Operation Typhoon Shore

Joshua Mowll

Operation Typhoon Shore

Operation Typhoon Shore

  • Title: Operation Typhoon Shore
  • Author: Joshua Mowll
  • ISBN: 9781844286461
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover

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Celebes Sea, May 1920 Battered by a typhoon, the Expedient is shipwrecked on an island No radio, no rescue, no escape Doug and Becca MacKenzie s search for their missing parents must wait, but what part did the mysterious Guild play in their disappearance And what is their uncle, Captain MacKenzie, really searching for

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This book was a sequel to the book I read before, Operation Red Jerico, which was a great book. This book was a bit harder to understand but it was still interesting. This book was more descriptive and I got bored because of all of the extra details. My favorite part, again, was the pictures and mini-maps that would help clear things up. I think the major turning point for Becca and Doug was, “The typhoon had chosen its quarry that night and was chasing hard: an injured ship, a straggler show [...]

Double Lethal!

May 1920: Trapped on a volcanic island during a typhoon, Becca and Doug MacKenzie want nothing more than to continue the search for their mother and father. But their uncle Captain MacKenzie, seems more concerned with the missing gyrolabe, and he refuses to discuss the role that the mysterious Guild of Specialists played in their parents' disappearance. As the Kalaxx warriors close in, Becca and Doug unearth a riddle that could be the key to the dark secrect of the Guild. But will they be able t [...]

Der zweite Teil der "Operation XY" Reihe.Auch dieser Band ist vollgestopft mit kleinen Überraschungen: ausfaltbare Pläne, Konstruktionszeichnungen, Kartenmaterial, Zeichnung usw. Dadurch gerät die Geschichte selbst ein bisschen sehr in den Hintergrund, aber da es ein Jugendbuch ist, bin ich wahrscheinlich einfach ein bisschen zu mäkelig.Man trifft in dieser Geschichte alte Bekannte wieder: den Kapitän MacKenzie natürlich, die beiden Geschwister Becca und Doug, Die Gräfin (ein weißer beng [...]

The part of me that is still a ten year old ate this whole thing up and demanded more helpings *. It has everything: secret societies in secret war, ancient technological civilizations, weird science, exotic world travel, island adventure. It would have pirates, but those were defeated in the prequel, and so it has to make do with warrior monks gone Cossack, sort of. And subterranean drilling machines.It fits into the long and noble tradition of orphaned or semi-orphaned children on an adventure [...]

es un buen libro. una excelente edición. una buena historia. pero no para mi por eso sólo le doy tres estrellas. No me fascinó y fue muy lento. pero es muy buena historia

The author of this literary piece of work is Joshua Mowll and is the sequel to Operation Red Jericho of the Guild trilogy. The genre of this book is fictional narrative and takes place on the Expedient and the Sulphur Archipelago(SE of the South China Sea). The point of view(that it's from) and main characters are Becca and Doug MacKenzie. Though it anwsers little about the disappearance of their parents the MacKenzies discover some of the secrets and corruptions(some old and some new)of the Gui [...]

From the first book of the series to this one, I'm not sure I'm pleased with the lack of character development. Usually there is a satisfying piece to reading these sort of adventures, but this just seems to be action-driven; a hard aspect to commit to without being paired with something more. The guild is no longer interesting and there are too many factions to consider with very little information, despite the demographics. All that being said, the story wasn't terrible. The plot was clear eno [...]

There's always a soft spot in my heart for a good YA adventure tale, and Operation Typhoon Shore definitely fits the bill. The MacKenzie siblings make great protagonists, approaching problems with a mix of intelligence and derring-do. This story has a great Treasure Island feel to it, combined with The Guild of Specialist's intriguing mix of science, explorer's guilds, Eastern influence, and mystery. The story is full of dramatic tension punctuated with frenetic action scenes. As with the first [...]

This second book, which really isn't quite a stand-alone, carries the momentum right along from the first. While the stock characters and basic kids-defy-adults-and-save-the-day starts to wear a little thin, it's still a fun and exciting romp. And all the while it keeps up the pace of illustrations and documents that so delightfully flesh out the story and elevate it above similar, unembellished versions of this kind of tale.

7/11/11 ** Becca & Doug continue their quest for their parents in the 1920s South China Sea. A solid middle grade/YA adventure novel with very interesting constructed elements - fold out diagrams, sketch book entries, diary entries, photos, etc.The story didn't hold my interest as much in the middle, but I still found myself starting the third book when I finished this one - I want to know about the parents too!

Ryan Hoven 1/31/088-1Operation Typhoon ShoreJoshua MowllGenre: actionBecca and Doug Mackenzie are the main characters. The are out on a mission to find their parents. There are clues set out in the woods that was left by the parentnaper to help them find their lost parents. Becca is smart and wise she can get them out of any situation. On the other hand Doug he is one wise crack he always makes jokes at the wrong times.

action/adventure, historical fiction. This is the second book in a series. The two main characters are teenagers who are searching for their parents. The book's setting is generally in Asia (although the main characters aren't Asian). The family is part of a secret society dedicated to protecting knowledge about an energy source that could cause large scale destruction if it falls into the wrong hands.

I picked this book up for only $3 at a used book store. I really liked the look of the cover and whole notebook feel to it. I really wasn't expecting much but as I started reading I was blown away. The story was incredible. It has everything I look for in book. The diagrams and huge fold outs helped to bring the story alive. I started the trilogy in the middle so now I have to go back and get caught up.

There is a sticker on the book that says DaVinci code meets Alex Rider however I must contest that characterization, this is really an old fashioned adventure book more in the vane of Indiana Jones. With lots of suavely dressed bad guys, exotic locations and ancient treasures. What the author did well is create a cast of characters that either gender will enjoy from the brother/sister team searching for their parents, to the daring aviatrix Liberty Devine and Captain Mckenzie.

I thin this book has some mystery features to it and alot of action especially at the end!I recommend this book to everyone! You guys just have to read this book.I guarantee that there are no boring parts in this book.When there is no action the main characters talk about their background and went they are not the side characters talk about the mysteries.All in all you guys have to read this book!

I felt like near the beginning, their problems were being taken care of for them. Why even include them as problems if in the next paragraph say "Oh, and they fixed the problem that I took a few pages detailing. Thought you'd want to know." But the rest of it was a pretty good thriller! Now, where's the third one? Beautiful illustrations and design. Lovely book.

As a sequel to to operation red jerinco it's brilliant. This series is a great. Following the stories of doug and becca, after their boat crashes on a mysterious island in Chinese waters, they go on an elaborate scheme and adventure to put a stop to evil and help find clues to their parents mysterious disappearance A action packed book that leaves you craving for more 5/5

This is a fairly good book. It starts out pretty quickly unlike the first one. I didn't skim after the first chapter, which is good. It isn't a very tough book to read. Like the first one it was extremly realistic. There were just a few parts in the book that were a bit far fatched. Otherwise, a great book.

This book has two main characters Becca and Doug MacKenzi, who are trying to escape an island after their boat crashes in a terable storm. The captain is worried some one is missing. They soon realize a greater fear that they are not the only ones on the island. I would give the book five stars because it kept me gussing till the end of the book. Also it had lots of advenchure.

Incredible. A great read. The detail described in this book is is really well researched and written. This book literally paints a picture in your mind of what is happening. Impossible to put down. I loved every page

Like most trilogies, the middle book sets up the finaleis series is no exception. Still a good story, more fantastical than the first, and not as believable, but I'm still eager for the third installment.

Found this one on Cassidy's shelf while I was packing his room up. Very entertaining so far! Great format with illustrations and diagrams and diary entries combined with a more traditional narrative text

58/100 It wasn't overly exciting, and most of the action was either cluttered or short. Once again, the illustrations were great, but the rest of the book was mundane. Hopefully the last book is as good as the first.

Fun stuff. Light adventure tales of kids growing up set in a slightly steam punkish victoriaphile world.

I did not enjoy this book as much as I thought I would, and maybe I should read it again, and stop being mesmerized by the pictures of items from the Archives.

Page 89So far so good I'm getting to the good stuff

*3.5 stars*

These books remind me of the tv show Alias. Lots of imaginary scientific discoveries, but best of all the illustrations and made up maps, etc. are really cool.

The story itself is not nearly as entertaining as all the extra pictures and graphics included in the book.

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