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  • Title: Switched
  • Author: Sienna Mercer
  • ISBN: 9780061854576
  • Page: 219
  • Format: ebook

When Olivia Abbott moves to town, she s excited to join the cheerleading team and make new friends Then she meets Ivy Vega At first, Ivy, pale and dressed all in black, looks like Olivia s opposite Then the girls look beyond the glittery pink blush and thick black eyeliner to discover they re identical identical twinsOlivia and Ivy are brimming with plans to switch plaWhen Olivia Abbott moves to town, she s excited to join the cheerleading team and make new friends Then she meets Ivy Vega At first, Ivy, pale and dressed all in black, looks like Olivia s opposite Then the girls look beyond the glittery pink blush and thick black eyeliner to discover they re identical identical twinsOlivia and Ivy are brimming with plans to switch places and pull every twin trick in the book But Olivia soon discovers that she and Ivy aren t exactly the same Ivy s a vampire And she s not the only one in town.

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My 11 year old daughter and I are reading this series together. I am very happy to have found stories to share that are smart enough for me and fun enough for her to read. She found the series in her elementary school library. I am a big fan of vampire stories going back to Dark Shadows in my youth. As an adult, I have enjoyed Ann Rice's vampire stories, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and most recently, Twilight, all of which are too adult and scary for my daughter. Sienna Mercer has introduced some e [...]

Switched (my sister the Vampire, #1) Sienna MercerA very charming book about Olivia, the new girl in school. She is the friendly out going perky cheerleader. Then their is ivy , very quiet, shy and "goth". Soon the two girls meet and they unravel a secret.They are twins, separated at birth. While Olivia lives with her mother and father, Ivy lives with just a father in an old mansion. They decide to switch places and do "twin things" Once switch Olivia discovers a secret about her sister Ivy, she [...]

The My Sister The Vampire series by Sienna Mercer revolves around the story of a normal, pleasant, friendly middle school girl named Olivia Abbott who likes cheerleading and the color pink. When Olivia moves to a new school, she meets Ivy Vega, a goth girl who looks just like her. Olivia finds out that Ivy doesn’t just look like her but is her identical twin sister with one major exception…she is a vampire. The series revolves around the twins’ search for their birth parents, complicated b [...]

#My Review:One of the cutest books I have read in a while. The story about two sisters finally meets when they are thirteen but one of them is a goth who turns out to be a vampire; both girls switch places to get to know each other's life and in the same time each one of them fix or touches something with the other girl's life is for sure an enjoyable idea to read because it's so light book and you get to love the Gothic gang, love Ivy's father's house, learn the new facts about vampires which m [...]

This series joins the hot vampire bandwagon, but caters to the tweens who like the allure of vampire books, but don't want the sex, gore and blood thirst of other vampire series. Take away the vampire aspect and it's still about two girls from opposite worlds who not only find each other, but find out that they not only are twins, but they complete each other. The two girls, Ivy and Olivia are likable, fully-fleshed out characters, and Mercer leaves lots of rooms for more adventures in this seri [...]

IN SHORT: Vegetarians, Vampires, and Vile cheerleaders. PLOT: Why does the sight of a new pink-loving 8th grader give goosebumps to goth girl Ivy? And vice-versa? Read and see :)A family-safe read with non-scary, non-traditional vamps and more cuteness than some older readers may be able to stand. Some mild teen romance. #1 in a series. I think it will be very entertaining for the intended age level (middle school?). VERDICT: 4.25 blood drops for the genre (juvie paranormal lite) & intended [...]

Originally posted on my blog: libraryladyhylary ! Check it out for more reviews!Bubbly middle-school cheerleader, Olivia Abbott, is determined to make the best of her family's move to a new town. She starts school and immediately seeks out the cheerleaders to befriend. It seems that the popular girls at this school, however, are not the nicest people in the world. One day, Olivia meets goth girl, Ivy Vega. Ivy is the opposite of Olivia: she wears black clothes and thick eyeliner, and is far from [...]

These creepy yet light book series' for kids have been really popular the past ten years, from the Meet the Kreeps series to the Poison Apple series. Most of these series look unique and slightly gothy, but don't get roped in my them - they're usually cliche, with generic characters, limited vocabulary, overused plotlines and choppy sentence structure.Switched, the 1st book in the "My Sister The Vampire" series, is no exception. The cover illustration looks cool but it's the only thing creative [...]

A cute book about an adopted, vegetarian, cheerleader girl named Olivia who moves to Franklin Grove where she meets a goth girl who's actually her sister, twin sister that is! But not only is her twin sister a goth, Olivia's complete opposite! She's actually a vampire! But not one of those creepy vampires that they have, Ivy(her twin) is sweet and nice.And most of those Vampire Myths are exactly that, Myths! Vampires are allergic to garlic, they heal quickly, etc. But the reflection thing is a p [...]

Olivia ist Cheerleaderin und versucht sich gerade an der neuen Schule einzuleben, als ihr klar wird, dass dieses Gothmädchen Lucy ihr nicht nur verdammt ähnlich sieht, sie hat auch am selben Tag Geburtstag. Sie müssen adoptierte Zwillinge sein! Doch ist diese Gothmasche nur Fassade oder steckt mehr dahinter? Ist sie vielleicht ein Vampir?Nett, aber überzeugen konnte mich das Buch nicht. Die Vampirgeschichte kommt meiner Meinung nach erst sehr spät ins Rollen (Dabei war man durch den Titel j [...]

This is a very well written book by Sienna Mereer and I loved the story so much. My favorite character was Ivy Vega. The book is about a girl (Olivia) who moves to another town and school where she meets a goth (Ivy). She finds out that they are actully twins both adopted at birth by four different parents. Later on in the book Olivia also looks past the goth outfits of her sister and finds out that Ivy is really a vampire just like the characters from the books she adores. I think this is a goo [...]

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Olivia hätte an ihrem ersten Tag in der neuen Schule ja alles erwartet, aber ganz bestimmt nicht, ihre verschollene Zwillingsschwester zu finden! Und die sieht zwar irgendwie genauso aus wie sie, aber irgendwie auch ganz anders. Denn Olivia hat sonnengebräunte Haut, lächelt immer, trägt am liebsten Rosa und ist begeisterte Cheerleaderin – Lucy dagegen ist kreidebleich, verzieht selten eine Miene, trägt nur dunkle Farben und hat es überhaupt nicht mit übertriebener Fröhlichkeit. Dass Lu [...]

Aivot sulivat tätä lukiessa. Tykkäsin sisaruus-teemasta ja salainen kaksoissiskohan on ykköskamaa vuosikymmenestä toiseen, mutta pitääkö näitä amerikkalaisia high school -stereotypioita erikseen mainostaa. Suomennoskin oli aika kömpelö.

As seen at worthlesswords.tumblr (My tumblr/blog)I read these book series two years ago, I stopped at the fourth and never read the rest. I also havent had the chance to make a book review about it. Like I said here I re-read these series to make a book review about it and because I kind of forgot the story a little - again, I read this two years ago!“When Olivia Abbott moves to town, she’s excited to join the cheerleading team and make new friends. Then she meets Ivy Vega. At first, Ivy, pa [...]

Switchedby Sienna MercerFantasy199 pagesSwitched is about a perky girl who loves cheerleading named Olivia Abbott. She just moved to Franklin Grove, where there are a lot of Goth teenagers at her middle school. She found out that one of those Goths was her long lost twin sister, Ivy! But the biggest secret? Ivy, along with all the other Goths, is a vampire! They discovered that switching places is fun, but when it involved Ivy's best friend of 12 years, Sophia, she sees through the switch. Sophi [...]

This book is called "My sister is a vampire" and it's written by Sienna Mercer. Sienna Mercer is Canadian. She writes book for children. This book is fiction but could be realistic fiction. The story could also be mystery because it's a sequel so every end of the books are mysterious so it makes you want to read the rest of the books. The book is about two girls that were adopted when they were just a baby and one of them was a vampire. They both lived completely different lives but met again on [...]

Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters: paranormalsistersHonestly, this might be a short review because I don't have a lot to say about Switched. But what I do have to say is that this was indeed a fun book to read! It was absolutely easy to get lost in this world, I was breezing right through the pages (which is probably why I don't have much to say). I enjoyed reading behind both Ivy and Olivia's point of view, though I do wish we got to know them a little bit more instead of all we saw was w [...]

★★★★ Switched (My Sister the Vampire book 1) by Sienna MercerThis is the first book to the My Sister the Vampire series. This is a great series for Tweens. The story takes place at Franklin Grove Middle School Franklin Grove is not your normal middle school. Everything seems dark and dreary. But the kids don't seem to mind, since they are into all things dark. Ivy Vega is an 8th grader. She is your UBER Goth type. She also has the ability to give anyone the "squinty eye," and get them do [...]

Usually I steer around juvenile books, but when I saw this one, I was transported back to elementary school book fairs, when I used to see this cover on the shelves. So I thought, why not? Gotta finish that book challenge, anyway.It looked short, probably sweet, with a sisterhood, maybe some vamps. Basically, this book didn't let down my expectations.It was cute; two long lost twins meet each other after 12 years of separation, and turns out, one of them is a vampire, while the other is a "bunn [...]

I acquired this from a library book sale and intended to read it, even though it's way below my age level, and then donate it with other YA and children's books to the local library section where I live. Reading it now and trying to clear it off the shelf, I was surprised to find I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Written for a middle school age, it's cute, quirky, and has an interesting plot-line and characterization for that age group. When Olivia moves to a small town, she discovers a [...]

My Sister The Vampire is a great little book about twin sister's who meet in 8th grade. Both adopted to separate families, the girls discover their connection and then discover that they can become each other's body double. They have great fun with this. Then Olivia Abbot (bunny) discovers that her sister, Ivy Vega (vampire and goth) is indeed a vampire. They look alike enough to fool friends and parents alike. There is no biting and killing in this book is just light-hearted and a fun read. The [...]

Yes, this is a book that lists as being for age 8 and up. Yes, the titles of the other books in this series have exclamation points in them (Fangtastic! Re-Vamped! Vampalicious!) I picked it up on the cheap when it was a Nook Daily Deal. As it happens, I kinda liked it. It's not a bad little addition to the mythology. And occasionally the author comes up with nice little phrases like "I felt like a lollipop in a graveyard" (from the heroine of the book, a pink-wearing cheerleader whose sister i [...]

A cute little series about two sisters who not only find out that they are twins but, one of them is.a vampire. The premise of this book seems really cute. I did like the fact that it wasn't gory with the blood factor considering it is about vampires. Even though this book is only 199 pages long, I still thought it was too long. The story kind of dragged a little towards the middle. I thought the reveal of the vampiric twin took a little long and I am still confused as to why one is a vamp and t [...]

Olivia Abbott and Ivy Vega are long lost sisters that just met. Even though they look exactly the same, Ivy has a secret that makes them both very different. Ivy wants to tell her, but she is scared of how Olivia will take it. When Ivy finally tells Olivia her secret, Olivia takes it very well. She was willing to help and support Ivy through her rough times. Then later on in the book both of the sisters become very close and tell each other everything. This book is about trust, honesty, and loya [...]

I'm smiling as I finish reading this book, meaning it hit the spot just perfectly. On a day when I was sick and not feeling well, this was a piece of fluffy fun with just enough vampire in it to cheer me up and help me feel better. Nope, not your serious vampire book, instead it feels more like The Parent Trap remade with the undead. But hey, it does what it's supposed to - it entertains and does just that very well. Can't wait to read the rest of the series!

They didn't now they were twins until they both toke of their makeup but one of them is a vampire and the other one doesn't now.But there both good they switch close and try to make others believe it's them but switched.One of them went onto a date with the boyfriend of her sister but she made them go together but none now that they were twins until

I randomly decided to check this out from the library (ebook) and I am glad I did. It was cute, but I wish there was more to the story. I get that it is for a younger audience, and if I read it when I was younger, I probably would have liked it a lot more. I did find it a refreshing quick read during my reading slump.

I am really into vampire/ human relationship books at the moment and this book fitted right into that category. Its got these 2 13 year old girls who meet each other and OBVIOUSLY realise they are sisters. Twins to be precise.I liked how in each paragraph it switches the persons perspective between Olivia and IvyEAT BOOK!

This was a really fun book. :)A girl moves to a new town and finds out she has a twin, and not just a twin, but a vampire!What follows is secrecy and mixups and also that her sister and she just switch when they don't want to do something.It was just pure fun, and I will be sure to soon check the rest of the books.

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