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  • Title: Re-Vamped!
  • Author: Sienna Mercer
  • ISBN: 9780061854712
  • Page: 167
  • Format: ebook

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The secret is out cheerleader Olivia and vampire Ivy are twinsow that Ivy and Olivia have told their friends that they re twins, they have to come clean to their adoptive parents But Ivy s dad doesn t even want to meet OliviaWhen the vampire officials realize Olivia knows the truth about vampires, they demand that she pass three tests to prove she s worthy of sharing theThe secret is out cheerleader Olivia and vampire Ivy are twinsow that Ivy and Olivia have told their friends that they re twins, they have to come clean to their adoptive parents But Ivy s dad doesn t even want to meet OliviaWhen the vampire officials realize Olivia knows the truth about vampires, they demand that she pass three tests to prove she s worthy of sharing the secret Yikes One thing s for sure if the sisters can get through this, they can get through anything

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Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadTooUsually, the first day of middle school is full of nervousness and excitement. Not knowing what to expect from the teachers or the upperclassmen, being at the bottom of the middle school food chain is always tough. For Olivia Abbott, the first day of middle school was full of excitement that changed her life forever. Turns out Olivia has a twin sister named Ivy. But Ivy isn't just any sister -- she's also a vampire. Olivia certainl [...]

It may seem like such a childish book to read, but after a couple of hours of reading, I was completely interested again in the series. I loved the ending the best because of all the happiness. However, I was shocked that Ivy's father is their real father and he was in hiding all this time; least he could've done was tell his daughter.

As seen on worthlesswords.tumblr (My blog/tumblr)Important info. Switched (book review). Fangtastic! (book review)"The secret is out—cheerleader Olivia and vampire Ivy are twins!Now that Ivy and Olivia have told their friends that they're twins, they have to come clean to their adoptive parents. But Ivy's dad doesn't even want to meet Olivia!When the vampire officials realize Olivia knows the truth about vampires, they demand that she pass three tests to prove she's worthy of sharing the secre [...]

Sep 12 2017 re-read: I realised on this re-read in particular that this may be the most emotional book in this series, for me at least. If you really think about it (which I do, a lot) there is some serious depth to this story, with some tragic events from the past being brought to the surface. Still, Sienna Mercer balanced it with the fun perfectly and this book was, as always, so much fun to read!Jan 1 - 13 2016 re-read: Everything about this book is pure brilliance! A cool, fun, feel-good sto [...]

THEY FIND OUT WHO THEIR DAD IS! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!I read this in like 2 days I think, I read this so fast I wanted to finish the series so i could find out if they are going to move to Europe.

My 10year old daughter and I read this together. It was a fun read. We both really enjoyed it. I would recommend reading it.

i read it in a compel of days!:O

I love the twist in this story. A dash of adventure and a hint of spooky things.

I just finished reading “My Sister the Vampire Re-Vamped”. This is a good book about how Olivia and Ivy find each other and realize that they were sisters. Olivia was adopted, but Ivy was not. She have been living with their real father and he knew about both his daughters, but he never told Ivy about her sister or that her mother was a human. Both girls wore the same ring. Ivy wore it on her neck and the Olivia wore it on her hand.In this book everyone in their school knows that they are si [...]

The two main characters in this book are Ivy, and Olivia. They are headed to Trannsilvania to visit their long lost grandparents, and to join them for the ball. Olivia back at home has a boyfriend, but the soon realizes that she is falling for the prince in Trannsilvania. Ivy is mad at both of them because Ivy knows how much Olivia likes her "real" boyfriend at home.I really liked this book because it had a lot of suspension twards the end, and all the characters are very realistic, because they [...]

Glitter, vampires, fashion and a few OMGs to go with that :)!I can't make up my mind about these books. On the other hand they are horrible and shame every vampire story ever written. Especially the first 50 pages were like torture.And yet I enjoy the ways Mercer bashes most cliches and makes True Vampirists weap :).As for the story - there are some dark rituals (with strawberry shakes) and finally a revelation about the twins's real parents!

Ahhhh! This was so good, I liked the whole series! xD I read it last year, in this book they don't do as much switching as book one! xD They use to switch a lot. Not sure if it's this book or book four, it was quite revealed that Ivy's dad was REALLY her dad and Ivy's not an orphan and Ivy's dad happens to be also Olivia's dad, i really liked this book! :)

It was an eventful book in the series.First of all,now everyone knows that they are long lost twin sisters.Secondly,Olivia convinced the vampire officials that she is worthy of their trust.Thirdly,eventually they understood who is their father:Ivy's dad.I had guessed it,but I can't understand him at all,he is so strange.To solve this mystery,I should keep reading!

It's a cute book. I actually read it and at the end, was dying to find out why their biological father pretended to be the Ivy's adopted dad and why he didn't want anything to do with Olivia.Ivy is the vampire twin whereas Olivia is the human twin. We also get to meet Brandon's dad and he is hysterical and a mad genius.Looking forward to reading the next one.

I really liked it and admired the two sister's love for each other. I also like how they didn't know about each other for over half of their lives and when they just found out that they both existed, they were told they were to be torn apart yet again.

This is the third book in the My Sister the Vampire series and it delves into how Ivy and Olivia can be identical twins. Ivy and Olivia search for the identity of their true parents and break the news to their adoptive parents.

One of the best ones yet, the girls reveal their twin identity to the world, in both normal and vamp society. In doing so they discover more about their parents.

Reading with T. Surprisingly interesting story for a -type book. I'm enjoying it.



Again I loved this series in the 5th grade and I thought that this one was my favorite out the entire series.

Mysterious and Happy

i learned that if a lost familiy of yours is lost you ma find them some day

Read this at my 9 year old's recommendation. It was ok, a good book for a child.

Good sequal but i kinda guessed that Mr. Vega was the biological father after he was seen with the box.

This is the best of the series. A lot more action with Olivia and ivy's relationship at risk. Also you find out who's Ivy's and Olivia's dad is

Olivia and Ivy are Twin sisters but since Ivy is a vampire Olivia is Human and knows that Ivy's a vampire she has to prove that she can keep the secret of a vampire.


This series is very interesting. I hope to continue this series very soon.

This is a very good book every girl should read it!

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