Seducing Their Mate

Kiera West

Seducing Their Mate

Seducing Their Mate

  • Title: Seducing Their Mate
  • Author: Kiera West
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 286
  • Format: ebook

Siren LoveXtreme Erotic Paranormal M nage Romance M F M M M M M, shape shifters Scientist and veterinarian Eve MacMillan loves wolves She s been studying them most her life When she gets the opportunity to study on a private reserve in Alaska, she jumps at the chance Four months into her year of research, she is as fascinated with the Dillon cousins as she is her wolv Siren LoveXtreme Erotic Paranormal M nage Romance M F M M M M M, shape shifters Scientist and veterinarian Eve MacMillan loves wolves She s been studying them most her life When she gets the opportunity to study on a private reserve in Alaska, she jumps at the chance Four months into her year of research, she is as fascinated with the Dillon cousins as she is her wolves.All six Dillon cousins know that she is their mate And for four long months they have waited to take the final step After their Alpha, Noah, seduces her, they tell her they want to share her Overwhelmed by the passion they inspire, Eve lets her inhibitions dissolve.Then an unknown enemy ramps up his attacks, and Eve discovers her lovers are than just men when one of the pack is left fighting for his life.Word Count 24,035

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This book is Part 1 of 8 in the Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska series. A story will be released each month and they can be purchased at Siren Publishing. They are about 6 - 10 chapters each, and they need to be read in order to get the story in full.Biologist/Veterinarian Eve MacMillan has obtained a hard-to-get grant to study the wolves on a legal Alaskan preserve controlled by the Dillon family. Aginst the wishes of her scientist parents, who had wanted Eve to be with them on [...]

Ok, ok, I couldn't help myself, I saw M/F/M/M/M/M/M listed and I just had to know the dynamics of such a grouping. It turned out to be more of a tag team effort so it wasn't as crazy as I expected.Overall, the story was pretty good. The book could have really used some editing as I found that the author often got little details switched up, like how she mentioned how one guy was much taller than his older brother and then on the next said the same guy was several inches shorter. None of it was a [...]

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Love the book, hate the way it's sold.

DNF at 24%.Let me start off by saying that: this book is a fucking joke.And let me tell you whyIt's the descriptions in this godforsaken, piss poor excuse for a book. It's like Kiera West wrote this POS and didn't go back and actually read it. Like no one proofread it. Like she wrote it and self-published it in the same day.I'm sorry but your lack of respect for your OWN book really shows. What about the descriptions? Well, let's see Ethan is taller than Noah in one paragraph and then shorter in [...]

IMPORTANT this book is a serial 1 of 8 but note the author quit the series at book sixALLY!!!!! I agree with the other readers the book is really a novella (70-ish pages) and the sex scenes were rushed but I was ready to read the second book in serial since the story intrigued me. Low and behold while price checking between B&N and Kindle (since I was planning on buying eventually 8 books) I notice only 6 books for sale so my mind started buzzingybe it ended up being only 6 books. Well no su [...]

This was a great introduction to the series. We get to meet all of the key players in the series, but the story itself focuses on Eve and Noah. Going into this book I had no idea if an M/F/M/M/M/M/M would work. But you know what it did? Each of the guys treat Eve with respect and work hard to bring her out of her shell. I loved watching Eve grow in this book. She can't believe that the guys all find her so hot, and is a little stunned by their attention. Eve is one of my favorite erotic/paranorm [...]

I have to admit I was curious how the writer was going to pull off that many lovers for one woman. Thankfully, there's never more than two or three there for each encounter.There isn't a whole lot of story here, but it's the beginning of a series. I rate it three stars for the current story, but i give four out of anticipation. I'm looking forward to see how this story develops.

When I first found this series, I was impressed. It was my kind of series. Although there is more men than I'm use to reading about in one novel.

Utter crappy ending!!! I can't believe she left it hanging like that?!!! What happened to Ethan ???? Ugh . Wouldn't read another one of her books for fear it would drop off mid sentence lol

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In Seducing Their Mate you are introduced to the super sexy, super hot Dillon family. The family comprises of Noah, the Alpha, his brother Ethan and four cousins Max, Rand, Shane and Jason. All six are shapeshifters and all are dedicated to one female, their mate, Eve MacMillan. Eve does not know who the Dillon's really are and does not understand how she can forget her inhibitions and allow herself to be seduced by these six shapeshifting wolves. Each Dillon has something that attracts Eve and [...]

As in most stories of multiple partners, this first book in the series could conceivably stretch the imagination beyond the believable. However, this author does a very good job of introducing the reader to the heroine who is a very committed lover of wolves and who is in Alaska to study their life habits in order to help preserve their presence in the wild. The Dillon cousins have waited for months for her to be open to their advances, because all of them are in love with the same woman. This n [...]

First off this is the 1st of 8 books. It is from Siren's newest serialized imprint, the LoveXtreme Forever Series. The books are not stand alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and really should be read in the numbered order. The books may end on a cliffhanger but usually with a happy-for-now for the heroine and one or more men. The final book contains a happily forever after for the heroine and all her men.Now that that's out of the way I have to say I can't wait for more. The mena [...]

Though this is a good introduction to what I am sure will be a good series, I felt a little let down at the end. The author did little more than introduce the characters and the situation, and have everyone end up in bed with Eve in one configuration of another. The sex scenes are very intense and well written and there is a suspenseful cliffhanger at the end, but would have liked a little more story and a bit more detail on the Dillons. The series looks promising though and I will be looking fo [...]

This book was a nice surprise and what I think will be a nice start to the series. I really enjoy menage but after about three or four people it gets hard for everyone to have their own personality and to get enough screen time without the book reading like this is this person and this is that person, however this one did a great job and giving us brief glimpses at all the characters and showing them all mesh together. I am hoping that the rest of the series expands offers a little more characte [...]

Again, if there is going to be hitting and crops, it would be nice if there was a way to let the reader know. Not everyone likes that and some find it disturbing or a major turn off. Sorry, but not everyone thinks that pain is mainstream folks. And it definitely got in the way of a good relationship sex scene(s). Ugh.

This was a well written short story. I have only one complaint. What a hell of a cliff hanger at the end. Thank god I am reading this series now that all the books in the series are available. I would be seriously pissed if I had to wait awhile after this one. I suppose that is one way to make sure someone will pick up the next book.

Interesting lead inInteresting lead inWay too short, but the author does a decent job of introducing the characters, though I wished she had shown rather than giving us a long list of their appearances. Intrigued to see where this goes, but I think six was a little too ambitious.

Eve is a scientist & veterinarian she loves and studys wolves. She goes to Alaska to study them. Eve finds six men who want her for their mate, can you imagine? Well Kiera West can I am enjoying her mind.

Very enjoyable shifter story even if you are hanging at the end. The author makes it work (IMO) her relationship with so many men, although I cannot help but wonder if she'll ever have a life outside the bedroom.

Really enjoyed the book.

great read WOW

Just finished this sweet and highly sexual tale and loved it. Now I am reading book two in the series and looking for the other three that are out.Terra

Interesting if far fetched concept. Then again, it's not a book you read for the plot

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Fun read

I actually enjoyed the beginning to this series. It will be interesting to see how this group works.

Nice, but too short.

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