Ghost Children

Sue Townsend

Ghost Children

Ghost Children

  • Title: Ghost Children
  • Author: Sue Townsend
  • ISBN: 9781569471173
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Hardcover

She hadn t the heart to tell him she had done away with his baby She had not wanted to commit herself He worked with his hands, on a bench instead of a desk He was Mr Wrong And yet she loved him Seventeen years later he reappears It unnerves her Does he love her still Does he hate her They are middle aged, they ve lost their looks he has lost his job But theyShe hadn t the heart to tell him she had done away with his baby She had not wanted to commit herself He worked with his hands, on a bench instead of a desk He was Mr Wrong And yet she loved him Seventeen years later he reappears It unnerves her Does he love her still Does he hate her They are middle aged, they ve lost their looks he has lost his job But they remember vividly how rapturous it was between them.

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Very gritty and grisly in places but totally compelling too, despite not really liking any of the characters. As another reviewer said though, the ending felt very rushed and some ends might have been better left loose than tied unsatisfactorily in the way they were. Worst thing for me, with the audiobook, was the utterly abysmal reading by some bloke who's apparently a broadcaster and 'voice artist'. His intonation and emphasis was completely off and I'd go so far to say as even worse than Bonn [...]

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the best I've read in a long time!So beautiful, full of love, made me cry a lot, even about the dog, what to tell the people.

I don't know what to say about this book.It'sck. I know what you're thinking, but not sick sick, just shows an ugly side of people. But a side every person has, nonetheless. Well, obviously not necessarily expressed the same way as the ugly side of the characters in this book, but still.The title is actually more appropriate than I thought at first, because there's a lot of (unwanted/dead/etc) children mentioned throughout the story, though they're not important characters, they are a link betwe [...]

4*I want more please! Can I get more since I said please. Please,please.I want to know did Angie and Chris found the pictures taken by Gregory. The one that had Catherine in it? And Storme. It break my heart when no one wanted her. This is my first book by Sue Townsend. And it blew my mind. Gotta find more.

A sad story about sad people that toutched me profoundly it leaves a bitter taste

**spoilers**Ghost Children (1997) by Sue Townsend is one of my favourite books of all time, in spite of its somewhat disturbing and dark theme of abortion and child neglect. The style of Ghost Children is a stark contrast to Townsend’s most famous books; the comical diaries of the hapless Adrian Mole.As in other Townsend novels such as The Queen and I (1992), the narrative is shared between a cast of characters from various backgrounds, each with their own intriguing story to tell. The novel b [...]

This book is so deliciously weird. Not pro-life or pro-choice it shows the way children change people. The characters are enchanting rough diamonds who show aspects of society we often don't see. My love for Sue Townsend is still going strong.

One of my favourite books. Departure from the comedy of A. Mole, though the humanity in GC is sometimes amusing (rare). It is disturbing and vivid and completely believable. The characters were only very slightly pastiche but they were certainly of a real type. Poignant and moving.

Saddened to hear of the passing of the brilliant Sue Townsend so read this is homage to one of Britain's most popular writers. I must say, it was a deeply disturbing and quite graphic novel with a grim theme of abortion, domestic violence and long-lost lovers. That said, the story moved along at pace and kept me hooked, it was beautifully characterised. The ending wasn't half disappointing though, it felt rushed and ultimately led to a three star rating, although the rest of the booked was four [...]

So far it is sick and twisted. A lovely departure from what she normally writes. Having finished the book I have to say that enjoy is not the right word to describe the experience. This is a 360 from the Adrian Mole diaries and the ending just leaves you wishing for more; it is by no means tidy. There is not one likeable character in the book, which would normally put me off, but I was so intrigued with where it was going that it didn't matter to me. Very interesting.

A gritty, dark story of love and loss that's hard to put down. Touching and chilling at the same time, with interesting and complex, often creepy characters. Angela, married, rekindles a relationship with lonely Christopher that ended 17 years ago when Angela aborted their child. Their story becomes intertwined with Tamara, a young goth mother, Crackle, a crack-addicted loser, and their abused and neglected toddler. A deep yet easy read.

An absolute knockout brilliant read. Townsend takes her subject by the balls and twists, and then twists some more there is little relief. She is unflinchingly honest and loyal to every one of her characters, as they struggle within a warts-and-all portrait of British life. This book will put your moral standpoints to the test.

Another reviewer commented that this book was kind of a crossover between 'A Casual Vacancy' by J.K. Rowling and a Ben Elton novel, and I'm inclined to agree. Being a fan of both, I really enjoyed this book, found it gritty, well-written, and despite the weird events/subject matter, thought the storyline and the characters somehow remained convincing.

A cross between J.K. Rowling's 'A Casual Vacancy' and Ben Elton's style,it was an excellent read,well written and edgy.I loved the way the characters were linked in such a horrible way.I would definitely recommend it if you are a Ben Elton fan.

Did not like this book at first as it is gritty and sickening but it was also compelling so I stuck with it and really 'enjoyed' this one. The characters were superbly drawn and the story, although unusual and hard was brilliant.

Gripping and disturbing

A powerful read. I read this because of an experience I had been through.

What a night mare of a read. A true horror story without ghouls. So well written. I was deeply appalled and heartbroken. What humans are capable of

A book that never quite connects emotionally with me, though it's a well thought out, well written story.

Just perfectly tragic.

Love has the strangest way to bring back memories.

v readable, sad and interesting novel exploing experiences surrounding abortion.

I could't get ınto thıs book so gave up on ıt. I hate doing that but I,m on holıday and wasnt wastıng any more tıme on ıt.

Very different, I like the way she wrote this.

Like many Townsend books the ending underwhelmed me. Seemed a decent book but the ending really let it down. As the father of an infant girl some scenes particularly distressed me.

quite compelling read. thought I knew what was going to happen but I got it wrong.

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