Shadow Raiders

Margaret Weis Robert Krammes

Shadow Raiders

Shadow Raiders

  • Title: Shadow Raiders
  • Author: Margaret Weis Robert Krammes
  • ISBN: 9780756406622
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover

A new swashbuckling epic fantasy series by New York Times bestselling author Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes The known world floats upon the Breath of God, a thick gas similar to Earth s oceans, with land masses accessible by airship The largest of these land masses are ruled by the rival empires of Freya and Rosia Magic is intrinsic to the functioning of these societA new swashbuckling epic fantasy series by New York Times bestselling author Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes The known world floats upon the Breath of God, a thick gas similar to Earth s oceans, with land masses accessible by airship The largest of these land masses are ruled by the rival empires of Freya and Rosia Magic is intrinsic to the functioning of these societies, and is even incorporated into their technological devices But now a crucial scientific discovery has occurred that could destroy the balance of power and change the empires forever.

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You never want to read an author you loved as a teenager and realize you only liked them because you were a teen. Glad to say, Margaret Weis and her new writer partner Robert Krammes don't disappoint. Admittedly Weis may nearly always have dragons, but it's her world building that makes her writing so fun. I guess you could think The Dragon Brigade of it a bit like an alternate universe where the world is made up of floating islands, and England and France (not named as such) hate each other, an [...]

Fantastic new series about world where religion is holding on to its dogmas and magic is part of every day life. When suddenly new foes appear and magic starts to crumble people of different nations and background need to investigate and find out what is happening. Book is full of humorous scenes, action packed adventures and court intrigues with background of fantasy filled world.

I had mixed feelings about this book. The book has a number of strengths, but also some glaring weaknesses. As is typical for a world created by Weis, this is a rich, imaginative setting. The plot is constructed such that when the elements all come together the book is exciting and hard to put down. The problem is that those moments are few and far between, and the exposition is rather dully presented. The main characters would enter a cathedral, and the reader would be treated to a several page [...]

I just won this book, so I am going to start reading it!

Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes’ Shadow Raiders, the first book in the new Dragon Brigadeseries, is a book that I am simultaneously excited about and which I’m a little disappointed in. I first came across Shadow Raiders when I discovered an introductory adventure to an RPG based in the same world and uses the Cortex system (designed by the folks at Margaret Weis Productions and first used in the Firefly RPG). While I’ve yet to try a Cortex game the world it was set in full of floating is [...]

Edit: Upon further reflection, I think I bumped it up to 5 stars because I really enjoyed the story. The writing, however, probably only justified a 4. It was a good story, but could have been a bit better told.Original review: I would actually give this book 4.5 stars, but since that's not an option I bumped it up (normally I like to reserve 5 stars for the books that I think will change the way I think, write, or live). The description on the back cover of the book made me a bit nervous. It wa [...]

Won this book on ' First Reads giveaways. I thought it had an interesting premise and a lot of promise. I was disappointed. I gave up after doing about a chapter a week, and I'm probably going to be listing it for swap shortly.An outline of the main reasons it disappointed me:1- Very unrealistic characters. People just don't act like that. People don't talk like that. I mean, c'mon. In the prologue, Sir Henry's like "Hi, MR SLOANE. How are you, MR SLOANE? Let's go to the kitchen, MR SLOANE. MR S [...]

Reading this book is like watching an rpg session except instead of just watching the party- cadre of the lost- you also get to watch the gamemaster handle the box thoughtlines. As such it was very enjoyable. Steampunk, airships, magic, religion, politics, a mystery, characters with flaws, this story has it all. Floating continents and the Breath had me wondering how the world was built. I can't wait for the rest.Now the downsides:1 poor editing. It's missing participles. There are many typos - [...]

Overall, this was a very enjoyable mixture of Steampunk and High Fantasy. The start was a bit slow, but there was a lot of great action in the last two thirds of the book. The writing is nothing special, but that didn't bother me. I found myself connecting with the characters. It's nice to see authors who still like their heroes on the heroic side.Weis has worked both alone and with co-authors during her career. I haven't read all her stuff, but I'd say this is probably the best first book in a [...]

I've been a fan of Margaret Weis for almost twenty years and have read almost all of her novels, whether they've been ones she's written herself or with her frequent writing partner Tracy Hickman or other partners like Don Perrin and have, for the most part, enjoyed them thoroughly. So, having said that, I feel like I have to blame the fact that this book broke that streak on her partner this time around, Robert Krammes. Don't get me wrong, the book isn't all bad. There are likeable characters h [...]

What do you get if you take The Three Musketeers, steampunk and magic, mix it all up and shake it well - and toss in a few giant bat-riding demons and some excellent dragons? You get Shadow Raiders. Fun, interesting with excellent characters, the good ones go bad and the bad ones go good and it is doggone hard to sort out who is who and what they heck they are up to at any given point.However, the plot pretty much ends at a stopping point. There are so many things hanging over the cliff you can' [...]

What can I say. Was looking for another Margaret Weis book to sink my teeth into, but this one fell far short of the usual cant-put-down-the-book-absolute-love-reread-forever standard that i had associated with Weis. It was just plain boring. The pace was slow and yes Weis is known for her world building but do i really need to know or care how many bows are on the Duchess's dress? And with other Weis stories there is alot of character development which in my opinion leads to beloved/hated chara [...]

Least appearances by dragons of any book with a dragon on the cover. Very annoying, that, and by the time we obtain our dragon, the book ends. We get all this political spy on spy intrigue about magic enhanced metal, zeppelin gypsies who own their ship but let entitled aristocrats be captain of, and demons riding around on the back of bats the size of horses who slaughter 100 nuns, but you know what we don't get? Dragons! Brief cameo by two elderly brothers who were poaching some venison the nig [...]

I really enjoyed the characters and intrigue in this book. The world has a sense of depth to it that makes me excited to know more, both about its past and future. I'm very fascinated by the magic system, and the fact that it is considered an aspect of God and governed by the church, instead of seen as demonic and shunned by the church. It really kind of shows how church representatives saw an opportunity for power and seized it, instead of simply oppressing those who had the power. Both differe [...]

Overall, I enjoyed this story. However I felt like there parts that unnecessary that felt mechanical. At points the story didn't flow extremely well. The characters are interesting, but I had no real connection to them. It was a slow start. I will read the sequel because it has received better reviews. I'll end on a positive note: I loved the idea of this story. Dragons, a religious system that is corrupt, pirates, and demons from hell. It was awesome. There were times while reading I couldn't p [...]

I guess if I wanted to make a fancy schmancy one-liner involving book mashups, this would be Temeraire meets The Name of the Rose, plus, like, uh, floating continents? Demons? Funnier than either of the two mentioned books, that's for certain. Anyways, loved the characters, loved the cat, loved the Georgian-esque time period, absolutely hated the cover. I thought this book was thirty years older than it actually was, due to the cover. Be warned: it's a really long read, thoughso gythe x brother [...]

Loved this book. Good characters, plots, settings. Can't wait to read more.

I always think highly of books written by two persons who managed to combine their individual abilities. Margaret Weis had some writing partners over the years, but having read or browsed most of her works I'd say only Tracy Hickman really clicked with her. Well, not anymore, Robert Krammes seems to excel above her husband and children in this department.To tell you the truth when I first read the back of the book, I didn't think I'd like this book. Personally, I don't think Stephano and Rodrigo [...]

**Two and a half stars***I was disappointed in this book. Like many others here, I've been reading Margaret Weis since the mid-1980s and the first Dragon Lance series. She is an impressive and talented author with her Darksword trilogy and the Star of the Guardians series being some of the most hard-hitting, in terms of plot and character development, books in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. Others have pointed out the heavy-handed telling in this book, the slabs of pure info-dump that turn reading in [...]

[3.5 stars] Not bad, but also not good enough. The world-building is ordinary. The pov changes so frequently that it's sometimes confusing. The storylines are intriguing, but the pace is too slow. I like the dragon part though.「蒙丹野心勃勃卻又喜好政治,同時真心將自己奉獻給上帝——非常可怕的組合。他自認是上帝代言人,執行上帝的旨意,所作所為都是為了彰顯上帝的榮耀。」本書主要跟著兩條主線:「拜寇隊」的調查任 [...]

I bought my hardbound copy from a second-hand bookshop and the book has been languishing in my my shelf for over two years until I finally picked it up because I couldn't find my kindle. Lucky for me because I found a great series, and lucky for Margaret Weis because she got a new fan in me! All the characters are likeable without trying too hard. Stephano is brave and charming, old for the typical swash-buckling adventures of this type but then again, when I read his character, I read him as a [...]

Shadow Raiders: Book 1 of the Dragon Brigade was interesting. It was a book that I didn't think I would read to begin with but the further that I got into the story the more I liked it. I must read this book again because I know I missed so much. And seeing its the first book of a series I'm sure I'll pick up the second one because I want to know what happens.The story takes place with several perspectives of several different characters. But toward the end you find out that they all merge toget [...]

It was a better book than I expected, honestly. I picked up this book because 1. It was on sale at my local bookstore and 2. It had dragons. I started to read it and it was enjoyable, if a bit unoriginal, fantasy. I ended up becoming really attached attached to Rodrigo (and Stephano, to a lesser extent), by the end of the book. The setting was interesting, thought this may be due to the fact I really like early-modern European history. While the main characters, like Rodrigo and Stephano, were r [...]

This book is a 3.5 bumped to 4. The book is well written and fairly engaging, but a little confusing at parts. There are intrigues upon intrigues and unfortunately, it takes the reader a little while to kinda catch up to who is doing what to whom and why. The story seems to span a long while, but actually, the timespan is fairly short. On one side, the characters are so fully developed that they refer to life and confidants outside the scope of this story but sometimes, you think "did I miss som [...]

Well, the premise is awesome, with dragons, guns, magic, airships. But a good idea does not make for a good story. You need good and entertaining story telling to deliver - and this novel failedTTING = 10. As stated above, the premise of the world is awesome. I would love to read a novel in this setting, if it were written wellARACTERS = 8. most characters are enjoyable, but there are a couple that appear useless and unneeded. Also, I do not know the obsession with cats and airships, but stop al [...]

The first chapter seemed boring, and slow paced. However the book has a wonderful flow that gradually builds into a lot of action. There is a lot of espionage, a sprinkling of politics, a sprinkling of theology and logic, that may bore some. I happened to love it. I loved having Rodrigo explain how constructs worked (it reminded me of Electrical Engineering). I enjoyed the espionage, and the philosophical discussions. I've long been a fan of Margaret Weiss' writing and I love her ability to crea [...]

For many years I have been reading Margaret Weis novels, and I have always been struck by her ability to create worlds. This series is no exception. The world that has been created is a collection of large land masses that float on a gas that is used to power their magic. The book moves at a brisk pace and I found myself continuing to read long after I normally would have stopped. The book did a fairly good job of blending together the worlds of fantasy, steam-punk, and political/religious intri [...]

Shadow Raiders is classic Weis, in the respect that it features colorful characters, a well realized setting, and enough page turning to keep you glued to the whole affair.I'm always surprised at how a few twists on conventional ideas about fantasy can result in such interesting and diverse realms to explore. Shadow Raiders' setting is swashbuckler-inspired with gun powder, magical ships, officers clad in tricorn hats and lace, and court settings with an ample amount of skullduggery.Check out th [...]

Shadow raiders is an extremely in depth, interwoven story. It's a perfect young adult/ adult read for the lazy hazy days of summer and Weis/Krammes' writings of fictional Aeronne are captivatingly transportative. Reading the novel I could often forget what was right in front of me and got galavanted off into the life of the Dragon Brigade and the Cadre of the Lost. Though the descriptions and characterizations are a bit tedious at first, by the end of the novel all the little details fit togethe [...]

I'm not sure why but I wasn't interested in this book when it 1st came out despite being co-authored by Margaret Weis. I've loved everything she's written yet this one didn't really seem to appeal as much.I read the short story , The Day is Ours, just to see if I liked the world enough to give it a try & it was terrific. Honestly, I wish I hadn't taken this long to get around to Shadow Raiders.Weis & Krammes create a well thought out world where people live on floating islands. Guns, mag [...]

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