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  • Title: Fangtastic!
  • Author: Sienna Mercer
  • ISBN: 9780061854644
  • Page: 401
  • Format: ebook

Olivia is a vegetarian Ivy is a vampire And they re twins Ever since Olivia discovered that her long lost twin sister, Ivy, is a vampire, she s been soaking up everything Ivy will tell her about Franklin Grove s vampire community It s all top secret, and Olivia s sworn that she ll never tell another soul But now, nosy tabloid reporter Serena Star is snooping around.Olivia is a vegetarian Ivy is a vampire And they re twins Ever since Olivia discovered that her long lost twin sister, Ivy, is a vampire, she s been soaking up everything Ivy will tell her about Franklin Grove s vampire community It s all top secret, and Olivia s sworn that she ll never tell another soul But now, nosy tabloid reporter Serena Star is snooping around As she gets closer and closer to the truth, it s up to Ivy and Olivia to throw her off track This is one fangtastic news story that can t get out

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This second installment in the My Sister the Vampire series continues the story of long-lost identical twin sisters Olivia and Ivy. As we are reminded, they are identical in all aspects but one; Ivy is a vampire and Olivia is a human (or, in the parlance of vampire slang, a “bunny”). Despite this major difference, despite being separated since infancy, and despite having markedly different personalities, these sisters get along beautifully. Their differences actually serve to make their rela [...]

Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters: paranormalsistersThis was so much fun, I devoured it! As this snooty tabloid reporter starts snooping around because one of the boys from the vampire "gang" called the Beasts falls asleep in a coffin and then that coffin gets mixed up with another. When they begin to lay him to rest, he pops out scaring a mourning family and becomes a headline, we get way more of the vampire world than in the first one as Ivy and Olivia try to distract the reporter from f [...]

★★★★ Fangtastic (My Sister the Vampire book 2) by Sienna MercerThis is the second book in the My Sister the Vampire series. This is another great book, in the series, and for Tweens. Now that Olivia knows her sisters secret, it is hers to protect, too. This becomes harder than she originally thought it would be when a pesky celebrity reporter comes to town. Serena Star is the gossip reporter for WowTv. She has her own show called The Morning Star. She is known for her bleach blonde hair, [...]

I read Fangtastic by Sienna Mercer. In this book Ivy and her twin sister are trying to find out more about there birth parents. See Ivy is a vampire, but Olivia her sister is a human. And they're twins. How is that possible. That is what there trying to figure out. Ivy has to save vampire kind again. Garret another vampire and was in a coffin to try out.He got mixed up with a dead guys coffin and opened up his coffin during the ceromony. He may have destroyed vampire cover. Even worse is that re [...]

It's actually, a very good book for teens :) the identcal twin sisters both adopted by different people and accidentally bump each other, and realized that they both have the same parents due to the letter left to the agency and their identical ring that they both have (wearing). Pretty interesting, and how they both ended up invistigating who's their real parents was, and why Olivea is human while Ivy the other twin is a vampire.arently this book is my second grade daughter's book report, so I [...]

Since the day Olivia Abbott discovered that her long lost sister was a vampire, she has been learning a whole different way to live. Olivia has supported Ivy with her secret since the day she found out. But now that Serena Star, a news reporter, has suspicions about Ivy and all the goths in her school, Ivy needs Olivia the most. Olivia is willing to help but she is scared to mess things up for Ivy. This book is about trust, friendship, and honesty.

A cute story for a 4th or 5th grade level reader. The story is about 2 long lost twin sisters. one is a vampire and one is human. superstar reporter, Serena Star comes to the school after hearing rumors that vampires were living in the town. Serena will stop at nothing to prove her theory, but it's up to Olivia to make sure her vampire sister Ivy is not exposed.

I honestly cant remember what happens in this book, I only remember that it was FANGTASTIC! The title is clever, I cant help but think of Doctor Who though Anyways, I recommend this book to any young vampire fan, or addict in my case. I love them vampires. Anyone exited for Vampire Academy being a movie btw? WHOO!

For a young girl that wants to read about vampires this is a great, fun, clean series. I am glad that my 10 year old loves them so much she's read the series 5 times. I am slowly reading them so we can discuss them together.

Olivia’s long-lost twin sister, Ivy, has finally returned. Bit of a twist–Ivy’s a vampire. You’d think this would be a problem for Olivia, who is herself a vegetarian. But no, ever since Ivy’s been back, Olivia can’t get enough of her sister’s stories about her vampire life. Trouble is, gossip reporter Serena Star wants to know all about Ivy’s life as a vampire, too. And this is one secret that definitely needs to stay hidden. Why The Ten-Year-Old likes it: “Perfect for early m [...]

2.5 Stars I know that I'm not in the target audience for these books, but I couldn't help feeling like the premise of this addition was particularly less believable than the rest. With a national reporter covering such a ridiculous scenario to a school project subplot that didn't really contribute much to the overall story, even for a book geared towards children I found it silly. I still enjoyed reading it again years after I initially did, but relatively it is one of my least favorites of the [...]

I dunno about this book; it seems to be more rediculous while taking itself more seriously. (view spoiler)[The entire plot of the expose was too much like books that pass off the protagonists as the only possible solution despite being children, and I will give credit that it became clear that that was all in the girls' heads there was too serious tone that took away from what could be a Stephanie Plum/Janet Evanovich -esque level of humour and shenanigans. (hide spoiler)]

Another great book from Sienna Mercer. The adventures of the twins take me away just like they did years ago when I first read this. I get the same girly excitement when the twins get up to something mischievous and fun!

i love the book it so intresting to me !I know that ivy is a vam

As seen on worthlesswords.tumblr (My tumblr/blog)As I said in here and in here, “I read these book series two years ago, I stopped at the fourth and never read the rest. I also havent had the chance to make a book review about it. I’m re-reading this series to make a book review about it and because I kind of forgot the story a little - again, I read this two years ago!”“Olivia is a vegetarian. Ivy is a vampire. And they’re twins?!?Ever since Olivia discovered that her long-lost twin s [...]

OMG at first I was like oh no Serena Star was going to find out the secret of the town, but then the interview between her and Ivy came and when the two switched places I was like "Yes Olivia you do it for your sister!" I love when she eats the garlic and when she starts coughing Serena is like "Turn to dust bloodsucking beast" and then Olivia stops coughing and she is like what you were just having a coughing fit and now you stop and you are still alive or undead or whatever! best book ever and [...]

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Sienna Mercerin "Siskoni, vampyyriin" on ehtinyt kirjavinkatessa syntyä jo jonkinlainen viha-rakkaussuhde, ja niinpä sarjan toinen osa "Vampurilaisia" (WSOY, 2008) oli otettava myös lukulistalle.Luvassa on edelleen samanlaista harmitonta hömppää kuin ensimmäisessäkin osassa. Mercer onnistuu kuitenkin tällä kertaa aikaisempaa paremmin kirjoitusurakastaan, ja vuosisadan vampyyriskuuppia metsästävästä toimittajasta saadaan aikaiseksi ihan hyvä juonentapainen. Loppuratkaisu on kaikess [...]

I think this was a excellent book. I have already read the first book and i just continued to read this magnificent series. You have to read the first book to understand about everything or else it doesn't make sense. If you don't understand some of the things that i am saying then you have to get a summary of the first book which is not going to be in this website. Olivia is helping her vampire sister Ivy, avoid being noticed that she is a vampire from the famous reporter Selena Star. They cann [...]

I got this book at my school library in first grade. My favorite characters are Ivy and Serina Star. I think reporters are cool. I didn't really understand vampires back when I was seven, so I barely remember any of it. I want to read it again, now that I'm a part of the MSTV franchise (that's what it's called, right?!), I have it on Library Loan at the public library. Ivy's my favorite 'cause I like vampires A LOT, and would do literally ANYTHING to be one myself. I wish I still went to my firs [...]

I loved this book. There are secrets to be kept and some have huge prices if revealed. This book is about a vampire , Ivy and her twin sister Olivia. They just found each other and Olivia knows that Ivy is a vampire. Ivy broke the first of rule: No humans can know that vampires existed. So then there is this wannabe Hollywood journalist. Then she finds out about vampires and tries to prove it to the rest of the world. In the end, she asked Ivy if she ever sunbathed, which vampires can't do. Ivy [...]

I think this is a interesting book about getting Serena Star to not find out that vampires are real. I enjoy the end, when Olivia and Ivy switch clothes and Olivia pretends to be Ivy. She coughs on the garlic and then all of a sudden she stops. Serena Star was so surprised that she started screaming that vampires are real. The cameraman had to pull Serena away. Besides that, everything is back to normal. Well, not exactly. Toby is going to write about Ivy and Olivia being long-lost twin sisters. [...]

I thought this book was a fun, hilarious mystery. Personaly its more of a girls book. It's gotten me more into the kinds of books I like ,Humor ,Romance ,and Mystery. If you want to to read a book about 2 twin sisters who find each other and one of them is a vampire and they try to stop a news reporter who comes close to finding out the secret of Franklin Grove. Sorry I got a little off track, I was aways on the edge of my seat during this book sometimes it slowed down but not very often. I hope [...]

Another cute book by Sienna Mercer. In this book, a nosy reporter, Serena Star begins investigating the town when Garrick Stevens (of the Beasts “cult”) pops out of a coffin at a funeral. Serena is determined to uncover the truth about this town, and it’s up to Olivia and Ivy to stop her. While this book is rather predictable in some aspects, I can’t fault the writer because it is a book for youth, and realize that it actually would be rather suspenseful for young readers. I enjoyed the [...]

Fangtastic, the second book of Sienna Mercer's MY SISTER THE VAMPIRE really sucks! If you have actually read book one, you'll know what I mean. Fangtastic was a really killer book, because it was exciting to read, as well as fun to read. With Olivia and Ivy being completely different, the whole plot of the book fits in perfectly. I'm looking forward to reading the next book of Sienna Mercer's book series.

11/07/2017 re-read: I told you!06/08/2016 re-read: Will I ever stop re-reading this series, I hear you ask? Ummm. nope.07/03/2014 review: If you looked up the word "cool" in a dictionary, you would see a picture of this book. Such a feel-good and lighthearted read for kids and teens. The storyline was so cool, the characters are so cool, THE WHOLE THING IS SO COOL! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!

I saw this series in the first place from my school's free scholastic magazine. When I got the book a couple of days later, I got disappointed. With the brief introduction on the book's back, it didn't look funny at all. Today, I get it from my mom's library. The second book of the series draws my attention. It is hilarious, interesting with few boring talks. I finish it in 2 hours. I think I like this one. Btw m'y Mom Abby wrote every thing above ( not Belinda ).

I really liked this book. I really loved how they had a news reporter trying to get to the bottom of the story. The girl Serena really thought that she had them, but Ivy and Olivia figured out how to cover it all up. My favorite part in this book was when Ivy and Olivia switched places so that they could fool Serena.

i really liked the 2nd book of my Sister the Vampire. these books so far are really good. It made really interesting when I found out that there was a reporter trying to figure things out about Olivia and Ivys school! In this book almost everybody finds out that Olivia and Ivy are twins! I really like this book and I cant wait to read the next one. :)

Two sisters have a big secret that they are twins. But Ivy has a bigger secret that vampires are real because she is one. Now a reporter is trying to figure out the secret.I like this book because it has secrets and I do like a little love story.You should read this book but first read the 1one cause it has three books

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