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  • Title: Orcs
  • Author: Stan Nicholls
  • ISBN: 9780575074873
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback

Combining the acclaimed trilogy of books, Bodyguard of Lightning, Legion of Thunder, and Warriors of the Tempest, plus a new short story previously only available in a small press anthology, this is the entire story of Stryke and his band of Orcs Fantasy s bad guys finally get their own say in this fast moving, action packed, tongue in cheek tale of Orc valour and human tCombining the acclaimed trilogy of books, Bodyguard of Lightning, Legion of Thunder, and Warriors of the Tempest, plus a new short story previously only available in a small press anthology, this is the entire story of Stryke and his band of Orcs Fantasy s bad guys finally get their own say in this fast moving, action packed, tongue in cheek tale of Orc valour and human treachery.

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I finally finish the daunting/masochistic task of reading the 745 pages of crap that this book contains… now as promised my review:Look I’ve read crap in my life… but this was just ridiculous… if you ever played one of those random RPG games for the Game Boy back in the early 90’s you know what talking about here… you get your generic main character an Orc named Stryke, you also get the traditional cookie cutter motley crew of retards: Haskeer who is stubborn and stupid and is suppos [...]

I was tricked into reading this - my copy had a quote on the cover by Tad Williams. I adore Tad Williams' work and the premise sounded neat (Orcs as you've never seen them! or something to that effect), so I bought the book.First problem: The writing style drove me up the wall. It felt juvenile, with lots of telling rather than showing, and generally the writing seemed clunky and lacked polish. Oddly enough, the writing for the dream sequences were an exception; they were well-written, conveyed [...]

**SPOILERS AND BAD LANGUAGE BELOW**I picked up Orcs by Stan Nicholls again, having bought it a couple of years ago, gotten about a third of tthe way through it and then abandoned to leave it languishing on my shelves. And for the life of me, I couldn't remember why.Then I started reading, and by the time I hit the third chapter, I remembered.The good guys in this book are reasonable - interesting characters, for all they aren't particularly orc like - even if I find the narrative a bit monotonou [...]

I sure would have liked this when I was 14! I should have put it back on the shelf when I saw the lead character's name was Stryke. It would have saved me the descriptions of how exotically sexy the half-orc sorceress is. NOTE TO AUTHORS: if you are describing any of your characters' pubic hair, you are probably going down the wrong path.

I am almost embarrassed to put this on my list. I did start reading it. I got almost halfway through by sheer perseverance. Then, I found myself flipping to the end of the tedious fight scenes to see what happened next. Then I realized that about every second or third page, the characters did something so profoundly and inexplicably stupid as to completely distract me from enjoying the story. Finally, I threw the book against the wall and moved on to something else. If I can ever remember the na [...]

I read this book for the first time many years ago, so nostalgia probably colours my review. Orcs is a great book, and the first of its kind that I read that told the story from the orcs pov. I loved all the relentless action and gore, as well as the dark humour laced throughout. Yes, the plot isn't all too complex, but the world-building was very well done and the fight scenes were the highlight. The beginning and the middle of the series were definitely superior to the last third, but the endi [...]

I actually enjoyed this book more than i expected to, but i was a little let down by the story behind Jennesta and her sisters - not what i expected, but i thought they'd have a bigger role.Stryke was so obviously Thrall from Warcraft through ;)

Just don't. No matter how good the back sounds, just don't.

This book has a bit of a cookie cutter story to it (in terms of typical fantasy), but I like the idea of telling the story from the Orcs perspective. If your into fantasy you will know that Orcs are a much maligned race and are cast as a wicked warrior race controlled by others (most famously by Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings). The author here goes out of his way to try and change the stereotype and demonstrate that Orcs have an intelligent and personable side as well. Although, you don't want [...]

I got a kick out of this novel. It wasn't the best written nor was the topic all that deep, but when it came to amusing me, I enjoyed the heck out of it. My biggest issue was the writing - the battle scenes were repetitive: lots of hacking and slashing starting from one main character and then following the circuit to show the others in their battles. And he did this for every skirmish and major altercation - it just grew a little dull to me. I enjoyed the subject - the orcs reminded me of the o [...]

A great book with a neat twist, the main characters are the Orcs who in most other Fantasy novels are the cannon fodder.

This was a very formulaic fantasy story, with a single twist - it was about the bad guys instead of the good guys. This was a great imagining of what orc culture would be outside of the rather one dimensional interpretation of J.R. Tolkien (no disrespect to the master intended - they were monsters, not characters in Lord of the Rings). They have everything that makes them scary - violence, strength, aggression, anger, and fierce fighting ability - but they also had real feelings, and a deep sens [...]

This book quickly establishes that it is going to be different than any other fantasy book you read pertaining to Orcs. (Christi Golden Exempt). you see humans how they see humans, without honor, untrustworthy, resource hogs and destroyers, and incredibly full of them selves. they think they own the place. Orcs in their general fashion, warlike, honorable, and not the sharpest tool in the shed but they still manage to trim the hedges with the best of em. it also shines an interesting light on Or [...]

I loved this book. Yeah, it was a little preachy at times but that's the author's prerogative. Sure, the battles were all pretty much the same but isn't that how real battles are? There are only so many ways to kill an opponent with a sword. I found it a little unbelievable that the orcs didn't lose more members but hey, it's a work of fiction. I'm willing to suspend reality for the sake of a book. I was also a little disappointed that the orcs weren't as orcish as they should be but overall, a [...]

Well, so far I'm struggling to get into this one. I'll give it another few chapters till I decide to let it goAP!!!! This book is total crap. I would rather saw my legs of with a spork than finish this garbage. I have closed the book never to be opened again.

Прилично, непретенциозно, но надъхващо батъл фентъзи (или както му викаха там на този поджанр).Четох с голямо удоволствие, а орките вече ще ги гледам с други очи. :)

This book gives a new look to what Orcs really are. They are not always the blood thirsty animals we think, they have brains, and they can use them.

This is the second time round reading this book. First time I greatly enjoyed it but I guess this time it lost my attention a little bit. It is fast-paced and full of action and adventure, perhaps a little too much. I got a bit bored of endless description of battles and limbs falling off. I noticed the plot kind of fell into place all a little too easy second time round. The orcs pretty much have to collect instrumentalities, or stars, which reside in every stronghold in the land. Yet they mana [...]

I spent a long week on this volume. In the end, I am getting rid of it. It is a decent story, but when every few pages the characters are using english expletives it tends to turn a reader off. When has a fantasy character needed to use the f word? Not once, but many times. I like Coilla, Jup, and Haskeer. But I don't recommend this book. Not at all. Read at your own peril. Technically though, I found no typos and the plot moves along well. The characters are fleshed out okay. Beware though that [...]

On one hand, it is just the same old story line. Hero gets task, hero finds he is on the wrong side, hero destroys the 'baddies'. Same bumbling crew of side kicks. Predictable story and side lines.On the other hand, how many books star Orcs. The fodder for so many heroes. Some might say one too many. Eff them. This is not a book for those wanting to read something new or different. Not a high brow, sophisticated humor, or life simple pleasures. It is a book about rogue Orcs who are just tired of [...]

This was such a fun book. Nicholls takes the fantasy kicking boy villian, the orc, and tells a tale from his viewpoint. The heroes are the orcs of the warband Wolverines, and some of the main villians? The humans who are aggressively colonizing the orc's homeland and destroying the environment. The battle sequences are fantastic and the plot development is spot on. This is a great book.

Well, it was pretty long and there was a lot of filler info, and a lot of unnecessary diction, it seemed, with some far too drawn out fight scenes, but, it was a good book, with a simple, yet solid story. I actually teared up at the end.

Took me a while to get into this one, but once I got to the last 6 or so chapters, I couldn't put it down! Absolutely LOVED the ending!! Looking forward to picking up more of Stan Nichols' novels about orcs!

If you like violent fantasy books, this is the one for you. It takes Orcs, who are most notable from Tolkien's LOTR triology, and makes them likable, but still incredibly dangerous creatures.

Like another fantasy book as far as plot concerned, but this time it's from the Orc perspective. Which was alrightBest part about this book and author, detailed, gory battle scenes. ;)

Simply put, the best fanstasy book I have ever read.

Was very fun right till the end felt rushed & like he was on a tight deadline. I hate that.

Good story-telling pure and simple.

Just not good enough. I understand the supposedly fresh view point but there is way too much mediocrity in fantasy literature right now and this is one of it. I have put it aside after one-third.

Maybe I’m not a popular opinion, but I actually loved the way you write. Keep it up!

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