The Perfect Location

Kate Forster

The Perfect Location

The Perfect Location

  • Title: The Perfect Location
  • Author: Kate Forster
  • ISBN: 9781847563088
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback

Follow three women from L.A to London, New york and Italy as they shoot a Hollywood epic, and discover the bewitching world of love, fame and scandal to discover what it takes to live happily ever after when you are a star.

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I fully expect not to get any likes with this review and for other readers to enjoy this book. But this is the type of novel that makes me worry for the reputation of Australian writers. Others may disagree. Basically, this is a story where three impossibly attractive women meet three gorgeous men and dislike them immediately, the women all face a problem in their lives, solve it and decide they like the men after all and we all live happily ever after. All very ho-hum and not much literary cont [...]

Sounds like a load of old tosh, doesn't it?! I absolutely loved it, and if you have books of the Tasmina Perry or Jackie Collins variety as one of your guilty pleasures, so will you. It's well written and the three actresses are brilliantly drawn, turning from the initial paper cut-outs to characters of real and surprising depth, with secrets piled on secrets, slowly revealed. And the men are wonderful - everyone should have a friend like Jack, and I'm still secretly in love with TG. And all the [...]

The Perfect Location was a great book to sit and read. It created a sense of escapism and allowed you an insight to the characters in Hollywood removing them from their stereotypical image. All three characters, which the story concentrated on, had their own different backgrounds and found themselves in difficult positions which wouldn't be told in the press to stop them from damaging their image. It poses the question, what are the secrets of those in Hollywood keeping from the media's attentio [...]

Three glamorous actresses gliding through a life lived on the silver screen. One Hollywood Blockbuster.Rose Nightingale is an Australian actress still recovering from a bad marriage.Sapphira De Mont is the world’s most beautiful movie star, but hides a secret addiction and a broken heart.Calypso Gable is a young star on the rise trying to escape her mum-manager’s clutches.As they come together on set in the Italian hills, they find out more about one another – and about themselves – than [...]

I brought this on kindle and this is a great price at the moment so head over and click to get your copy. This has to be the best Summery cover released so far this year and I am pleased to say the story inside is just as delightful.The story follows three actresses Rose, Calypso and Sapphira who have all been signed to shoot a new film in Italy. We soon get to know each of the actresses, and each of them have their own personal problems. Youngest of the three is Calypso who has been pushed from [...]

Taken from my blog rosiereview.wordpressI enjoyed the story of this book. I liked how each chapter was either Sapphira, Rose or Calypso’s story. I was easily lost in this book, I read it quite quickly wanting to find out what happens next. There are a few twists to the story, some I dont agree with – like the ending to Sapphira’s story – I wont spoil it for you but after what she goes through in the book her ending does seem rushed. Another bit I found a bit unbelievable was when Calypso [...]

3.5 stars for this one.Fame Movies Men Secrets GlamourRose Nightingale is an Australian actress still recovering from a bad marriage. She is older, kind but not very happy. I imagined her something like Julia Roberts after bad marriage and divorce.Sapphira De Mont is the world's most beautiful movie star, but hides a secret addiction and a broken heart. I definitely think that Angelina Jolie is the inspiration behind this character. She is beautiful, confident, popular but her drug addiction mad [...]

From Lucy Walker to Kate Forster, female Aussie authors have been giving us weekend romantic escapism for a long time. Mummy porn? It certainly had the sex scenes, drugs, boys, liberating new hair styles and numerous designer references to warrant a good if frivolous time. Recommend for a break from book club books!

Based around the lives of three Hollywood actresses, Sapphira, Calypso and Rose, this story winds it's way along nicely, with plenty of plotlines beneath the bubbling romances that are at the heart of the tale to keep you interested.I found it an enjoyable and easy read.

An absolutely terrific book. Kept me up to 04:00 reading it and every available opportunity at work. I love the way the short chapters update on the 3 main chatraters and yet intertwine them with each other.

I really enjoyed it, but I found the book very compelling and a real page turner. I like the characters and really felt a connection with them and was really intrigued as to how the story would turn out.

Excellent book, found the first few chapters hard going but once I got to grips with who was who the book came alive. The characters where very well written and each one had their own story which kept you wanting more to find out the outcome

Another fantastic read from Kate Forester.

Loved it, a perfect feel good read with a few tear jerkers. Ideal for a long flight, beach or bath, just couldn't put it down!

Loved this book- perfect beach read! Could not put it down! Can't wait for the movie!

I really enjoyed this book, I had a bit of a late night with this one, I had to finish it to see what would happen definetely recommend, a lovely beach read.

A great easy summer read, perfect for the hols.

Totally loved it. Amazing, wonderful characters with a well-written plot set in gorgeous Italy! Top it off with a beautiful cover!

Loved it. Super relaxing read.

Would recommend as a good holiday read.

A light-hearted summer read, perfect for a bit of beach reading or idealistic escapism.

Loved this book. Classic chic lit and would recommend it to everyone. I particularly like the Melbourne references. An international novel with a home grown tinge. Loved it! Could not put it down.

Absolutely fantastic and couldn't put it down. What a great read, unfortunately my household came to a grinding halt over the course of the day but, I finished the book!!!

Couldn't put it down

'The Perfect Location' by Kate Forster was pure chick-lit. The story centred around three women film stars on location in Italy. If you love reading about the rich and famous you'll enjoy this. I did get sick of the number of times designer labels were constantly mentioned: in one ludicrous paragraph we read that Rose washed herself with Santa Maria Novella products, dried herself on Frette bath sheets, popped on a Melissa Odabash bikini, slipped on a Diana von Furstenburg tunic dress, put her f [...]

I dislike very few books and this is sadly one of them. I know this is a chick-lit. It's supposed to be light, cheeky, etc. but the cliches were ALL over the place and that just annoyed me a lot.

I enjoyed this book. It moved along nicely and was light and easy to read. I'm a fan of books that are telling stories about several people that all weave together and this book does that very well. Great reading if you just want something easy and light.

I had purchased this book because I needed some Summer reads and it was cheap. The story caught my attention and after reading Kiss Like You Mean It I was hoping for another novel about a film like that. However I was disappointed by what it turned out to be.The novel shows the lives of three actresses all with very different lives. There is Rose, the wonderful 40-something actress who was destroyed by her first marriage; Calypso the young newcomer who is living her mothers life and Sapphira the [...]

Three successful Hollywood actresses, Rose Nightingale named most eligible girl by English magazine Tatler, Sapphira De Mont a beautiful leading lady with a secret addiction and a broken heart and Calypso Gable a young and ambitious star trying to break free from her pushy mother.One big Hollywood film, which all three actresses are to star in, is called The Italian Dream. When all three glamorous actresses arrive on set during filming, friendships will be formed and there will be drama, scandal [...]

A lighthearted, slightly superficial book about three not so ordinary women overcoming their personal challenges and tragedies. A rose tinted happy ending results, almost abruptly but that is quite predictable of the chick-lit/romance genre. The stories are not tightly interwoven but the interaction between the characters gives the book a little more dimension. Not what one would consider a great work of literature and a little unbelievable at points but I enjoyed it nonetheless. A reader who pr [...]

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