Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: How to Find Your Perfect Look

Ann Shoket Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: How to Find Your Perfect Look

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: How to Find Your Perfect Look

  • Title: Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: How to Find Your Perfect Look
  • Author: Ann Shoket Seventeen Magazine
  • ISBN: 9780762441938
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback


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Tells me what pieces I want to achieve a certain look and how to pair them together. Effective.

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style informs readers what the latest fashion is and how to look presentable in a stunning way. Some women in the world have trouble looking fashionable in public. In this book the author gives tips and tricks to help women look their best. Also, the book helps readers to find the right look for their personality. In this book the author gives an amazing bunch of tips and ideas for what accessories to wear. I believe the author wrote this book to help women and girls [...]

The book Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style by Ann Shocket and the editors of seventeen magazine is there to help teens pick just the right outfits to look as stylish as possible. They see a problem with teens not being to their stylish potential. There is different styles shown in the book so you can look anyway you want to! I like this book because it has limited words but it gives lots of explaining with the pictures. The author writes this story in photos of outfits and pieces of clothing put [...]

Its hard to write a review of a book with no plot but I really enjoyed Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style. Maybe it's because I'm in the age group it's targeted at, or maybe it's because I just really love the magazine. (I even have a subscription). While this book is perfect for me, it's not going to be for everyone. First off, it would be more for someone into style or someone who wants style ideas. It also would be better for someone around the age of 17. The styles rage from girly to classic [...]

Darien MundenInformationalFor teenage girls this book is a style guide to paradise. With six different "schools" of style: Girly, Edgy, Boho, Classic, Glam, and Indie, its not hard to see why this book covers all the basics no matter what kind of fashion statement your trying to make. In addition to defining the dress style, clothes, colors, and patterns that go with each of the six "schools," this book also covers the proper accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses and make-up)that go with [...]

Whether you think you have a savvy fashion sense or not; go for designer clothes or stick to bargains, Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style is sure to appeal and will have you inspired in no time. Which style are you? Girly, glam, indie, edgy, boho, or classic? Skim through all these different looks for new ideas on outfits, accessories, trends, and tips on how to alter what you already have in your closet. Not sure how to fit yourself with jeans and swimwear? Pick your body-shape/style and let the [...]

I think it's a good starter for someone just trying to find their sense of style. And also trying to find the right styles for you.

I thought this was a terrible book and I did not see one outfit I liked in the whole thing!

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style by Ann Shoket, is a book to inform readers about the latest fashion trends and outfits that will make everyone's’ jaw drop when you walk in a room. Even though many people just throw on clothes and continue on with their day, they don’t realize that being stylish and flirty with their clothes is so straightforward and uncomplicated to do. The problem is the fact that people don’t know how to dress, this book is a guide that will help you dress to success! [...]

This book isn't just for teenagers; a lot of the content isn't age-specific. There are style classifications (e.g. indie, glam, classic, edgy, etc) and how to dress in a particular style, and near the back of the book, names of different types of fashion items are given (e.g. types of sunglasses: aviators, cat eye, wayfarers, etc) which is useful if you want to learn how to identify them or wish to see how they can best be matched with other items. There are many photos and examples of mix-n-mat [...]

I really enjoyed flipping through this book for style inspirations. I liked that it provided options for several different styles and I found that I like outfits from every one! The only thing that I didn't like about this book was that I feel it could have included even more distinct styles and/or more outfit suggestions. Also, I feel some of the outfits were a little unrealistic to wear out in public, when most girls I know just wear sweatpants to school. But maybe I'm asking a little too much [...]

I bought this book on a local book fair I thought it was great buy! This book shows you six fashion vibes which is : Girly, Edgy, Boho, Classic, Glam and Indie to suits your own personality. Basically I think this book is suitable for teenagers who are just starting to experiment with their looks. Inside also include some well known brand for each look to make shopping easier.Overall, I think it's a great book!

This book is great for people who love fashion boy or girl it doesn't matter. It gives different fashion styles for people looking to learn more about fashion and styleus it offers exclusive places were you can find these different types of styles. So if you really have an passion for fashion no matter who you are or what you do you will enjoy seventeen ultimate guide to style !!!

Hey, girl, hey! Customize your style with a book as cool as the magazine!Imagine That! (Teen Summer Reading Program 2012) recommended bookAvailable from OCLS in print.

i thought the book provided some great opinions and ideas on style that were appropriate to the age groups. I really loved the celebrity inspiration especially the emma watson page. It pretty much summed up teenage fashion into one book and provided help and ideas for anyone from rookie style to xtreme fashionista.

Concept/ideas: 5/5This book was an amazing guide. Seventeen never fails to come out with good go-to guides that are use-able to say the least. They don't tend to go against bigger body types, such as myself, which I like. They have ideas and styles for every girl of every shape. This book was filled with a lot of tips, from girly to rocker.

Many thanks to Mariah H for reading adn reviewing this book for PSLA!An excellent source for types of styles: girly, edgy, boho, classic, glam, and indie including accessories such as shoes, bags, jeans and swimsuits. This is a good source for any teen girl who wants to upgrade her personal style and fun for fashionistas like myself. Mariah H, Abington Senior High

This book is great, it gives you all the pieces that you need to have in your closet for every style, plus picture!! I love that, the only but is, I think it is more for high school students and not so much for people that are more grown up, I mean, it says Seventeen!!

Great book, with lots of great fashion tips & ideas for every girl out there! Whether your style is girly, boho, indie, edgy or glam this book is a fun & creative read! Skim it or read it back to back in one sitting for some cool ideas for the next time you hit the mall. :)

Really great book, though the title might be a bit misleading. A better fit would be something regarding your personal type of style, because it focuses more on different styles and their accompanying closets than on basic fashion.

My love for Seventeen magazine motivated me to read this.It has tips to identify your style, recommended stores, and finding the appropriate accessories, underwear, bathing suits and tips to rock your look.


December 4, 2012- 30 minutesDecember 5, 2012- 30 minutes

nice easy read. gave me a few outfits ideas which i needed.

So cool! Lots of advice for new hip fashion ideas. A great book to continually look through for ideas. I would recommend this to any teen wanting some fashion advice.

I LOVED this book! It's full of great tips, clothes, and showcases every style!

I actually got some really great ideas from this book! And the pictures were great! Well organized as well

Very visual guide to different styles.

Loved it! Really showed style and cheap outfits.

Style tips from Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez.

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