I'm Special, I'm Me!

Ann Meek

I'm Special, I'm Me!

I'm Special, I'm Me!

  • Title: I'm Special, I'm Me!
  • Author: Ann Meek
  • ISBN: 9781845060435
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Unknown Binding

Milo is fed up He wants to play at being captain, but the other children say he s too short, he must be a deck hand He s too small to be a lion, and not handsome enough to be the prince But Milo s mum makes him see that the other roles can be even fun.

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Book more wonderful for the kids it helps them to restore confidence in themselves and that possess a new look towards the whole of life and about everything كتاب مميز فعلا بيساعد الأطفال على تحديد شخصياتهم و اكتشاف هويتهم

This is a book about a young boy called Milo. Milo wants to play imaginary adventure games with the other children in the play ground but is often given roles he does not want. When Milo would like to be the lion he is told he is not strong enough and is asked to be the monkey. Then when Milo would like to be the pirate captain he has to settle for being the deck boy as he is too small to be captain. Each day he goes home deflated and his mum helps him to see another point of view and helps him [...]

This is the story of Milo, a rather shy boy who wants to join in with his friends games at school, but is told that he is ‘not strong enough to be king of the jungle’ and ‘too short’ to be a pirate captain. Eventually, with the help of his supportive and inventive mother, he learns to assert himself and realises that he can be whoever he wants to be. This is a fantastic story which I would whole-heartedly recommend for children in Reception and Key Stage One. As well as being highly imag [...]

This is an awesome book for teaching kids about self-worth. The story follows a young boy as he struggles to fit in at school. With consistent love and support from mom and home, he finally realizes that he is special just because he is Milo and that is all that matters! The illustrations are wonderful!

This book is about a very shy boy named Milo. Milo plays imaginary adventure games with his friends but is often given a character he does not want. When Milo would like to be a pirate he is told that he is too short and that he should be a deck boy. Then when Milo would like to be a prince he is told to play the knight as he is not handsome enough. Each day he goes home feeling very unhappy and confides in his mother who then shows him that in fact the character he played was very exciting. She [...]

Red- head boy in story is my favorite part :), but there are many diverse characters in this book that make it a great read aloud story for a class. I believe this would be a good filler book if the class needs a small break from their work. This story also sends a good message to children in being happy with who they are, and what they can be.

غير الرسومات الجميلة اللي بتفكرني بذكريات الطفولة الكتاب ده بيحكي عن ولد كل يوم بيروح زعلان من المدرسة علشان في اللعبة اللي كانوا بيلعبوها خلوه يمثل دور ثانوي علشان هو من طويل كفاية او جميل كفاية و كل اليوم الام بتحاول تبينله الجمال في الشخصية اللي مثلها

This book, written by Ann Meek, is about a little boy name Milo who experiences difficulties at school with his friends. When playing outside at recess, the children pretend to be princes, captains, and astronauts. When he asks to play, the other children make him be a less desirable character in their pretend games. At the end of the day, he comes home sad and tells his mom what he played on the playground that day. Instead of degrading his part, his mother shares how wonderful his role must ha [...]

This book is one of my favorite books to read at the beginning of the year! It is so important that students feel good about who they are and this book does a great job of helping with that. Throughout the book the mother puts a positive spin on every situation that Milo is in and I really like this because most situations can be looked at in a positive light. The pictures are great with shadowing throughout the book. I use this for a second grade class put it could be used in first and with thi [...]

This book is about a boy named Milo. Him and his friends always pretend to be different things. Every time Milo wants to be special, his friends tell him he can't. For example if He wants to be a captain, but his friends say he is not tall enough. His friends make him be other characters that arent special. He is sad when he gets home from school and looks in the mirror. His mother asks him who he sees. He tells her whatever character the kids at school made him be. His mom tells him he is speci [...]

I thought this was a good book for grades in elementary school (grade 2-5). The book had a lot to do with learning to be your own individual. In this book students are able to relate to this boy's story because it is similar to how kids treat one another. Kids constantly say to other kids, "you can't do that, or be that because of this". The boy in the story took what the kids said he had to be and he made sure he was the best and was creative and then the other kids wanted to be what he was. Bu [...]

Milio is a young child in elementary. Milio is different than all of his classmates. Everyime that they play a game, Milio is told that he is not good enough to be a leader. His mom assures Milio that he is special no matter what role he plays. Milio's mom builds his confidence over time unitl one day, Milio suggests what role he will play in a game. All of Milio's classmates think that his idea is very cool. Milio is happy to be himself.

Great story to be shared with 7 to 13 year olds. Fun illustrations and about being yourself and not being to hung up about being one of the cool kids. The edition I read was published by Koala Books in 2006 and was a paperback.

A special book that teaches kids to be confident with themselves. It is a very simple book but somehow I was touched reading it. Oh, the illustration is also very cute. Recommended for you who have kids.

I really like this book! This is a book about a boy who can't pretend around his peers. He finally realizes that all he needs to do is be himself. I think this is a great book to read to young children so they can start to understand early that all they need to do is be themselves.

What a precious book. When one little boy can't pretend to be what he wants, his mother shows him his strengths. It is all about our perspective and mindset. He finally realized he can be whatever he wants to be because he is special just the way he is.

A great book to talk with kids about accepting differences and loving yourself for who you are.

I do my co-op placement at an elementary school as a teacher's assistant, and I read this book to a grade three student I was working one-on-one with. I think I enjoyed this book more than he did.

Great imaginative book about a boy that is learning who he is, why he loves himself, and his interests in life. Read this as a part of a "Who I am" series in class.

Great message!

Dedicated to my son.

Makes children aware that our differences make us each unique.

Muy mono, pero no deja de de ser un libro de autoayuda para niños.

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