That Scoundrel Emile Dubois

Lucinda Elliot

That Scoundrel Emile Dubois

That Scoundrel Emile Dubois

  • Title: That Scoundrel Emile Dubois
  • Author: Lucinda Elliot
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Alternate Cover edition ISBN 13 978190828562When young Sophie de Courcy, bored but patient companion to the Countess of Ruthin, agrees to marry her long time hero, dashing French rogue mile Dubois, she is catapulted into a dangerous world of Man Vampires and Time Warps With the help of Agnes, her no nonsense, tarot reading Welsh maid, she must come to terms with his scAlternate Cover edition ISBN 13 978190828562When young Sophie de Courcy, bored but patient companion to the Countess of Ruthin, agrees to marry her long time hero, dashing French rogue mile Dubois, she is catapulted into a dangerous world of Man Vampires and Time Warps With the help of Agnes, her no nonsense, tarot reading Welsh maid, she must come to terms with his scandalous past, help him defeat the evil Vampire neighbours and help mile escape from the machinations of time which threaten to destroy their new found love All this in just one book Scoundrel is an entertaining, over the top Gothic adventure, alive with colourful character comedy as it flits between Revolutionary France and misty Wales.

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Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.How to describe Lucinda Elliot's That Scoundrel Emile Dubois? I've been pondering the question for some time, but nothing I put together quite seems to do the book justice. I am somewhat hesitate to make the comparison because so many have such strong feelings in regards to the classics, but reading Scoundrel took me straight back to A Tale of Two Cities and Dracula, both of which are ranked among my personal all time f [...]

Lucinda Elliot describes her novel as a “cod gothic,” a seriocomic parody of a venerable genre that often satirizes itself. The book is a delightful read, with an intriguing story, lively sometimes-outrageous characters, and well-placed touches of humour. An outstanding feature of this amusing vampire tale is the delicious contrast between the staid nobility of settled aristocrats intent upon keeping up appearances and the scandalous behaviour of an arch scoundrel (himself of noble blood) na [...]

That Scoundrel Emile Dubois is something of a genre-bender. It is set during the Regency era (in terms of its atmosphere and background, rather than in a strictly chronological sense), and evokes a social milieu that will be familiar to readers of Jane Austen. The heroine, Sophie, is also a character that Austen might have recognised: a plucky poor relation who has to transcend social boundaries in order to find love (in this case with her distant but much more noble relative, the titular Emile [...]

My first impression of this book was that it was Sherlock Holmes meets Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It's a mystery that you, the reader will be piecing together as you go. Lucinda Elliot opens up with a prologue that will have you wondering how Sophie and Emile got to where they are and she leaves clues along the way that have your mind racing with possibilities. What I want to do most with this book is to read it again to see if I notice more hints along the way of what's to come.I was a little app [...]

Rating: 4 starsby Anne CarlisleREVIEW of THAT SCOUNDREL ÉMILE DUBOIS (by Lucinda Elliot) I don't often read vampire novels, though I was a fan of Anne Rice. However, from the get-go, I loved this historical Gothic romance by a Wales writer, Lucinda Elliot.Immediately we know we are in the hands of a capable, well-read writer with a flair for language when the opening image is of "the candle guttering on the mantelpiece". The word "guttering" is picture-perfect; we can see the candle dripping an [...]

We are proud to announce that THAT SCOUNDREL EMILE DUBOIS by Lucinda Elliot is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

A must read. Well written story, elegant use of words and good visualization and word flow. You'll be hanging on the book from start to end. If there's any book that has to always be on your book shelf, make sure this is there.

I have long been a fan of historical romance. I have long been an admiring devotee of authors who write about one of my favorite paranormal creaturese vampire. Thus, I admit great excitement at the prospect of reading this book, which included many of the things that I love.In the interest of honesty and integrity I am going to bespeak of the things I liked about the book, as when one ranks something at only 3 Stars, there is likely something that lacked.Elliot has a true talent for crafting int [...]

I received this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.I was pleasantly surprised by this romance. It had an old-fashioned feel to the writing. It was a gothic historical romance with a vampire element against the backdrop of the French Revolution.The story basically follows the heroine Sophie who is being sent to be a companion to the Countess of Ruthin by her brother and his wife. They look on Sophie as a burden and want to be rid of her. She arrives at Lord Ynyr's and is greeted [...]

Absolutely loved this book, and coming from someone who is generally only interested in contemporary realism, that is probably the highest compliment I can offer. Even I became completely entangled in the world of ever-sharpening teeth and the lust for fresh blood. I willingly found myself engrossed in the world of time-travel, and the powers of charged wine and amulets. It all just became wonderful to me.And the reason for me being so easily led away from my comfort zone? Simple; Lucinda Elliot [...]

That Scoundrel Emile’ DuboisI got the book from the author, and Paranormal Romance & Authors That Rock for an honest review.I give this book four fangs because it is an interesting read. The author lets us know all about the people in it, and their surroundings with great detail. It’s like you are there with her characters in the book. I enjoyed the unexpected travel through time, and I think it meshed will with the story telling. I think the author does good job with that.It tells us ab [...]

I started reading this book back in February 2013, and was enchanted right from the start. This, I felt, was absolutely a five-star read, a self-published vampire book that deserved to be in the bookshops, on one of those tables with piles of the same book waiting to be snapped up by hungry readers. It should have a catchy tag-line:If Jane Austen had written a vampire novel For all I know, she did, though if so I doubt it had time travel in the mix. I am generally not a fan of time travel, Dr Wh [...]

What a wonderful surprise this book was. It was all it proposed and more plus a very good price.A previous reviewer compared it with a Sherlock Holmes story mixed with some Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I absolute can see that, but I would change it to Jane Austen meets Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Jules Verne was the editor.I saw a lot of Jane Austen in the story - it plays at the end of the 18 th century somewhere in England, the female heroine is poor and relying on the mercy of her rich relatives. Sop [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Set in 1795 Wales, it’s a cod gothic featuring Emile Dubois, a dashing French emigre and highwayman and his true love Sophie.Sophie is a poor relation and is companion to the Dowager Countess, Emile’s aunt. When Emile visits his aunt, he recognises Sophie as the girl he fell in love with in Paris eight months ago.However, Sophie can’t remember their meeting before. When Emile is tempted by the neighbouring seductive Half Vampire, their romance seems doomed.T [...]

Very entertaining read! What first came to mind when I sat down to write this review was, “What didn’t this book have?” Set against a backdrop of The French Revolution, That Scoundrel Emile Dubois offers time travel, vampires, romance, mystery, adventure, horror and yes, even comedy. As the synopsis states, it has a Gothic feel to it which, for me, was an enjoyable change of pace. It took me a few pages to feel comfortable with period language, but once I fell into a flow, the language ser [...]

It is long but it keeps you enchanted so much that I found myself staying up all night to finish it! It's a great read and it has a little of everything!Émile ~ He is such a scoundrel but he has a big heart where Sophie is concerned! He goes to great ends to keep her safe, even though he ends up hurting her more than anyone else! And although I don't condone what he did, I understood that he didn't really have a choice! For he was under a trance And had no free will of his own anymore!Sophie ~ [...]

This was one of those books I was sad to come to the end of, as I had grown quite attached to the characters. One thing I will complain about: if a man did that much "Chin Chucking" to me I would divorce him. Other than that, Emile was quite engaging. Recommended for anyone who likes vampire stories, the kind which seems, somehow, to combine the sexy vampire (ala Twilight) with the evil vampire (ala Dracula). And time traveling. And high adventure, and rascally scoundrels, and Victorian literatu [...]

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review** Lucinda Elliot did a great job writing this book with the time traveling,historical romance and vampires. What a great combination. I mean I love historical romance novels, I love vampire stories and time traveling books as well so if you love at least two of the mentioned genres than this book is for you. I really got into this story and hated to put it down. I hope to read more of Lucinda's book in the future.

Loved this book. There's so much humour and character-driven interest that it pulls you in without you even realising. The plot, which somehow succeeds in integrating the French Revolution with time-travel and 'Man Vampires' is like nothing I've ever read before. It's worth reading just for Agnes alone - the Tarot-Reading maid was my favourite - but there are so many good solid characters in this. The evil, slavering Kenrick is really creepy. A feel-good read with bags of Gothic-style adventure

I feel out of place saying this as given the other reviews everything seemed wonderful. Except not for me three stars is being generous I forced myself to finish.This was hard to follow for me, didn't flow well and the story bounced around and didn't make sense. I tried numerous times to get into it and when I did I was just left entirelyused.

Clever, inventive and absorbing, this re-imagination of 18th century literature and characters is one of those many-levelled things. It is at once an entertaining gothic adventure - ripe with vampires, magic and dashing highwaymen - and a modern re-interpretation of what it really meant to be a woman of modest means in a world obsessed with class and 'station'.

Review by Chicklit Pad Blogd I thought no one nails Vampire fiction than Maggie Shayne. (Hello, Lucinda Elliot.)An undead hero so full of himself (yet so hot) he fits the Vampire with Shiny Fangs category. A heroine so self-conscious but drop-dead gorgeous (though she doesn't see it). With Chemistry so raw, Sophie and Émile Dubois make the best pair.This book is written beautifully with characters interchanging between French and English. Only Lucinda can drop in Francophone phrases and transla [...]

Do you enjoy paranormal, time travel, and regency in your books? If so this may be a book for you to read.Sophie is tossed aside and goes to reside with Countess of Ruthin as her Companion which was very popular during the time frame that this book is written for. Her family’s status is lower, but while she is there the household does not make her feel like a servant and treat her as family, which is more than her own family did. Emile Dubois, has led a hard life starting from when his immedia [...]

I received a free ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This historical novel follows the lives of a not-so-gentleman Emile Dubois and a woman named Sophie, whose rank isn't high on the societal totem pole. When suspicions of vampires start to arise, who will turn out to be a creature of the night? With history, vampires, and time-travel, I wasn't sure how this book was going to go, but it was definitely intriguing. I think the author managed all of these well. What I really [...]

“That Scoundrel” by Lucinda Elliott was quite the interesting read for me… much so that’s it’s even a little hard to put an accurate description on it. It’s a bit of adventure, romance, historical, mystery, drama and paranormal…all wrapped up in a fascinating and entertaining read.The first chapter kinda throws you because instead of reading about the typical introduction of the main characters, Sophie and Emile, you aren’t starting off with their first meeting, or their last or [...]

Category /Genre: Historical Paranormal RomanceReceived from: Lucinda Elliot (in exchange for an honest review)Tour by: My Family’s Heart Book ReviewsI love the cover on this book and really wanted to enjoy a “spoof of the Gothic tradition,” but the reality did not meet the expectations. Written to appear that you have picked up a book written in the 17th century, the syntax and vocabulary is strained and taxing. The characters are dumped on you without a proper introduction to each to allo [...]

I had to stop reading. I became bored with the storyline.

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