PS I Love You

Lilian Harry

PS I Love You

PS I Love You

  • Title: PS I Love You
  • Author: Lilian Harry
  • ISBN: 9780752825700
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Unknown Binding

Following Corner House Girls and Kiss the Girls Goodbye, this is the third novel in the wartime saga about the girls who work at the Lyons Corner House in Marble Arch.

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Just loved this series. I am glad that the whole 3 books jelled so well and we didn't loose any of the story during the 3 books. It was a awesome series and I am pleased I read it.

brilliant will read again

I love the books by Lillian Harry. This one is no exception.

In this, the third and final volume in Lilian Harry's "Corner House Girls" series, the girls and their families move wholeheartedly into doing their bit for Britain's war effort. Harry's cast of characters is so large that we can see a little bit of just about every operation on the home front. Secret munitions work, nursing, forest clearance, mining and of course air raid rescue all get their time on the page. Once again, Lilian Harry doesn't hesitate to let us get close to characters, and then [...]

My friend told me to read this as she enjoyed it so much and she alo told me she cried multiple times. I must say it didn't affect me as much as that however I still enjoyed it.I liked the concept of the whole story line as I just think it was adorable and still makes me go all tingly thinking about it. I don't know why I didn't cry, I guess I just thought it was more sweet that upsetting. Watching the film made me tear up but I preferred the book as it was more detailed and I could empathise wi [...]

Hello, My name is Chandnife is for living, holly realises -but it always helps if there's an angel watching over you. Gerry nd Holly are ideal for each couple a perfect soul mates. The guiding notes helps out Holly to enter into her new life without Gerry . she becomes braver than ever before. And the contribution of sharon and Holly ’s family is also noteworthy. loved to read this book , to know the real phase of living life. And very touchy and emotional book.

Please don't be put off by my review, it's just I could not relate to the book so it didn't really resonate with me. Again, I am a teenager who has NOT experienced losing a loved one, especially a spouse. The entire thing felt a bit slow to me, but I reckon it's an excellent choice for those who have experienced Holly's situation.Maybe it'll be one of those books where I'll read again in my mid thirties and sob as I clutch it to my chest because I can relate to it so well.But at the moment, nah. [...]

The last of the three books from Lilian Harry's Corner house series.It follows the lives of the corner house girls and the war how it changes their lives.Not how I thought it would end, full of the unexpected

My favourite book ever. Read it a few years before they made the movie. The book goes so much further into their relationship. The book is beautifully written and a real heart string puller. Makes you really believe in hope.

brilliant, wanted the series to carry on, very emotional.

Raar genoeg vond ik de film beter, maar om te lezen net voor het slapen gaan is het de ideale chicklit!

Very good love story

Enjoyed this book very much, shame the film wasn't as good

great story to end the mini series 'The Corner house Series' would definitely read this one over again.

amazing. I wanted to kill nick and hug josh constantly. I cried when etty died and wanted to revive the person that killed her so i can kill him in the most painful way possible.

Lacked the charm of Corner House Girls and it was harder to keep track of all the characters


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