The Beast in the Jungle

Henry James

The Beast in the Jungle

The Beast in the Jungle

  • Title: The Beast in the Jungle
  • Author: Henry James
  • ISBN: 9780141196008
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback

Henry James, the master of psychological literature, is at it again disturbing readers with the story of a man who feels he might be missing something important in life a man who also has a secret, the unstated in his life now which will affect the future The woman who loves him says it s the sense of being kept for something rare and strange A complex and meaningHenry James, the master of psychological literature, is at it again disturbing readers with the story of a man who feels he might be missing something important in life a man who also has a secret, the unstated in his life now which will affect the future The woman who loves him says it s the sense of being kept for something rare and strange A complex and meaningful novella.

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Briefly; it’s a novella after all.Apparently, enough time had lapsed after reading Proustitute’s fine review and Lee’s (perhaps, due to the good news of his new daughter) and Jesse’s, that I’d completely forgotten the story/novella’s subtext. All well and good. What remained was seeing three reviews for a short Henry James title, and it was a short title I was in need of; I will catch up on my 2013 reading goal, I will dammit. So, when I started reading this story, it wasn’t long b [...]

Uma boa surpresa. Esta minha primeira leitura de Henry James é uma história do que fica pelo caminho; das palavras que não dizemos, dos gestos que não fazemos, ou porque não descortinamos o que nos está à frente do nariz, ou porque achamos que podemos sempre adiar.Até que um dia é tarde demais.As últimas páginas são um auto-exame intenso, desfiam dor e reflectem aquela sensação de impotência e frustração que se tem quando se percebe que se teve tudo nas mãos e tudo se deixou es [...]

**** SPOILER ALERT **** (But please, before reading this review, invest the time in reading James's short story. You will be glad you did, regardless of whether you return to read the following)In one of the best reviews I've ever read of a piece of fiction (Note: any review, not just a review), friend Aubrey pens in her opening thoughts on Infinite Jest: "Real life is a pain. Real life is a bitch." Note the double use of the word "real", for it isn't just life that is a pain and a bitch, it's [...]

Sharing can be considered, moral, ethical noble. One exception is the sharing of an identity. Yet it can be accomplished in such a way that sets the two sharing it apart, above others. Their lives can be molded, hardened in a kiln, and for them provide a life’s meaning as long as no else knows. As long through the years they maintain their investment and invisibility; appear to others as cloaked in the same ordinariness as the passing throngs.The shared trope of James’ Beast In The Jungle, i [...]

Read the eBook version on my iPhone accompanied by the 133 BPM heart monitor heartbeat of my unborn daughter as my wife a few feet from me dozed after umpteenth hours of slow labor. Decided to read it because the hardback book I'm reading isn't backlit and they've dimmed the lights in our room. This was, therefore, a first read distracted by several nurses, a kindly midwife wearing a lightweight welder-like face visor, and an anesthesiologist. Not exactly read with morning coffee, or while libam [...]

This is truly an unforgettable psychological portrait. John Marcher, the protagonist, is re-acquainted with May Bartram, a woman he knew ten years earlier, who remembers his odd secret-- Marcher is seized with the belief that his life is to be defined by some catastrophic or spectacular event, lying in wait for him like a "beast in the jungle." Miss Bartram is stupefied by this, but does nothing to make him think that she thinks him odd for such a belief. In fact, she takes him very seriously an [...]

Leitura de Outono ou primaveril?De tão simples, a sua leitura consome-nos lentamente na agonia supersticiosa de se esperar por algo maior - existe algo maior que o amor, que uma vida ou história partilhada? Neste livro, a Fera foi estando sorrateiramente à espreita nas descrições e nos diálogos raramente exaltados, até que, intensamente, nos assalta nos capítulos finais.Para ler, reler e recomendar!


James is my second favorite writer, after Proust, of course. The Beast in the Jungle is probably his most masterful tale—novella or short story, you decide—and it's one that I've read at least ten times. While many of my readings have been colored by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's now canonical essay "The Beast in the Closet," this time around I read James's tale from an entirely new perspective.And to me that's the most marvelous thing about writers like James: one never encounters the same text; [...]

This is a story that is essentially about nothing. I don't mean to say that all stories are somehow about nothing, I quite literally mean that this story is about nothing. It has a frame of course, because then it would not be a story, but the frame is that it is about a man, Marcher, who does nothing with his life. He believes that some great catastrophe will happen to him, and to avoid it he essentially stops living life. He feels passionate about nothing, and while he loves himself a great de [...]

The concept was interesting and I enjoyed how unlikable both of the characters were, but, in the end, the stiff, over-done writing made the prose extremely difficult to read. I wouldn't have finished it if I didn't have to read it for school.

Oh, how scared I was to read Henry James. In fact, I have always been so put off by the fear of his difficult English that when I finally gave in I chose a novella. The Beast in the Jungle is perhaps one of the saddest books I've read. After you get used to the difficult prose--and by that I mean having to re-read a sentence several times. The story itself is extremely sad. I was also quite shocked at how relevant this story is to this day. This is the story of John Marcher, the protagonist, and [...]

Noventa e uma páginas que sabem a muito mais.A história de um segredo antigo, confessado há muito tempo a uma mulher.A história de duas vidas que seguem lado a lado, dependem uma da outra, mas nunca se entrelaçam."O mais estranho era que o passado, tendo oferecido tanto, não tivesse oferecido um pouco mais. Olhavam um para o outro com a sensação de oportunidade perdida. O tempo presente seria muito melhor se o passado, na longínqua distância, numa terra estranha, não tivesse sido tão [...]

What a lovely little novella!Nothing I would expect with a title like this.Sometimes - many times - the true beasts lie within us. Impalpable, unconscious, but always somewhat tormenting.

Relaţia dintre titlu şi conţinut este de-a dreptul echivocă. Nuvela are o puternică încărcătură de ambiguitate, viaţa fiind reprezentată ca o metaforă care ajunge, în final, să capete dimensiuni hiperbolice. Sobrietatea lui Henry James în abordarea acestui subiect mi se pare însă forţată. Realiştii şi naturaliştii deopotrivă ar trebui să ia contact cu lucrurile concrete, dacă hotărăsc să rămână împământeniţi în sobrietatea lor. Nu poţi să vorbeşti despre o [...]

Henry James consegue transformar a obsessão partilhada de uma vida numa fascinante (ainda que triste) viagem para o leitor. Terei todo o prazer em acompanhar Mr. Henry James em mais viagens

The reason I opened this book was because I needed a break from Swann’s Way. Proust’s writing, however beautiful, is tiring; and so I decided that a change would be in order. At the very least, I figured, I would be rejuvenated from the break, and able to plunge back into Proust’s masterpiece, recharged. I could not possibly have picked a worse book for this task.James’ sentences, though falling short of Proustian proportions, are no easier on the brain. Remember that old cell-phone game [...]

The writing's so dense, I might as well be reading a brick wall.I like the last few pages, but that's it.

"A bird in the hand is worth two beasts in the jungle" is what John Marcher finally realizes at the tomb of May Bartram.

This story, to me, is a tale of wasted life and potential, much like the book itself. It is the story of two individuals who can not communicate, and it is this inability that draws them together. The drawn out sentences, useless descriptions, never ending metaphors and similes, serve almost as a resemblance to the wasted life, and conversations between the two characters themselves. John Marcher, a man whose ego is so large it makes him blind to the world around him, is gripped with the fear th [...]

boy, what a lot of words to say so little. i've never gotten the henry james thing. this long story (novella?) has a pretty ridiculous premise, and strikes me as extremely overblown emotionally. or at least i think it is, given how hard it is to plow one's way through james's endless sentences with their innumerable sub-clauses. don't get me wrong: i like words as much as the next guy. but my brain is too small to handle them in more than, say, 35 or 40-word chunks.

"O que isto significava, por mais que pareça esquisito, era que no seu mundo afinal tão simplificado, aquele canteiro da morte dava-lhe o pequeno espaço de terra onde ainda poderia viver. Era como se, não estando mais em lugar nenhum para ninguém, nem mesmo para si próprio, ali ele era exatamente tudo, não para uma multidão de testemunhas, ou para uma sequer, que não fosse John Marcher - mas pelo inegável direito de uma prova que ele podia examinar como uma página aberta".

Το θηριο πραγματι παραμονευε, και πραγματι χυμηξε, οταν ηρθε η ωρα χυμηξε οταν αυτος δε μαντεψε κ απεμεινε να ατενιζει το θορυβωδες κενο της υπαρξης του

«Vorrei vivere ancora per voi, se potessi.»È la terza volta che lo rileggo nel giro di pochi mesi, ed ogni volta aggiungo una parola, sottolineo una frase, afferro qualcosa che la volta precedente mi era sfuggita.In questa edizione mi aiuta a comprendere meglio il significato di alcuni particolari anche una preziosissima introduzione che mi fa notare, sottolineando il fatto che nessun nome in Henry James è casuale, che «La casa dell'incontro cruciale tra i due si chiama Weatherend e il nome [...]

I wasn't sure about this novella at first as it was just nothing like I expected and to me this wasn't a good thing. I wasn't entirely sure what was going on but a few pages in when the dialogue started upon the introduction of May Bartram I really started to understand the title of the book and the whole purpose - waiting for the 'beast' to pounce and in the meantime contemplating in what form the 'beast' will take. It was a short read, only taking me a couple of hours all in. I have to be hone [...]

If only all bachelors aged 26 and older would read thise world would be a different place indeed.

A masterpiece -- As revealing as King Henry could get.

I don't usually include the novellas or short stories I read in my lists because they are not what one would strictly call a "book" (James' novella is about 50 pages long). But I couldn't help adding this gem here accompanied by a review which, I hope, will do justice to its repressed (homosexual) nuances that make the story one of the most interesting and gripping stories I ever read in the first place. Indeed, one of those stories to which one is to return again and again, almost obsessively [...]

While James' style can be rigid and damn near petrified, he makes up for it with a wondrous portrait of psychological horror. showing us that one of the scariest monsters in the world is the one that resides within: the ego. this, a monster that feeds off of insecurity, self-doubt and an unyielding desire to be loved. this villian that lives within and can take innocuous yearnings (the desire to be unique) and transform them into beasts that lurk inside the jungle of the mind - waiting. the best [...]

OH MY GOD, this story. THIS STORY. I am sobbing. It is beautiful and heartbreaking and I had to read it through twice to fully absorb all of its greatness. At first I thought James Marcher was a murderer. Then I thought he was gay. It took me a little bit but I realized it's just that he's terrified of pretty much everything and doesn't really live life. And when his source of life, May, is gone forever, he realizes that the "beast in the jungle" was not really a beast, but something in himself [...]

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