The Covenant Rising

Stan Nicholls

The Covenant Rising

The Covenant Rising

  • Title: The Covenant Rising
  • Author: Stan Nicholls
  • ISBN: 9780060738907
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback

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In a land where magic defines the social order, the ruling tyrants alone control the most powerful sorcery One of the last of a massacred race of warriors an unparalleled swordsman magically afflicted by spells of blind, uncontrollable rage Reeth Caldason wanders Bhealfa seeking vengeance and freedom from his strange malady Now word has come from a sorcerer sIn a land where magic defines the social order, the ruling tyrants alone control the most powerful sorcery One of the last of a massacred race of warriors an unparalleled swordsman magically afflicted by spells of blind, uncontrollable rage Reeth Caldason wanders Bhealfa seeking vengeance and freedom from his strange malady Now word has come from a sorcerer s apprentice of a mysterious Covenant in the capital city, a secretive society that may provide the escape Reeth desires But forming an uneasy alliance with the youthful messenger could ultimately prove disastrous for the road they musttravel together leads into the sordid heart of a perilous conspiracy of treachery, tyranny, necromancy, and death.

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Back in London in the early 80s, I frequented two great SFF bookstores: Forbidden Planet, and Dark They Were and Golden Eyed. In looking up the source of the latter's name (a Ray Bradbury story) the other day, I was surprised to learn that Stan Nicholls had worked at both. So that's a point in his favor right there.Covenant Rising (or Quicksilver Rising) is the story of Reeth Caldason, a tormented warrior with a secret; Kutch, a novice magic user; and Serrah, another warrior, from another countr [...]

I loved Orcs by Stan Nichols, so I thought I'd give this a shot. The same evocative writing was there, as well as the original ideas. I don't think it's quite as good as the Orcs series, but still well worth checking out.

This review has also been posted on my blog Another World.After reading a book as good as Quicksilver Rising, one cannot help but wonder why it has failed to garner much in terms of popularity and acclaim over the years. It could be argued that High Fantasy is such a saturated genre that it is difficult for any novel to stand out. A better explanation in this instance, is the fact that the plot of Quicksilver Rising cannot be sufficiently summed up by a brief tag-line or back cover blurb.So what [...]

A nice read, and very engaging plot for the first 1/3 of the book, but it lost it's keen edge after that. I found myself skimming portions I knew didn't matter, just to get to the parts I thought would.

Fantasy novel, part of a trilogy, quite good stuffThe first part of a fantasy trilogy, this novel deals with Reeth Caldason, a seemingly immortal warrior trying to rid himself of a curse and the various characters that he encounters along the way. It takes place in a world of magic where two rival empires are constantly vying for control. The book is well-written and engaging enough and there's plenty of action, particularly in the second half. I'm not sure that I'm enthralled enough to continue [...]

This book has an interesting premise, loosely based on the archetype of the tormented and immortal Cain. However, its clumsy writing and too-frequent, long fight scenes detract from the book. Mr. Nicholls' time would have been better spent with fewer fight scenes and more character development. It's not a terribly memorable book. (I skipped most of the fight scenes. Some sword and sorcery fans may enjoy them, but I find them dull.)In The Covenant Rising and the following book, The Righteous Blad [...]

while the plot was interesting, it never actually got around to DOING anything with it! the world set up (and the main character) were fascinating, but it had waaaaaaaay too many fight scenes in super detail, and not enough moving the hell along with the plot! i mean, come on here i know only 1 thing more about the resolution of the plot than i did when i started the book. and that thing that i know isn't even in this book (go to this place and find this item but not in this book!). it's a littl [...]

I quite liked it! The premise did not seem interesting at first, but the storytelling dragged me in anyway. The concept of magic being a commodity for the rich was somehow wedged into every scene, which was interesting at first, but got to seem a little forced after a while. Still, I guess the fact that it was *magic* and made noises and did weird things made it somewhat more interesting than the alternative — which would be a constant discussion on the distribution of wealth. Given the number [...]

The only reason I gave this book a star was because I can't give it no stars. The characters were monochrome and the story just wasn't gripping. I got halfway through and I just gave up when the author threw away the one plot device he had going for him. He was telling multiple storylines and I expected him to carefully and subtly weave them together. Instead he grabbed all the subplots and ham-fistedly mashed them all together. What a let down! I couldn't finish this book. It was incredibly dul [...]

Not perfect but nicely written. I don't know if this work well as a stand alone novel because it is just an introduction to a story. Yet this is not true epic fantasy. I think that the story was grey and the characters are weather beaten. The magic is strangely second mature to the residents but I found it to be a glamour. If you're looking for a solid first book this may be a read worth investing in.

this book was absolutely amazing!!! i wasn't too sure whether i would like it or not when i first started it, but after the first chapter or so i was hooked!! it does take a while for it to explain everything but i liked the way that you just had to hold for those explanations.

I thought Stan Nicholls could have done more with the characters. The individuality was there, but they still had a tendency to blend into one. They could have been less cliche too. Some interesting ideas, though.

Lots of fun and I'm eager to start the next book in the series. Political and magical intrigue. A immortal warrior subject to fits of uncontrolled rage is drawn into a brewing rebellion as he seeks to break his curse.

it is a decent fantasy novel, but he does go a bit into the Robert Jordan mode and describes things or people that have absolutely nothing to do with the story line.

I can't say much about this book. I mean by this that it's so complex you really need to read it yourself to understand me.

this is an interesting book that actully reminds me of many movies i have seen.

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