I Know My First Name Is Steven


I Know My First Name Is Steven

I Know My First Name Is Steven

  • Title: I Know My First Name Is Steven
  • Author: MikeEchols
  • ISBN: 9781558175631
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback

IN 1972, THE STEVEN STAYNER STORY SHOCKED THE NATION NOW, THE NEXT TERRIBLE CHAPTER UNFOLDS AS HIS BROTHER CARY ADMITS HE S THE YOSEMITE KILLER.Bright and likeable, seven year old Steven Stayner always listened to his mother Especially about talking to strangers But when soft spoken Reverend Parnell asked to speak with his mother about church, Steven guessed it wouldIN 1972, THE STEVEN STAYNER STORY SHOCKED THE NATION NOW, THE NEXT TERRIBLE CHAPTER UNFOLDS AS HIS BROTHER CARY ADMITS HE S THE YOSEMITE KILLER.Bright and likeable, seven year old Steven Stayner always listened to his mother Especially about talking to strangers But when soft spoken Reverend Parnell asked to speak with his mother about church, Steven guessed it would be okay Until he got into the man s car By then, it was too late.Held captive by convicted child molester Kenneth Eugene Parnell for seven years as his son Dennis, Steven was forced to endure abuse so terrible that he forgot his own name Parnell evaded a statewide search for Steven, keeping his young prisoner moving from one cheap motel to the next Finally, Steven made a desperate escape with five year old Timmy White, another kidnapped boy, return home to their parents, then courageously testifying to convict Parnell for his inhuman crimes.The basis for the blockbuster TV movie, I KNOW MY FIRST NAME IS STEVEN is the compelling true account of Steven Stayner s seven years of horror and of his parents who never gave up hope for his safe return It is also the complete, updated story of how Cary Stayner made headlines of his own as the cold blooded killer who terrorised Yosemite.

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This book touched my heart. I have watched the movie several times and it still upsets me and the book broke my heart. the time the man got for doing what he did to steven was just horrible. Then boy sufferd for 10 years and parnell got 7 years and he told steven he would get him when he got out. well it was like a year after parnell was released from prison steven was on his way home from work on his motorcycle and was involved in a hit and run and was killed. no one ever looked at parnell in t [...]

I think this book is amazing, but it made me slightly paranoid as a parent. Parents WORST nightmare. I think I would be close to giving up if this happened to my son. leaves you with a horrible horrible sick feeling.

one of the many tragic child abduction and abuse cases. i cannot even begin to imagine going thru something like this with one of my children. RIP : Steven Staynor - u are finally at peace.

I've read this one many times and it still affects me each time. It's now made even more sad by knowing the trouble his brother Cary has caused.

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a true crime junkie, and so my sister had ordered this book and just finished it so she gave it to me on Christmas break to read. I could barely put it down! I had never heard of this book before, but what makes it so different from so many abducted children books I've read is that Steven was able to go to school and he wasn't even necessarily tortured in the way that so many children are that are abducted. Yes, Steven (who was told his name was Dennis from h [...]

Very chilling and disturbing It was hard for me to read at some points, as I am a mother. A good read for true crime lovers.

I Know My First Name Is Steven is one of the best "true crime" books I have ever read. I put the quotes around true crime for a few reasons, the biggest which is that I am a snob. It's true. I view this genre as sub-par to "real" writing. (Real writing, of course, uses the quotation marks with a lot less frequency). Now I admit there is some real great stuff out there, Helter Skelter, and In True Blood being great examples, but over all I find the genre to be sensationalized soap opera trash tha [...]

I really loved this book. Very hard to put down, and a compelling story to read. It was so interesting to see the other side of such a situation. I am sure a story not likely always known.

Such a sad book, incredibly well-written and detailed but it's terrible to think that things like this can happen right next-door. O_O

Incredibly sad storyI read this book after watching the movie years ago. I am still saddened and confused as to how a kidnapper and child rapist could get so little time in prison. I'm glad the laws have changed since but that did little for Steven and his family. The book is a very matter of fact accounting of the ordeal the Stayner family went through. It is not an easy read but it is an important one. At times I had to take a break and walk away from anger mostly. I feel it's important to kee [...]

This is that rarest of true-crime books, one with a happy ending. A boy kidnapped for seven years comes home safely—and rescues a recently kidnapped five-year-old in the process. Such is the triumph of a young man’s instincts for survival and self-preservation. This is also the story of a monster of a man who robbed a boy of his childhood and innocence and destroyed a family in the process. And the monster abused numerous others and appears likely to have gotten away with the murder of at le [...]

This book is on my read pile but I became interested again in this case after I watched a documentary about Cary Stayner the Serial killer. So after watching that they mentioned his little brother being kidnapped. I decided to buy the kindle version because I was curious and did not have a copy of the book I supposedly had read.Well Finished it last night and I did enjoy the book although enjoy is not the best word. I find it very hard to read about kids being repeatedly abused by adults but I k [...]

This is every parents worst nightmare. Steven Stayner dissappeared on his way home from school one day when he was just 7 years old. He was kidnapped by Kenneth Eugene Parnell with the help of another man, and was kept as a captive and abused for over seven years. It wasn't until Steven was around 14 years old and Parnell had kidnapped another little boy named Timmy White that Steven had the courage to escape. He didn't want that little boy to go through the abuse that he himself did. I think th [...]

I grew up having seen the movie about this case. We all watched it, and I think it's one of those that sticks with you - especially when you're a kid and to watch another kid go through so much. The book did a great job detailing out the when, where, how, what, and who of this tragic story. For anyone who watched this movie as a kid, you'll find the book insightful and, in a strange way, a closure to the story.

The true story of the abduction of a young boy and how he had the courage to run when his abductor picked out a new victim. It is difficult to read about him trying to blend back into his family. He never really had a normal life afterwards. Ironically his brother went on to murder women in Yosemite Park.

This is a wonderful, albeit tragic book. I was saddened to hear that the relationship between the author and the family soured and that it was published without their blessing. Be sure to also read "The Yosemite Killer" about Steven's older brother, who killed three women in the Yosemite area. There are many references to Steven.

I know that this is a true story, but it felt hollow when I was reading it. It didn't ring true for me. In one of the three prefaces, the "best friend" describes how horrible everything was for her and not once shows genuine concern. The author said that he wanted the tre story out but it did n way.ot read that

I remember reading this as a young adult and the story still is ingrained in meWhen I became a parent it was always in the back of my mind and will never leaveEerie and haunting but definately worth reading!

What an enthralling True Crime book! It was astounding how this boy was stolen when he was young, yet somehow they still managed to have him come back to his parents when he was a teen, and he managed to integrate! This one definately made me cry.

I picked this book up in the Winnipeg Airport on our way to Toronto. I read it in a day or two. It is the story of a boy that was abducted and returned to his bio-family seven years later. His brother was the Yosemite Killer, Cary Stayner. Strange

I had to read this after I saw the movie when I was kid. When I saw it I don't think I was old enough to understand it. I read it and cried almost through the whole book. Read in 2 days. It keep me hooked.

I give this one a "4" for the inherent power of the story and the insights provided by the author's research and many interviews. A fifth star is lost due to spotty writing skills and the inappropriate, sleazy sensationalism of including the Cary Stayner story in this 1999 edition.

One of my favourite, this case just got to me. I was just born when he was kidnapped I watch the movie like every half year, the movie is also awesome!

I've read this book a couple of times. It's so shocking and sad. A true story of what happens to children who are kidnapped and not murdered. What it does to them and their families.

Quick read but by no means is it an easy read. Very sad, graphic and shocking. Those w/a weak stomach shouldn't read.

i read this. it turns out his first name WAS steven. kenneth parnell's name is very similar to kenneth parcell of 30 rock fame.

The movie always fascinated and now I own the book!

Real page-turnerSuch a terribly sad true story, but like any good fiction book you want to keep reading to see what happens next. I actually wanted to read this book as I knew the story about Steven Stayner's older brother Cary. Unbelievable that so much could happen to one family. You couldn't make it up.

This was a very disturbing read.

Ever since reading A Child Called 'It' and the other books about childhood abduction/abuse, I had been on the lookout for other books on the subject that peeked my interest. I saw this book as a possibility and went through a pretty rough ordeal to get it in the first place. No where around here had it, none of the library systems I troll around had a copy, and I finally had to resort to looking in far-away systems to see if ANYONE had it in the whole state. My first request for the interlibrary [...]

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