The Sun in the Morning: My Early Years in India and England

M.M. Kaye

The Sun in the Morning: My Early Years in India and England

The Sun in the Morning: My Early Years in India and England

  • Title: The Sun in the Morning: My Early Years in India and England
  • Author: M.M. Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780312049997
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover

Readers of M.M Kaye s fiction will discover here the source of the characters, settings, and certain incidents of her novels Most of all, they will bask in this warm account of a young woman s remarkable life and the beginnings of a love affair with an India whose time has passed but which has not been forgotten 24 pages of black and white photographs.

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M.M. Kaye’s memories are as beautiful as her descriptive prose in this colorful and wistfully evocative memoir of her youth in India, which to her was always home. The reader will come away with a different view of India during the time of the Raj, and before the Great War. Anything but a political book, this is simply a breathtaking look at a time and place, a woman’s memories of the country she loved.Kaye’s first spoken language was Hindustani, and though more a collection of memories of [...]

Wow. I really milked this one out. Three months, that's insane! But it wasn't because I didn't like it, more that I savored it in small bedtime size portions.If you're at all remotely interested in the Raj or India in general at the turn of the century, you must read this. M.M.Kaye lived a fascinating life and was able to see and experience things before the "march of progress " changed everything; and thankfully she possessed a photographic memory and could then share her lifetime of adventures [...]

Bestselling novelist Kaye (The Far Pavilions) was the daughter of a kindly, ciphering expert father and a party-loving, vivacious young mother who were posted to the Raj, where she was born in 1908. The family sojourned alternately in Simla and Delhi, and Kaye gives vivid descriptions of the beautiful hill country where the family rented a series of houses. At age six her older brother was left behind in England with relatives to start the necessary schooling; it would be seven years before his [...]

I have loved MM Kaye's writing since I was in my twenties. At that time, I read her Indian novels and her mysteries, which I would say were my favorites. I admire her spirit. Many military wives, or other people who find themselves in a foreign place at a loose end, don't engage with their places of residency. Our Mollie Kaye was not one of those. She learned about the countries where her husband and father were stationed, and she chose to spend her hours writing books that took place in those l [...]

Wonderful. I love the way she tells stories. My favorite parts were the places she pointed out the fascinating, real-life stories from her father's life which she used in her fiction books.

Oh to have lived this woman's fascinating, globe-trotting life.

If you don't mind a slow pace, this very detailed description of M.M. Kay's childhood in India is fascinating. It is very detailed and some people might find it a bit long.

Absolutely splendid.

As wonderful as her fiction. I wish it was my life!

She is truly a gifted story teller.

There are books I read where I look back and have a hard time remembering who wrote itwhat was that author's name? And then there are other books where I may not remember the story but feel like it introduced me to an amazing person, someone I wish I could meet. This book left me loving Mary Margaret Kaye. The details may be fuzzy in the future, but I will never forget this lovely lady and her storytelling genius. I initially was introduced to her writing in The Ordinary Princess, which spurred [...]

The Sun in the Morning is the autobiography of author M.M. Kaye's childhood in India during the waning days of the British Raj.The Writing was vivid and sparkling. I could see the snow-capped Himalayas, the bright saris, birds, and butterflies, the ruined palaces and forts, the ethereal Taj Mahal; I could smell the fangipani, the jasmine, and the spices of the bazaars. Kaye paints such beautiful pictures with words. She also beautifully captured the bliss of a childhood spent freely roaming and [...]

I have enjoyed M.M. Kaye's fiction, so I was very interested in hearing about her life growing up in British India at the turn of the 20th century. This first volume of her autobiography did not disappoint. Her lifestyle and pursuits were fascinating, and it was also interesting to see how she adjusted to living in England when she was sent there for her schooling at around age 11. For me, Kaye's experiences raised a few questions about how much freedom parents should give their children. It mad [...]

Her memoir is as good as her fiction. I've liked all of her novels and it has been a pleasure to discover that she tells her own story as skillfully as she has told the made-up ones such as Shadow of the Moon and The Far Pavilions. This book was volume 1 and covers her early childhood in India and later years spent in England, ending when she is out of school and returning to India with her family. By her account she had a wonderfully creative and joyous childhood. Her vivid descriptions make me [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, especially the accounts of Simla and Delhi during her childhood. She loves India and the way she writes about it has reawakened my fascination for the country (where I myself lived for a few years of the last decade). She writes unpretentiously and also with refreshing honesty about the detail of her own early life, of her experience of India and of what it was like to return to England to go to school at the age of around 11. I'm looking forward to reading the ot [...]

Excellent, evocative memoir of end of Raj India.

Potentially a WONDERFUL autobiography. Beautiful, lyrical prose, descriptive, elegant and set in beautiful India. However - I just could not get through it! It is a gentle read, does not carry you along with the momentum which is what I apparently need. Because I love the idea of the series, I have kept the books, but they are on the back shelf until the time is right to start again. In the meantime, I pursue others with great passion and enjoyment.

I enjoyed this even if I didn't want to. This privileged woman, romanticizing British rule in India, didn't seem to live in reality to me, but I read it anyway and felt it was a nostalgic look at someone's life who really did not have a difficult life as compared to Indians. Still, it was a good read and a good look at something I was totally unfamiliar with.

There are some priceless anecdotes in here, including the one about the author's father speaking Chinese to locals, and his brilliant career in military ciphers.However, as self-described by the author this really is a "rag-bag" with no narrative drive at all. I'm not giving it a rating as I'm returning it to the library only about a third read.

What a childhood this author had! To have lived in even half the wonderful locations she did would be magical, although she experienced a few things I would give a pass in my own life. Have now ordered Volumes 2 and 3 of her autobiography.

This and the other two books of M.M.Kaye's autobiography - which she completed when she was over 90 years old - present a fascinating picture of the life of the British in India at the end of the Raj; it is interesting to compare this view with modern India!

It's such an, well, I would say idyllic, but that's not Mollie Kaye, all right, charming story of a childhood in a time that would be nothing but history to the rest of usI thoroughly enjoyed this!

Molly Kaye is probably my favorite author -- I loved her Far Pavilions! What a plot! And this is very interesting as she recounts her childhood in India. You'll want to read the other two books, but I forget what the titles are.

Having read The Far Pavilions once I am now reading it again after reading this autobiography of MM Kaye's childhood. It helps me to see where she found her stories and gives a fascinating picture of India during the Raj.

Loved this autobiographical account of an English child growing up in Colonial India

Best autobiography ever - love her writing, love all her books, but her life story transcends them all - she's become part of my family.

Her life is like a novel. On to next one!

I wanted to like this book but I couldn't get into it. Maybe if I had persisted it would have gotten more interesting, but I gave up on it.

Great memoir.

what a fascinating life - knowing her story makes her "novels" even more interesting and appreciated

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