Astra: Synchronicity

Lisa Eskra

Astra: Synchronicity

Astra: Synchronicity

  • Title: Astra: Synchronicity
  • Author: Lisa Eskra
  • ISBN: 9781456405663
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback

Magnius Zoleki has everything a fifty year old man could want except the psionic assassin trying to kill him In 2310, humans persecute psions and hunt them to extinction regardless of guilt Magnius is one of them an evolutionary offshoot of mankind known for their psychic abilities and tendency to murder in order to utilize their power Despite using his telekinesis spaMagnius Zoleki has everything a fifty year old man could want except the psionic assassin trying to kill him In 2310, humans persecute psions and hunt them to extinction regardless of guilt Magnius is one of them an evolutionary offshoot of mankind known for their psychic abilities and tendency to murder in order to utilize their power Despite using his telekinesis sparingly, his secret makes it back to his childhood tutor She murdered his best friend s father in cold blood, giving him every reason to run away before his abilities manifested Now with the hope he ll join her cause to strike down humanity, she sends an assassin to bring him home Of course, that doesn t mean he needs to bring him in one piece As a consequence of his double life, Magnius faces divorce, bankruptcy, and death but not necessarily in that order In his flight to survive, he meets Amii Martin, a woman who recently lost her memory in a laboratory accident She implores him for help rescuing the only man with ties to her past after relations with a benevolent alien race take a tragic turn The last thing Magnius needs is to get mixed up in an ugly war, but in order to escape the clutches of his nefarious mentor and save Amii s father, he s willing to risk it or die trying Astra Synchronicity is a science fiction thriller that will appeal to readers who enjoy the work of C J Cherryh and also those who fell in love with the romance of The Time Traveler s Wife.

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The story was compelling, but the writing had some serious flaws. The 'science' end of the science fiction didn't hold up at all, in the very least- put this one down as fantasy. For example, the author describes how space travel is performed by curving spacetime, therefore dramatically shortening the distance (and therefore time) needed to travel to far off places. She says it takes 1 day to travel 10 light years, and then explains how when these future humans figure out how to travel faster th [...]

The fact that it only took me a few days to read this book should tell you something: I really really enjoyed it. Usually if it takes me weeks to finish a book it's either some dense non-fiction thing that I have to keep thinking about to really get or a novel I'm really not that into. Well, that was definitely not the case here.Astra: Synchronicity gripped me from the start. From the first sentence, I was into the book. There's nothing better than an author that can pull you in from the first p [...]

Astra: Synchronicity By Lisa EskraI enjoyed reading this one. It's a bit of a light in most ways though Lisa Eskra took on an ambitious task and approached it from a slightly different angle than I've seen in the past. For a first effort I think she did fairly well, but the most important part is that it gained my interest and kept it throughout the book. There was a slight shock factor when getting to the end and realizing it's the end and wanting to have more story. But this is a trilogy and t [...]

Astra: SynchronicityLet me first start off by saying, I wish I had realized this was a book that has a second one not yet released! HehHowever, I downloaded it via on my Kindle for free, and because of that fact, I won't complain.The book was good. It took me a little bit of time to get into it, and once I was passed the science bit that I didn't understand (I read a review where someone said the science was wrong, however, I , and probably the average reader wouldn't know that) the book starte [...]

If this book had not been free on I probably would be a bit harsher in my review, but as it is I would say this was a decent story. I liked the plot and many of the characters but unfortunately the writing was inconsistent many times, meaning that many things just seemed to happen because the plot demanded them, not because they made sense, and this book was in serious need of a good editor. But really overall I thought it was okay and certainly not horrible, it just wasn't quite ready for prim [...]

Nope. This book was not so well written. Because it was for free I forced myself towards the end, learning there are two more in the series I will not read. The background in the book is actually interesting: 3 human fractions, first alien encounter and mutants in the human population. However, the major events in the book lack detail and reasoning. The background canvas is underdeveloped and the sciece too obviously flawed. What is left is a rather poorly written story of a man and woman findin [...]

Not a bad book, but like I always whine about, it bugs me when space travel, the vast distances between planets and stars, is trivialized. And this quote, " we've explored half the galaxy" sigh explored 200 billion stars? And this race just wasn't that old. Do you know how LONG that would take to "explore" that many systems in any meaningful way? Even automated probes would take a long time. sighThat aside, it's a pretty good story, a pretty fast read and one I enjoyed.

Not interested enough to get through a meandering plot of psi-ability, politics, and stilted dialogue. Also, I have no love for a book that doesn't receive even the basest of proof-reading, especially in an age of computer corrected spell check. Call me old fashioned: I am a literary development executive, and this is unforgivable. Good concept, poor execution. I would be open to read further material by this writer in the future.

I enjoyed this book immensely. The science-fiction is well conceived and the characters are easy to relate to. I downloaded this book for free from and as soon as I finished it, went and bought the sequel. My only issue is that this apparently is going to be a trilogy. The universe this author created is worth exploring in more story then can fit in only three books.

I really couldn't get into this book but I forced myself to read it until I could no longer stand it (about 70% in). I felt the book had far too much talking and political drama for me to fully enjoy it. I recommend it to people who love Science Fiction served with a side of random politics, but if you want something that keeps you at the edge of your seat, then this book isn't for you.

I can't believe this book is a free download on amazon -- it's SO good. It's not flawless, but it's good. The people behave realistically. The political stuff isn't utopian. There are a few typos and incorrect uses of words, but it's still fantastic. Probably the best piece of sci-fi I've read in ages.

Okay read. Interesting universe. Main characters are well fleshed out and flawed though secondary characters are rather wooden.Main themes through the book include first contact with an alien species, persecution of "psions," people with psychic powers and government.

I got a little boggled in the beginning when being introduced to the many main characters, but after a bit i caught on. I found the book very enjoyable. My favorite character is Amii (did I spell that right?) and am looking forward to reading the next one just to see how she evolves.

ExcellentSpace travel, aliens, psychic powers, politics, assassins, etc. What more can anyone want from a story? Excellent writing? It's here. Realistic characters? You will find them here.I can think of nothing negative about this book. It's simply great.

okay not great but not bad

After reading this book, I just "went out" and bought the other two Astra books :)

I got this for free. It was worth the cost, but not much more. Little character development, very broken and haphazard plotting. Just not well written at all.

Excellent book with well define charactors and a fast pace plot line. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.


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