Horus Rising

Dan Abnett

Horus Rising

Horus Rising

  • Title: Horus Rising
  • Author: Dan Abnett
  • ISBN: 9781849701129
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback

Horus Heresy Series Warhammer k Lexicanum The Horus Heresy is a series of novels, anthologies and audiobooks based on the historic events known as the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy, about , standard years before the present st millenium.The novels are written by different authors, but follow the same storyline the fall of Warmaster Horus and his campaign of treachery to usurp the Emperor as ruler of the Imperium. Wolfsbane The Horus Heresy eBook Guy Haley Guy Haley is the author of the Horus Heresy novel Pharos, the Primarchs novel Perturabo The Hammer of Olympia and the Warhammer , novels Dante,

Under the benevolent leadership of the Immortal Emperor the Imperium of Man has stretched out across the galaxy On the eve of victory, the Emperor leaves the front lines, entrusting the great crusade to his favorite son, Horus Promoted to Warmaster, the idealistic Horus tries to carry out the Emperor sgrand design, all the while the seeds of heresy and rebellion have beUnder the benevolent leadership of the Immortal Emperor the Imperium of Man has stretched out across the galaxy On the eve of victory, the Emperor leaves the front lines, entrusting the great crusade to his favorite son, Horus Promoted to Warmaster, the idealistic Horus tries to carry out the Emperor sgrand design, all the while the seeds of heresy and rebellion have been sowed amongst his brothers.

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So on the one hand (i.e the overly hairy, knuckle-dragging one), this is Manwich-sized chunk of meaty, SF gun-porn dripping with sweat and oozing locker-room musk. HOWEVER, on the other manicured, latte- holding hand, this is a quality, well written tale with surprising character depth and a layered plot with real complexity and an unusual amount of nuance for a popcorn page-turner. At the risk of a DUH moment, let me point out that this is Warhammer 40000 tie in. I knew nothing about the Warham [...]

Onvan : Horus Rising - Nevisande : Dan Abnett - ISBN : 184416294X - ISBN13 : 9781844162949 - Dar 412 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2006

Very entertaining read.First of all if you are unfamiliar with Warhammer 40k it's set in distant future and it's combination of dystopian military sci-fi, Tolkein and H.P. Lovecraft .Next to fanatical humanity there are classical fantasy races like Orcs, Elfs (Eldar), Undead, Lovecraftian horrors like demons and malicious otherworldy gods and diverse menagerie of different sci-fi inspired races.Prior to this book my knowladge of Warhamer 40k was limited. I mostly know about this setting from com [...]

I feel remarkably dirty giving a book about the Horus Heresy 4 stars. Some other things I've given 4 stars include: On The Road, Paradise Lost, The Great Gatsby, and other classics spanning centuries of upper-middle and high literature--if there is such a thing, at least. So when I give this book, which is unabashedly pulp and a step away from fanfiction, 4 stars, I need to disclaim a good many things. You're not going to find layers of complexity here. The book sets out to do one thing and one [...]

"When xenos threaten the existence of humanity - who you gonna call?"Mangasm in print right here!! What a opening "Horus Rising" has. I recall reading it for the first time many years ago and thinking "surly the end can't be the beginning of the novel." I was so confused. How wrong I was, we're now thirty novels into the series, with no sign of it ending. Dan Abnett introduces us to the Luna Wolves, Space Marines from the planet Cathonia. You could argue that "Horus Rising" becomes overawed by a [...]

“I was there the day Horus slew the Emperor.”Ten years ago amazing cover artist Neil Roberts, Dan Abnett and an host of other great authors started something epic.The Horus Heresy is just the best sci-fi military saga ever, with good touches of fantasy and horror (orcs and elves are alien races here and there are demons and lovecraftian horrors too).In ten years I've read this novel 3 times: first one when it was released, second one when it was translated in Italian (sadly the only one, but [...]

Although this is a franchise novel you don't need to understand the context to enjoy it.

This was my first exposure to anything Warhammer 40,000. When I was a kid I would often see the starter sets at the hobby/gaming shops I'd go to with my dad, but I never really had much interest for a few reasons.ly that Warhammer tabletop stuff is expensive as fuck and the universe has always seemed kind of impenetrable, due to the fact that the history/setting seemed to be originally explained only in the manuals/codexes associated with the game. Thankfully someone had the great idea to start [...]

Horus, the newly appointed Warmaster and commander-in-chief of the crusade. He becomes the emperors proxy to the war effort and the crusade to bring all planets under one rule, The Imperium of Man. This book you will follow Horus and his unofficial war cabinet called the Mournivals and a few fellow Primarchs, loyal only to the Emperor himself. They embark on the crusade to crush an uprising in one world and without mercy, conquering another. This is solid military SF. This book touches upon topi [...]

I am really enjoying the Warhammer 40k books. I never played any of the games, so I feel like there's backstory that I'm missing. Who is the emperor? Where did his power come from? Why does everyone follow him? His goal was to rid the universe of religion and superstition (which sounds good to me), but then he makes himself a god and creates the Primarchs who are demi-gods and proceeds to wage war on any world or people that don't fall in line with his ideology. I know the ultimate outcome of wh [...]

I know the target audience for this book are fans of the Warhammer 40k universe but I wish that being the first book of the series, the author would have taken more time to explain the different terminologies in the book. Abnett actually took more care detailing how the poet's notebook is made than most of the mythos that appears in the book.The first quarter of the book is extremely confusing as there are just too many characters making a brief appearance and that sometimes they are referred to [...]

At a glance:Plot: * * * *Characters/Character Development: * * * * *Grip/Feeling: * * * * *Original concepts: * * *Summary/Verdict (Not an average): * * * * *A few words about the bookThis a Warhammer 40K novel following the exploits of the Warmaster Horus, first among the Emperor's Primarchs, as well as detailing the lives and adventures of all the characters whose destiny is affected by the Warmaster. This 1st novel, gives us insight on the godlike Horus, the Mournival (a 4 Space Marine body w [...]

'But what of faith? Faith has a quality, even when religion has gone. We still need to believe in something, don't we? Here it is. The true purpose of mankind is to bear the torch of truth aloft and shine it, even into the darkest places. To share our forensic, unforgiving, liberating understanding with the dimmest reaches of the cosmos. To emancipate those shackled by ignorance. To free ourselves and others from false gods, to take our place at the apex of sentient life. Thatat is what we may p [...]

as a kid I grew up with games workshop the black library and white dwarf magazine. I loved it. but I never read any full length novel until this one. it was very very good why did I wait so long.

What a great read. Having been involved with Warhammer 40K for over 20 years, I have always wondered about the finer details of the Horus Heresy. And I must sayDan Abnett has done a fantastic effort with the introduction to the series. I was caught off guard at first and then the names set in. I expect for someone who is new to the Warhammer universe will find it as much (If not more) of a fantastic journey - That is assuming they find the saying "I have seen the future and the future is war" a [...]

This is a novel issued by Black Library, the first in a series chronicling the Horus Heresy. The blurb from the back states: "It is the 31st millennium. Under the benevolent leadership of the Immortal Emperor the Imperium of Man has stretched out across the galaxy. It is a golden age of discovery and conquest.But now, on the eve of victory, the Emperor leaves the front lines, entrusting the great crusade to his favourite son, Horus. Promoted to Warmaster, can the idealistic Horus carry out the E [...]

Horus. The Warmaster. First among equals amid the Primarchs, the superhuman lords of the Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) Legions. Most beloved of the Emperor's children.The tales of Horus are legendary. Yet, in the "current" timeline of the Warhammer 40K lore he is reviled as Horus the Arch-Betrayer. The Corrupted One. Spiritual founder of the Chaos Marines. How this tragedy happens is detailed in this wonderful series.The Emperor has manged to unify the human worlds and have recreated the Impe [...]

This was my first real exposure to the WH40k universe, and why did I jump off here you ask? Well, I'll tell you, not only am I easily swayed, but I picked up a WH40k game and realized I never read any, so why not?I enjoyed it, even though it's dark and all uber gun happy. There is a good story in here, although I probably shouldn't have jumped into some of the background stuff (that's a habit of mine, I love when a world has tons of history), I knew what was going to happen.It's fun, if you have [...]

Memorable characters, page-turning action, and a brilliant introduction to the 31st Millennium - everything you'd expect from a Dan Abnett novel. A few niggles aside (the portrayal of Dorn, for instance, felt just a little off) I can't give this any less than five glowy stars

Well, as far a science fiction book goes this was such an enjoyable read. I used to own a Warhammer army as a kid at secondary school, but was more into the fantasy side. I never thought I would reignite this flame, but this novel well and truly got my interest into the 40k universe and back into the fantasy universe as well.In terms of scope, you don’t need to be a Warhammer collector or enthusiast to appreciate it as a good science fiction novel. The events are set in the distant future with [...]

My husband wanted me to read this as he is a 40k person and he thought that I may enjoy the storyline behind it all. And it was interesting although I think there was some assumed knowledge going into the book, so it may be best read by those who are true fans.I can see this is but a tiny dot in the series, so I guess this is really just setting up a small part of the storyline. There are loads and loads of battles and they outweigh any of the character or world building (which is actually what [...]

I used to be very into my Warhammer 40K with my Space Marine army, and back then the Horus Heresy was a footnote in history. I've always been a fan of the setting, and while I don't play the games anymore, I do still enjoy reading stories. This is the first book in the long running 'Horus Heresy' series, and details the events of 10,000 years before the game.While the book is set far in history from the games' point of view, as these are the precursors to the famous space marines it didn't take [...]

It is the 31st millennium. Under the benevolent leadership of the Immortal Emperor, the Imperium of Man has stretched out across the galaxy. It is a golden age of discovery and conquest. But now, on the eve of victory, the Emperor leaves the front lines, entrusting the great crusade to his favourite son, Horus. Promoted to Warmaster, can the idealistic Horus carry out the Emperor’s grand plan, or will this promotion sow the seeds of heresy amongst his brothers? Horus Rising is the first chapte [...]

This genre of books can be pretty intimidating. There have been times where I've picked up “one of those, books” and attempted to read a few pages:“It was a long time in the future.And so-in-so with a name that I can't even pronounce started chopping of the heads of his adversaries with some weird made-up weapon in an extremely violent manner. And it made him very happy.”(^^^^^^This: elongated into, like, three or four pages!)It's pretty intense, but this book sets up the series pretty w [...]

Set in the Warhammer 40K universe, this book essentially sets the stage for what would lead to the greatest civil war in the imperium of man. As expected, the book has several nice action sequences considering this is based off a wargame system, but what was really surprising was the level of background and depth of character development that went into this, especially of the Primarchs, and the protagonist Garviel - while essentially space warriors, they are depicted as sensitive human beings tr [...]

A pretty good book-but it felt more like a series of short stories than a complete novel.I'll be honest, I had no idea that a licensed book could reach these levels of quality. Abnett has a deft hand when it comes to writing characters, and he makes them interesting with just a few sentences or background details. I especially liked Torgaddon, Tarvitz and Lucius. There's surprisingly little action, considering this is a Warhammer book. But I don't count that as a negative. The unfolding events a [...]

you know what i don't like . misunderstandings you know what i hate . a 170 book series starting with a misunderstandingtake the Yuuzhan Vong as an example ,now that was a 19 book series which was 18 more books than what was neededlook how it started .a straight planed invasion not with a melodramatic misfuckingunderstandingnow if you can look past the last 4% of the book that were intended for money related reasons this is a beautiful piece of space operaPS:i need a Warhammer guy

I was there the day Horus slew the BIG EThat's the biggest foreshadow I ever read on fiction. The Book is good, but felt like its cut in half(guess that's why u need a sequel for this kind of thing). Every time I read a 40k novel HH or otherwise I always had the knack on getting lost on certain chapters but this one of those exceptions. Even for those who had no idea what is 40k, this book is the perfect starting point for them. There's alot to talk about this especially about Horus, the mortal [...]

As good as I remember. A great start to what is one of the most epic arcs of storytelling in speculative fiction. 4 out of 5 stars.

This book actually surprised me. I knew the name Dan Abnett was a guarantee, but I never imagined Adeptus Astartes could be so deep and interesting. Loken is quite the amazing character, so far from the rather bidimensional stereotype of the war bred warrior, despite definitely being one.There were some pretty memorable scenes, and now I want to read more from this series!

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