Mind over Labor: A Breakthrough Guide to Giving Birth (Penguin Handbooks)

Carl Jones Marian Thompson Emmett E. Miller

Mind over Labor: A Breakthrough Guide to Giving Birth (Penguin Handbooks)

Mind over Labor: A Breakthrough Guide to Giving Birth (Penguin Handbooks)

  • Title: Mind over Labor: A Breakthrough Guide to Giving Birth (Penguin Handbooks)
  • Author: Carl Jones Marian Thompson Emmett E. Miller
  • ISBN: 9780140467628
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback

In his breakthrough book, Jones introduces a new, highly effective method of childbirth preparation using mental imagery He shows expectant parents how to prevent the pain and fear associated with childbirth.

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Awesome book for labor preparation. I really think that labor is mostly a mental challenge. Women can endure a lot of physical discomfort/pain if they are mentally prepared and can frame the pain as something else (useful work, pressure waves, surges, the powerf of Woman, whatever you want to call it). The other half of the dealing with pain is not having a lot of fear, anxiety, or other baggage that gets in the way of letting the labor happen. This book helps women address these issues before t [...]

I've been reading/re-reading various birth books lately in anticipation of my next birth. This is the first time I have read this one cover to cover.Here's what I like:- Good ideas for relaxation - scripts and that kind of thing. Doesn't rely on hypnosis, which I appreciate, since there is a part of my brain that is way too cynical to let that work for me.- Concise. So many birth books are way long.- Good explanations of the overall process. Giving good information without making doctors out to [...]

So I'm currently pregnant; my midwife recommended this book. It was very good. If you are looking for methods to help you through delivery without relying on an epidural, this is a must-read. There are a lot of mental imagery ideas and techniques offered - none of which were too over-the-top/new-age/mother-nature-y. Most were very basic and easy to modify to fit your needs and interests. Definitely recommend to any pregnant woman.

I loved this book! Thank you Alicia! Absolutely empowering. At first I thought, "Hmm, a male author." But he takes a lot of opinions into consideration and offers great mental imagery. Some of the exercises were over the top, but overall I felt like this book was really encouraging.

This is the book that changed my mind - a chance encounter at the thrift store. Who knows where I would be in my pregnancy journey if I hadn't picked this book up? It's an oldie, but it is a great start in learning more about an alternative way to give birth.

I liked this book much better than the Bradley Method Book. I wish I read it first. Just in reading it, it has helped me have a more positive view of my impending birth.And in the time I have left I do intend on trying and practicing some of the mental imagery. It was a much easier read and it did not seek to defend it's method over other methods. The only issue is that it is still a bit on the older side and at least in my area and at my chosen hospital certain things are no longer the issue th [...]

I was actually really surprised how much I didn't love this book this time around. I only read a few parts before I had Emmy and the delivery went so well, I contributed a lot to this book and ideas I learned. I only skimmed over it this time because it was just so over the top for me now, for whatever reason. I still was reminded of a couple good points, but other than that--nothing! Maybe 2.5

Liked it, but found it very repetitive, especially with all the positive birth stories and other articles I'd been reading. My attention span couldn't take it after a certain point, (and with one kiddo to take care of in addition to preparing for #2's birth), but it'd be good if you have the time to actually relax, meditate, or visualize things. Also, if you haven't been researching natural childbirth for a while already, there's a lot of good info that could be helpful.

This book was recommended to me as "A little hokey, but with some useful ideas." I agree 100%. I stopped reading it toward the end b/c I was sick of the "Hospitals are the worst place to give birth" attitude clearly coming through.I'm not sure I would run screaming to you for anyone to read it, but I'd recommend it with the same attitude it was recommended to me.

It was a bit new-age for me at times but I got a lot of great things from it. I think there's too strong a push for 100% natural and at home birth in the book but the techniques are all great! It really was a great way for me to shape my thoughts about labor.

This changed a lot of my views about childbirth. There are some things that are a little too much for me, but other things that made me want to take more control of my labor and delivery when it comes.

The best birthing-companion book ever. This is my #1 favorite prep for pregnancy and labor book. The meditations and positive thinking strategies in this book are applicable to everybody. I have enjoyed using them over and over.

Talk about procrastination water broke while I was reading this book. I did utilize some of the imagery exercises during labor. The book although still very relevant to natural childbirth could use some updating.

An old book, but the techniques in it helped me get into the Zone for labor.

Good in theory, but some strange ideas, too. Somehow I didn't believe him when he said you could have a natural labor pain-free. Epidural is easier!

helped me get through two drug-free births. :)

Good book about the positive things in labor kind of boring.

Loved this book. Has so many great ideas and points. I will have to buy this one and give it to everyone I know going for a natural child birth.

This book is fantastic for anyone who wants to deliver naturally with no epidural or medications.

Really works if you can actually do it! I did it at home, but it would be harder at the hospital, I think.

the best

This is an excellent book to provide the laboring mother with visual imagery to aid her in achieving relaxation during her hardest work ever!

Interesting book about the methods and goals for natural childbirth. Worthwhile read.

Really liked the meditations. My sister and friends swear this is the book to read to put you into labour (I personally read it, and went into labour an hour later).

i found the visualization techniques helpful in this book

I didn't really read this book, I just skimmed it. I do believe that the mind and body work in conjunction, and I think that using mental imagery will help me get through labor naturally.

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