Love is a Whirlwind

M.D. Grimm

Love is a Whirlwind

Love is a Whirlwind

  • Title: Love is a Whirlwind
  • Author: M.D. Grimm
  • ISBN: 9781613723753
  • Page: 183
  • Format: ebook

Ryan and Caleb became the best of friends while Caleb taught Ryan as best he could about being human Born a bull shifter named Whirlwind, Ryan was taken in by Caleb s mother, who wanted to protect him just as Caleb did Their time together leads to deeper feelings and now they ve decided to give a relationship a chance Unfortunately, Ryan is kidnapped, and Caleb has tRyan and Caleb became the best of friends while Caleb taught Ryan as best he could about being human Born a bull shifter named Whirlwind, Ryan was taken in by Caleb s mother, who wanted to protect him just as Caleb did Their time together leads to deeper feelings and now they ve decided to give a relationship a chance Unfortunately, Ryan is kidnapped, and Caleb has to call in the Agency an organization that protects shifters or their new life together will end before it ever starts.

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3.5 starsAlthough at the beginning, this sentence makes me scratch my head and goes HUH?"considering that Ryan’s mother had been an actual cow and his father had been in bull form during his conceptionI find this story quite cute (though, still, his mother is an actual cow?!?!). There aren't many shifters outside lupine and feline family in stories, so having a bull-shifter as one main characters is interesting. I think the relationship between Caleb (the human) and Ryan is sweet, without bein [...]

I enjoyed the first book in 'The Shifters' series by M.D. Grimm so much that I had to jump right into book two. I was intrigued by the concept of a bull shifter as I don't recall having read about one before. Not to mention, Ryan is a bull shifter who competes in the Professional Bull Riding tournaments. Caleb is his best friend and these two have a lot of misconceptions to work out.Ryan is unique, even for a shifter. His father was a bull shifter who had sex with a cow, and Ryan was born. Appar [...]

Due libri della serie, due volte 5 stelle!Nel primo libro della serie c'era un veterinario e un lupo mannaro. Questo libro no c'èUN TORO DA RODEO!!!!Un toro che VERAMENTE ama quello che fa! Sì, vedi come è soddisfatto, sorride pure per suo bel lavoro? Ecco questo è Ryan.Caleb e Ryan è una storia molto toccante. Caleb non è solo il miglio amico di Ryan, ma suo PRIMO amico umano.Dopo una lunga vita come animale, Ryan non sa cosa sia essere un uomo ma per Caleb lui vuole provare, e fare il me [...]

Notes:If they're born animals and don't shift until puberty then they're animals throughout childhood but if mother gives birth while human it's the opposite?Why didn't Caleb ask his mother how she knew Ryan was a shifter? How did Ryan know how to talk and have a name if his dad only made sure he'd survive and they shift at puberty?I don't get the age thing. Why does Caleb still say Ryan is 8 years old? Even if animals mature faster, his human half would still need that aging time. Animals don't [...]

top2bottomreviews.wordpress/4.5 StarsThe moment the young, bull Whirlwind arrived at Caleb’s mother’s ranch, Caleb immediately has a surprising connection with him. Not understanding why he would bond with an animal, Caleb finds himself becoming more and more drawn to the prize bull. Since Whirlwind is being trained to become a star in the bull-riding rodeo circuit, they spend a lot of time together, and Caleb finds himself telling Whirlwind things he’s never told another soul. One day, wh [...]

Un peu plus consistant que le premier tome J’avais trouvé le premier tome « Pscychisme lunaire » complètement raté pour deux raisons essentiellement, une traduction lamentable avec des fautes et un vocabulaire vulgaire et familier, et l’autre raison par la platitude de l’intrigue et le manque d’émotion du couple de héros. Dans ce second épisode, même si l’intrigue est légère, le couple formé par Ryan et Caleb est mignon, alors ce n’est pas une lecture qui me laissera un s [...]

4 e 1/2 "Doveva solo convincerlo che erano fatti l’uno per l’altro. Avrebbe fatto qualunque cosa per dimostrarsi degno di lui. Una vita senza Caleb non valeva la pena di essere vissuta."Nella mia vita di lettrice ho incontrato parecchi mutaforma: leoni, lupi, pantere, aquile, addirittura serpenti mai mi era capitato di incontrare un toro e da rodeo per giunta! XD Ryan infatti è un mutaforma taurino più unico che raro: nato dall'unione tra una mucca e un mutaforma, è stato istruito dal pad [...]

da sognipensieriparoleIl secondo romanzo della serie è decisamente più avvincente. Merito del protagonista, un mutaforma taurino, uno che, sia come uomo che come bestia, ha “il fuoco dentro”: Ryan è bellissimo, muscoloso, con gli occhi colore delle castagne. Ed è un vero toro da rodeo, uno di quelli che si diverte a disarcionare i vari cowboy che tentano di cavalcarlo, finché non comprende che il suo padroncino, Caleb, nonché unico amico umano, potrebbe essere per lui qualcosa di più. [...]

For some reason I enjoyed this volume more. Possibly because I was able to let go of my criticism and mostly just fly with it. It also made for a nice change to have such a very young couple. And in truth, they both do come across as adorably youthful.Although I have to say, it’s best not to look at Ryan’s history and his education too closely.Just don’t tell me Ryan is only eight years old. Please.And wow. Okay. It’s rare enough that shifter books go into bestiality territory by having [...]

Anche con questo racconto racconto Grimm non mi ha delusa. È coinvolgente e i protagonisti sono combattivi anche se uno è solo un umano. Ora l'Agenzia mi incuriosisce devo sapere cosa di preciso fa, e perché tanto interesse per i mutaforma? Ma soprattutto PoeLui mi incuriosisce e moltp anche.Ha un animo forte e non solo quello ma ha anche odio quindi vorrei sapere cosa gli sia successo

2.75 starsA cute story of a human with an unusual shifter - a bull shifter.I couldn't stop snickering reading this, especially that the bull shifter had quite a high libido and ready to charge anytime.I'm looking forward to another appearance of The Agency's agents on the next installment of this series!

Once again M.D Grimm, manages a Nice description on the MC 's. And then there was Mr. Poe, his gift is reviled.The I love you endearment, was a a dry as the first one. I still did not care for the mating process The mother was a sweet touch.

Come anche il libro precedente è troppo corto, questo forse anche sviluppato peggio.I due protagonisti si amano da sempre, sai che novità, ma non hanno mai avuto il coraggio di dirselo, potrebbe anche starci eh, ma se poi Ryan è conscio dell'odore e dell'eccitazione di Caleb quando gli sta accanto, sin da quando ha 17 anni, magari due domani poteva farselo e dichiarati prima, ma va beh.La storia è surreale, sesso fine a se stesso e un rapimento a dir poco incredibile, nel senso negativo del [...]

This second Shifters book was fun. Another mini-mystery wrapped up in a gay erotic romance. It's fun getting to know different types of shifters and having The Agency tied into each book, can't wait to read more!

“Un turbine d’amore” è il secondo libro della saga fantasy creata da M.D. Grimm e, benché ci sia un filo conduttore in tutta la serie, può considerarsi un autoconclusivo, perché abbiano nuovi personaggi e una trama completamente diversa dal suo predecessore “Stregati”.Anche se ho letto decine di storie sovrannaturali, con protagonisti dei mutaforma, è la prima volta che mi capita di trovarne uno che riesca a trasformarsi in toro. Ryan-Turbine, invece, ha questa particolarità. E n [...]

Originally reviewed for The Book VixenIn a Nutshell: Decent MM shifter romance though nothing outside the ordinary with either plot, characters or romance.The Set Up: Ryan was born a bull shifter and lived his early years as a bull. Caleb’s mother sees the intelligence in Ryan’s eyes and buys the shifter to keep him safe. Caleb is shocked when the bull he’s been talking to suddenly shifts into a human. Now Ryan and Caleb are ready to begin a new chapter in their relationship but Ryan is ki [...]

Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.I’m really enjoying this series so far and this second story just hit a lot of great notes for me. I’ve really been into stories featuring the rodeo lately and while I wasn’t expecting that in this book, and it wasn’t a big part of the story, it was a nice surprise. While the story first introduces you to the main characters, Ryan and Caleb, in the present, it then backtracks a little bit to show you how they first met, when Caleb learned Ryan was a [...]

3.5 StarsI am kind of confused about Ryan's past. I mean, he's how old in human years? Yet, 8 years old as a bull. When Caleb got him he was 2 as a bull and Caleb was 15 years old.Then there's the bestiality portion of this story. Ryan's mother was a cow and his father was a bull shifter. With that said, did his father stay with him on the ranch until puberty? I don't understand. That's a lot of years. Does puberty happen sooner for shifters? Was his father a man or a bull during this time?I did [...]

Et voilà, encore un livre chez dreamspinner press qui ne déçoit pas ! Donc voici le tome 2 de la saga des métamorphes. Il est indépendant du 1 pour ce qui est de l'histoire. Ce qui fait que l'on retrouve avec plaisir ce monde fantastique, tout en étant curieux des nouvelles facettes de ces personnages.L'auteur nous offre ici un petit livre d'un centaine de pages tout en douceur. Et parallèlement à l'histoire des personnages principaux, nous découvrons plus d'informations sur l'agence. C [...]

Nous retournons dans le monde déjà décrit dans le premier tome mais avec des nouveaux personnages et un type de métamorphes qu’on ne voit pas souvent : un taureau.Cette histoire d’amour entre un humain et un métamorphe est sympathique, ils ont d’abord développé une amitié teintée d’attirance sans oser s’avouer l’un à l’autre leurs sentiments jusqu’au jour où…La psychologie des personnages reste en surface car on ne plonge pas vraiment dans des héros complexes. L’a [...]

There are 5 parts to the overall story and only 2 ( The Beginning and Scrolls) are out so far, which include 12 books - about 20 books will be in the total (see author's website for complete listing).I have read them 2x now as more books have come out. Each book has it's own story but there is a back story that threads throughout them - I will wait until all the parts come out now to be able to complete the overall story before reading again.Also, the next time I read the series, I will read it [...]

Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance It always takes me a little while to come to terms with a human/shifter mating. Maybe because I don't often read "other" shifters, but a human/shifter mating that was born of an animal to begin with, is just a little too much for my little pea brain to wrap itself around. As such, I was not predisposed to like Caleb and Ryan as a pairing. For Full review please see: prismbookalliance/?pos

Another great sequel, even though I was wondering about the conception, Ryan was actually born after his father who was also a Bull shifter and who didn't like commitments, had sex with a real cow, the father was also in animal form when that happened.A shifter was born after that union, so Ryan is the first "miracle" in 500 years.I like the story, different for sure, however quite entertaining.

This story was rather plain. In general all the emotions between Ryan and Caleb were really felt. I liked them as a couple, but for my liking it was to plain plotted. I wouldn't mind reading more about this created world and this Agency.

I feel compelled to read this. Not too many, read: never, books have a character who's mother was an ACTUAL cow.

3.5 stars

Barely 3. Not nearly as good as the first.

Anche questo come il precedente capitolo della serie mi è piaciuto molto. La trama è carina e questo ebook si legge molto velocemente per via del modo molto scorrevole in cui è scritto.


I really like this series and already have the next one to read.

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