Barnyard Fun

Maureen Wright Paul Rátz de Tagyos

Barnyard Fun

Barnyard Fun

  • Title: Barnyard Fun
  • Author: Maureen Wright Paul Rátz de Tagyos
  • ISBN: 9781477816431
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover

When Sheep found out it was April One, he said, It s time to have some fun Sheep set the alarm an hour ahead It woke up Rooster in his bed Sheep plays April Fool s jokes on Rooster, Dog, Pig, and Cow Then Horse decides to play a trick on Sheep and the farm animals have the biggest laugh of all

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BARNYARD FUN is a good read-aloud with charming illustrations. I'd say it's for children in the 2.5 to 6 year old range.The story centers on April Fools silliness. Old Sheep plays pranks and in the end has his comeuppance.What makes BARNYARD FUN fun, besides Paul Ratz de Tagyos adorable illustrations, is Maureen Wright's great rhymes. They totally work -- although I will note that I had to practice on the last few to get them to roll smoothly off my tongue. You see, after the point where Horse t [...]

After playing tricks all day on his friends, a sheep gets a haircut from the horse. He cuts him into a poodle shape. So the April fools was on him.

A quick and funny book that I read as a bedtime story for my 4 year old daughter. We enjoyed the silliest of the story and how the sheep ended up getting April Fools turned around on him.

Very cute and funny!Very cute and funny! Had to explain to my almost four year old what April Fool's Day is before reading. Definitely worth the download! We loved it!!! :)

The expressions on the barnyard animals are too funny in this one, and make the whole book.

**Rated by my son**

Barnyard Fun is a cute, humorous story that preschool-age kids should enjoy. The sheep thought it was great fun to play April Fool's Day practical jokes on his fellow barnyard animals, but turnabout is fair play, as the sheep soon learned. The rhyming text and the colorful illustrations work together perfectly to tell the story and keep a youngster's attention to the end of the short book. The vocabulary was very simple and appropriate for the story's intended audience.If there's a lesson to be [...]

Silly, as one would expect. Cute pictures. You don't get many April Fool's books, so this is a good addition. I'm not a fan of playing tricks on others, even if they're harmless. I could tell the sheep was going to get a payback, but didn't see how. That was funny--and nice to see justice served. Too bad this didn't come sooner for Elizabeth's family storytime.Worth considering for the farm summer theme if only for a book that will make the kids laugh.4/2/14 Not bad. They loved the ending. I had [...]

A cute, fun read with fairly simple but well-drawn and humorous illustrations. The layout of text and illustrations work well together, with some spreads having several of each interspersed. The simple rhyming text will engage even fairly young readers. While I always question books that glorify performing pranks, the ones in this book are harmless, and sheep does receive his just desserts at the end.

When sheep realizes it's April 1, April Fool's Day, he plans on having fun. He plays connect the dots with the cows spots; he tricks the dog who wants to be fed and he plays a mean prank on the pig with an artificial chocolate cake. Horse has an idea and offers Sheep a shearing as Farmer hadn't gotten to it yet. As Horse shears Sheep, the other animals begin to giggle and laugh. When done with shearing, the farm no longer has a sheep but has gained a poodle.

Sheep has been looking forward to/and planning for April Fools for sometime. He can't wait to start his day of trickery, which often times leaves him the only one laughing. By the end of the day karma rears its head and the barnyard animals retaliate with their own April Fools.A fun read aloud for young children that is guaranteed to get laughs no matter what day of the year.

Bouncy rhyming text tells the story of sheep having fun on April 1 playing pranks on all of the other farm animals. He sets rooster's alarm ahead so he wakes extra early and replaces dog's canned treats with pop out snakes among other tricks. The illustrations are bright and fun. The animals do get their revenge on sheep at the end. Storytime audience approved.

This is a silly book about April Fool's Day and the antics that one sheep pulls on his friends. He ends up getting his comeuppance at the end, which is gratifying for the reader because the sheep does get somewhat annoying throughout the book. The rhyming is fun, and the story is silly. Good for ECE level readers.

This one was just plain silly fun. Sheep gets it into his head that he needs to play April Fool's jokes on everyone in the barnyard. The animals get frustrated with him and pull an April Fool's prank of their own. Good hearted fun and silly enough for an April Fool's storytime. Pair this with Sneaky Sheep by Chris Monroe. I had no idea sheep were this clever!

This is seriously funny stuff. The build up and structure of this zany book about April Fools Day is excellent. The rhyming format is not. I feel that the verse is distracting and not organic. But the pranks! They are funny! And when Sheep gets a taste of his own medicine at the end, its clear we've got a good picture book. Less rhymes, more funny - that's my recommendation.

April Fools Day books are hard to find. Especially good ones. This isn't the greatest ever, but it's pretty darn cute, and I'm confident kids will get a kick out of it. This is going on my list of books to read on those horrible years when April 1 falls on a sigh school day.

Very cute, my kids loved it. I hate April Fool's, but even I was charmed by this one.

A fun take on April Fools Day.

Jokes on you!

Fun book! Would be good to use around April Fool's for Storytime.

Young readers will enjoy the April Fool's jokes amongst barnyard creatures, especially t he last page where joker, Sheep, gets his comeuppance.

The old sheep decides to play April Fool's tricks on his barnyard friends. But they get the last laugh!Funny and I am sure your little ones will laugh out loud every time they hear this!

It's always so difficult to find April Fool's Day picture books, and this one is adorable! I'm so glad it's filling a gap in my library's collection.

CuteRead by my son to his baby sister. Lots of fun. Would recommend for preschool on April fool s day

Message: Revenge? I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. It is April 1 and the sheep plays tricks on all of his animal friends. At the end, they team up for revenge.

This is a clean jokster-way of celebrating (and explaining) April Fool's with/to children

perfect for spring school visits. 1st graders will love it.

April Fools Day book about animals playing pranks on each other, better for early ages to see examples of pranks and what can happen if you are the one playing too many pranks.

Some of the pranks were kind of mean.

It's hard to find April Fool's for storytime that smaller kids understand. I think they would enjoy and find this one hilarious.

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