist or not. Bawer researched this book in Western Europe and it was published here in 2006. It is cogently argued and well worth reading even today -- you might thin [...]

While Europe SleptHow Radical Islam is Destroying the West from WithinAuthor: Bruce BawerBook ReviewIf you're not paranoid now, in these post 911 times of terrorism, sky bombings, anthrax, and all that shit. Then read this book. You will be.Basically about tolerance (Europe)and intolerance (Islam)The Islamic Master Plan.Bruce Bawer the author, a gay man moves to Europe with his lover, -- as if that matters, but it does give you a prespective from a gay persons viewpoint -- he tells of his experi [...]

Some things the writer says about the fundamental cultural difference of European Muslims are understandable from a liberal-secular perspective but on the whole it is a typical right-wing Islamophobic false alarm that sees no way for the native Europeans and migrant Muslim communities to coexist in peace.To support his point he lists a few recent 'incidents' over a few short period of time - rather spiced up and exaggerated - to interpret a basic incompatibility between Europe and peoples of Isl [...]

FRIENDS - somethingwrong with my profile, haven't received a piece of news from any of you (yet my neighbor Sandy Holland has). Please invite me to be a friendaquarius2943@hotmail PEG RICHARDSON2006 book by author of Place at the Table, Stealing Jesus, and Diminishing Fictions. Story of one American's experience in Europe before and after 9/11 and of his many arguments with Europeans about the dangers of militant Islam and America's role in combatting it. Author writes for NY Times, Washington [...]

I read this book out of a sense of duty - so that I would understand the position of an intellectual Islamophobe. Needless to say, it's mainly rubbish. Glancing at the above blurb, I'm amused by the bit about "the dangers of militant Islam and America’s role in combating it". In reality, America is the creator and sustainer of such militant groups as Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. To America, the "terrorist" is both ally and perpetual casus belli. "Terrorism" is an integral part of the New World [...]

This deserving nominee for the National Book Critics Circle Award is every bit as relevant today as it was when published eleven years ago. Maybe even more so because the tension and violence and antisemitism related to terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism in Europe has only continued to grow. Look no further than this week's headlines about unrest and attacks in Sweden, and look no further than those headlines and the attendant propaganda to see the same old cover-ups by the officials of govern [...]

This book really excels at highlighting the differences and similarities between Europe and America. Like in America, the political establishment, the media, and the higher education institutions in (Western) Europe work together to create a specific narrative that does not represent the factual reality of the situation. The silencing (through outright assassination or passing "hate speech" laws) of the truth is really quite scary. Unlike in America, the people have been very slow to wake up to [...]

I believe that the topic of encrochment of Islam upon the West bears the need of a careful, steadied report, but this was not the intention of this author. This book is absolutely littered with so many logical fallacies that any point that Bawer makes is suspect. I state that there may be a need for a stronger understanding of the intentions of the leaders of religions whose dictates countermand the laws of the nations, but this is not the book for any logical understanding.

Bawer makes a great case here, showing how much of the intelligentsia of Europe has stabbed gays and women in the back in order to not offend an ideology that views both groups as less than equal. I know what it's like to live abroad during the Bush administration, when one bigot after another would wear their anti-American prejudice as a badge of honor but would not dare say a thing against an ideology completely at odds with the modern world. Bawer puts up with plenty of it in Norway and the N [...]

Excellent book, highlights a VERY serious problem facing the world today. This book will influence the way you view Europe and the Muslim world. Bruce Bawer's unique standpoint (being a gay man that has become disenchanted with the paradise he believed Europe to be) lends this rather old story a new perspective. This isn't your typical right-wing journalist.This fascinating book results from the author's extensive travels and experiences in Europe. Many of his conclusions and arguments are based [...]

This is the first book by Bruce Bawer that raises the alarm of what is being called the new rise of Islamic facism. There are several counterparts to this alarming book for it seems that if there is a rise of a hate group, there would be another counter hate group to go against that group and it will result into violence that would spread across Europe like the new hate group, the British National Party, a Neo-Nazi organization that many white people who are afraid or angry about the rise of Mus [...]

Written in 2006 by one of the better writers and commentators around, the book is clear-eyed vision of what Europe refuses to acknowledge: terrorism comes in various forms and one of those forms is intimidation and veiled threats. Bawer, who has lived in Europe for years, gives a highly factual and focused account of what he has witnessed during his time there. Two points that stood out for me: 1) Timothy Garton Ash, in his recently published collection of essays ("Facts Are Subversive: Politica [...]

I had expected this book to be about the growth of radical Islam, particularly in Europe, but it focused more on Europeans themselves and why they are not responding aggressively to the threat of radical Islam. The author moved to Europe ten years ago, and was astounded by the growing danger of Islamic radicalism and the fact that Europeans seemed to be doing little about it. The book offers the best analysis I've seen so far of the European psyche and why Europeans are so reluctant to confront [...]

The best critique of Islam and Europe that I have read.

The author makes interesting claims about an important topic and includes lots of quotes and statistics to support his arguments, however there is no list of citations, making it difficult to assess the validity of his "evidence."

Clear look at the world around us. Same book as America Alone (not really, they are written from two radically opposed political points of view and come to the same conclusions.) It is nice to see we can agree on somethings!!

Definitely a bit sensationalized -- but fascinating nonetheless.

An intriguing book that details how well-meaning liberal politics in Europe allowed the infiltration of a culture which - if this and other accounts are believed - is anything but progressive. A culture that seems to frown upon women's rights and homosexuality is a strange addition to the liberal societies of Western Europe.The utter mediocrity of European politicians comes through in this eye-opening book, which should be required reading in European schools and universities. Europe: death by m [...]

People who express opinions on internal Islamic radicalism in the UK tend to be one of two types; either denying there is a problem except with a tiny minority, or implying that the whole of the Muslim community is out to destroy our way of life.As you can see from the title, this is one of the latter (though it's mainly about Scandinavian/Continental Europe). It's annoying, because neither extreme is true. The question is where on the spectrum is the truth; and it seems hard to find the answers [...]

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