De onbekende terrorist

Richard Flanagan Ton Heuvelmans

De onbekende terrorist

De onbekende terrorist

  • Title: De onbekende terrorist
  • Author: Richard Flanagan Ton Heuvelmans
  • ISBN: 9789022321256
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback

Door een toevallige ontmoeting met een knappe jongeman ziet een Australische paaldanseres zich ineens gebrandmerkt als een gevaarlijke terroriste.

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I'd like to report a case of identity theft.Someone has taken the name of Richard Flanagan, the author of the brilliant Gould's Book of Fish and the very good Death of a River Guide and published a novel, pretending it to be by him. They even used his picture on the back flap. I'm actually a bit worried because the first sentence was so good it sounded like Flanagan actually wrote it:The idea that love is not enough is a particularly painful one.This led me to believe that the kidnappers found h [...]

Gina is a stripper in Sydney's red light district. Gina is her given name but everyone knows her as 'The Doll'. She holds dreams of getting out of the business, buying a house, getting a proper education, marrying and having a family - or you may say, cliche.On the night of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney, The Doll sets off to watch as her closest friend, Wilder, as she is performing on one of the floats. Here she meets Tariq who she ends up spending the night with and a little cocaine. [...]

A taut, fast-paced thriller that owes a huge and well-acknowledged debt to Böll's Katharina Blum. The similarities are obvious: both protagonists spend a night with an attractive stranger who turns out to be a wanted criminal, and then find themselves tried and sentenced by the unscrupulous media. Each of them ends by murdering the journalist they see as responsible for the destruction of their personality. The differences are interesting: Böll's novel is set in the time of the Red Army Factio [...]

This book is utterly unlike Richard Flanagan's other literary fiction novels. If this is the first and only book you have ever read by this Australian writer, don't make the mistake of dismissing him as a writer of polemic not-very-convincing thrillers. His other books, Death of a River Guide, Gould's Book of Fish and Wanting are brilliant, intriguing, complex novels that will reward every millisecond you put into reading them.

„Tańczcie. Już czas, żebyśmy wszyscy wrócili do tańca”.3.5/5Przede wszystkim: Jeśli chcecie przeczytać „Nieznaną terrorystkę” to tylko przy nokturnie f-moll Chopina.To nie jest typowa dla Flanagana książka, ale to, co uwielbiam w jego twórczości się nie zmienia: brutalna szczerość w ukazywaniu świata, brak strachu przed poruszaniem tematów tabu, a przy tym wręcz nieznośna lekkość pióra.I potrafi w ostatnich zdaniach całkowicie zmienić wymiar książki.

The cover art and the description of the book on the back cover are, unfortunately, the best part of this book. The author seems to want to make the point that people are sheep who enjoy being terrorized and who willingly submit themselves to manipulation by the government and mass media to that end.To make that point (which was, even by WW2, utterly a cliche), the author relies on lofty sounding phrases that are utterly empty and two dimensional characters, none of whom are sympathetic. I found [...]

I hope Flanagan isn't going in this thriller direction again. Really miss his previous style. The one saving grace was that it forced me to listen to Chopin's Nocturnes. 29/11/2013 1 0f 20 books for $10 the lot

A solid three star book about a stripper who gets tangled up with a suspected terrorist, therefore becoming a suspect herself. The writing is fairly good, the dialogue lacks in parts, and sometimes the plot is a bit too far-fetched for my liking, but Flanagan delivers nonetheless an enjoyable read. Note: This is my 900th shelved book on .

Ζούμε σε μια εποχη φόβους . Επίπλαστου ή αληθινού λιγη σημασια εχει . Μας αρέσει ο φόβος -τρεφόμαστε απο αυτόν -αλλα ποιο πολυ αρέσει ο φόβος μας σε αυτους που τον δημιουργούν και που συνεχίζουν να τον τρέφουν . Αν σκεφτούμε για λιγο ποσο αληθινές ειναι; Ιι αλήθειες που μας σερ [...]

This is nothing like other Richard Flanagan books, a second rate polemic thriller. I was disappointed

Gina Davies, or "The Doll", is a pole-dancer working in a club in King's Cross, Sydney. Her life is simple, she works to save money for her own apartment and has nearly $40,000 already. She has no interest in politics or any issues that don't directly relate to her. On the night of the Mardi Gras, she bumps into a young man, Tariq, who, the day before, had saved the little son of her best friend, Wilder, from drowning at Bondi. He's attractive, and they start dancing before going back to his pla [...]

The story captivates because the irony and hopelessness of Gina Davies's (aka the Doll) situation escalates over a couple of days. She is unable to rebut her slanderers or to find help without risk. Listeners to and readers of the media are relieved that the authorities find their man and woman. Her solution to the spreading evil lies about her entire life is solved by her just as she meets her own final doom from the misfired gun of a potential helper. Her face the populace associates with thei [...]

Macht bloss nicht den Fehler, diesen Roman als ersten von Richard Flanagan zu lesen. Der Autor ist nämlich wirklich talentiert und hat eine gute Hand für ergreifende Geschichten und eine tolle Sprache. Doch leider kam ihm bei diesem Thriller-Versuch beides Abhanden. "Die unbekannte Terroristin" wirkt über viele Seiten wie ein billiger Versuch, ein brisantes Thema vorschnell abzuhandeln und mit einem bekannten Schriftstellernamen rasches Geld zu machen.Sicherlich, Flanagan versteht es auch hie [...]

Flanagan states the thesis of this novel--for it is a novel in service of an idea--right up front: "The idea that love is not enough is a particularly painful one. In the face of its truth, humanity has for centuries tried to discover in itself evidence that love is the greatest force on earth."I thought The Unknown Terrorist was terrific, but not at first. It was more than just well-written. Flanagan is a dynamite writer, but it seemed to me it was all set up perfectly and it was clear what wou [...]

It was interesting reading this at the moment given the almost voyeuristic overkill of the 9/11 anniversary.This is a highly political nobel, even a polemic, arguing that almost anyone can be turned into a 'terrorist' given our shock-jock media, two second sound bites and the loss of civil rights through anti-terrorism legislation. It's not the best writing in the world - Flanagan has adapted the thriller genre so none of the characters are fully formed and there are was too many coincidences. I [...]

I had a hard time with this book. It started out rough got betterd then ended poorly. A young woman, who makes her living as a pole dancer in a gentleman's club, has a one night stand with a handsome stranger. This leads the authorities to believe that she is a terrorist. Instead of going to the police to explain the situation, she decides to go into hiding. My problem with this novel was not her profession or her lack of educationor the dark and depressing subject matter my problem is that the [...]

To say that I was disappointed with this novel would be an understatement. After enjoying Flanagan's amazing Gould's Book of Fish I expected a similar performance. That did not occur and this novel is pedestrian at best. Although the basic outlines of this story come from Heinrich Böll’s novel “The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum,” written in response to the terrorism scares that Germany suffered in the late 1960s and ’70s, Mr. Flanagan has turned the story into a meditation upon the post [...]

This sounded like an interesting book, but I hate the way it's written. Does the author refer to each character by first AND last name EVERY TIME? Throughout the ENTIRE book?! My god, there's nothing that irritates me quicker. An annoying example to share:"Then he turned to Richard Cody and told him that exciting things were afoot at Six.He waited for Richard Cody to say something, and so Richard Cody said something, but it was like telling Jerry Mendes he didn't smoke, for Richard Cody knew wha [...]

Και επίκαιρο και καφκικό και πολιτικό θρίλερ και καταιγιστικό και στοχαστικό, κάποιες φορές ρέπει προς τη φλυαρία και λίγο (πολύ λίγο) προς τον εύκολο διδακτισμό, ωστόσο είναι σχεδόν αριστούργημα.

This book is equal parts suspenseful, emotional, and sociopolitically relevant. A stripper is falsely accused of being a terrorist when she one night dons a burka to enhance her seductiveness and mystery. One of her clients is a 'failing' journalist, and hoping to reclaim his career, pitches a story about the stripper's 'extremist' behaviour. Bolstering this claim is photographic proof of the stripper and her one-night-stand lover; the man is "Muslim", but seems very moderate considering his par [...]

Always assured of a well researched good read with Flanagan and this is no exception. This book chronicles a series of events that lands The Doll, a Sydney Kings Cross Poledancer, as a nation wide hunted suspect terrorist. If you ever wondered how a smart young woman ends up working in a strip club, how the media influences our lives and how it effects us do read this captivating book. Read how The Doll is chased through life and meet the seedy side of Sydney.Well worth the read!

Although it is very different in tone and style and subject matter, my experience reading this book reminded me a little of how I recently felt reading "An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England". The narrator of that book did one stupid thing after another and the reader was supposed to accept these actions as reasonable because the character is described/definned as a bumbler. In real life of course people do not fall quite so neatly into such categories. Someone may bumble most of [...]

This another book I am going to review early because there's a chance I may not finish it.The author writes some excellent prose, but this alone is not enough to make a good story. It is rare that my mind will wander during the first few chapters, but this is exactly what happened this morning. The prose is good, so what's the problem?Basically, I think it comes down to the fact that the author relies almost completely on "telling" as opposed to "showing". This is key because a reader will strug [...]

Within the first few pages of Richard Flanagan's The Unknown Terrorist, I learned that Jesus Christ was a terrorist. I liked the book already. Then I was wisked away from Jesus Christ Terrorist to the strip clubs of Sydney, Australia where a stripper with four names (The Doll, Krystal, Gina, and The Black Widow) saves her cash in the ceiling instead of using a bank and finds a random man named Tariq to do coke with after giving several lap dances and shoving her bare ass into rich men's faces.Th [...]

Even though this was written 10 years ago it feels even more relevant to our current political and social climate. A complete departure from Flanagan's other works, this is a thriller which exposes and challenges the intolerance, fear and corruption that has characterised Australian society since Bush's era of the war on terror. Really riveting and shocking how quickly things escalate when you are fed half truths or "alternative facts" by politicians and the media - highly recommended.

Young woman has a date with a hot guy only to find out the next day that he is wanted by the police as a terrorist and she is sought as his accomplice. I thought this sounded like a great story, and the blurb on the back cover was glowing.Overall I was very disappointed. I found the characters to be stereotypical and the political comments so heavy-handed I felt I was being beaten over the head with a shovel. The story is set in Sydney which I have never visited so any sense of place was lost on [...]

The Unknown Terrorist tells the story of how, due to hysteria and fear mongering of the media, a stripper becomes a terrorist suspect overnight. Flanagan is a skilled writer whose prose flows along elegantly. The main character (the stripper whom the author only refers to as "The Doll" for some reason) is developed throughout the story, we get to know her bit by bit. She has a rather simple mindset, is mistrustful of authorities, and these traits keep her from trying to resolve the mistake which [...]

The Unknown Terrorist is the fourth novel by Australian author, Richard Flanagan. After a night of passion with an attractive young stranger, Gina Davies wakes to everyone’s worst nightmare: she finds she has become a terror suspect. Within the space of three days, her life goes from one of happiness, of an optimistic future, to the surreality of being a fugitive with nothing. All it took was a bit of post-9/11 hysteria, some unexploded bombs in backpacks, a journalist’s career on a downhill [...]

This idea had potential, but is let down by the inconsistency of the writing.There's huge disparity between the best and worst of Flanagan's prose. His strongest writing was seen in his descriptions of Sydney. At times he really captured the flavour of the city, which is a pretty good accomplishment for a Tasmanian! His sketches of Bondi, the harbour, the Cross and the Mardi Gras were, for me, the highlights of the novel.Unfortunately it's let down by the cartoonish character development. I foun [...]

I almost put it down in the first 40 pages when it felt like a depressingly accurate portrayal of superficial society and shallow media, but I stuck with it and was rewarded with a good literary thriller. One can already guess how it's going to end, but the devil is in those details and I grew involved with the fates of the characters. Much like The Narrow Road to the Deep North what will stick with me are the ideas and feelings about a larger universe that isn't moved by the tiny lives of human [...]

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