ADHD and Me: What I Learned from Lighting Fires at the Dinner Table

Blake E.S. Taylor Lara Honos-Webb

ADHD and Me: What I Learned from Lighting Fires at the Dinner Table

ADHD and Me: What I Learned from Lighting Fires at the Dinner Table

  • Title: ADHD and Me: What I Learned from Lighting Fires at the Dinner Table
  • Author: Blake E.S. Taylor Lara Honos-Webb
  • ISBN: 9781572245228
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback

Blake Taylor s mother first suspected he had ADHD when he, at only three years of age, tried to push his infant sister in her carrier off the kitchen table As time went by, Blake developed a reputation for being hyperactive and impulsive He launched rockets accidentally into neighbor s swimming pools and set off alarms in museums Blake was diagnosed formally with ADHDBlake Taylor s mother first suspected he had ADHD when he, at only three years of age, tried to push his infant sister in her carrier off the kitchen table As time went by, Blake developed a reputation for being hyperactive and impulsive He launched rockets accidentally into neighbor s swimming pools and set off alarms in museums Blake was diagnosed formally with ADHD when he was five years old In ADHD and Me, he tells about the next twelve years as he learns to live with both the good and bad sides of life with ADHD.Blake s memoir offers, for the first time, a young person s account of what it s like to live and grow up with this common condition Join Blake as he foils bullies, confronts unfair teachers, struggles with distraction and disorganization on exams, and goes sailing out of bounds and ends up with a boatload of spiders It will be an inspiration and companion to the thousands of others like him who must find a way to thrive with a different perspective than many of us The book features an introduction by psychologist Lara Honos Webb, author of The Gift of ADHD, and a leading advocate for kids with ADHD.

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Wow! Just reading the other reviews of this book reminds me forcibly of just how misunderstood ADHD remains. I have a nearly 14-year old son with ADHD. He is light on the "H" (hyperactivity), so while there is no way that he would ever have needed to be tied to chair for dinner or set fires at the table, there is still much is in this book that is true of my son. The great thing about this book is that it is a personal story of a real person, a real person just out of childhood, and a real perso [...]

This book revolutionized the way I work with students who have ADHD. All individuals with ADHD, their parents, educators, and doctors should read this book. While there were a few parts that seemed to drag on, it's important to remember that Taylor wrote the book before he was even twenty, so all things considered, it's pretty impressive.Taylor was hyperactive from the time he was a small child. He was the child who climbed into the displays at the museum, the bull in the china cabinet, and the [...]

Full disclosure: I have my doubts about ADHD. Not that it doesn't exist, just maybe it doesn't exist quite as often as it's diagnosed. So this review maybe is not completely objective.But this book, written by a 17-year-old with ADHD, didn't completely sway me. Here is most of Blake's checklist of signs you might have ADHD:"Your father calls you disrespectful because you answer back. Your sister calls you clueless because you don't get the joke everyone else is laughing at. Your teacher singles [...]

I really enjoyed this book. Like I've said before after reading "Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key," I've pretty much always thought I had ADHD though I've never been formally diagnosed. This book was really good in that in came from the viewpoint of an actual teenager who wrote the book in his last two years of high school. ADHD is a very misunderstood disease and the author does a good job of explaining why. I liked that he described an episode from his life, and then listed the cause & effect [...]

This is not a book I will rate. I have ADHD, so my perspective should hold some weight in my review of it.I both disliked, and appreciated, what it had to say. It was not funny, as the claims said. While the basic messages were clear, they were left muddled under examples that came from a high-class upbringing and so I failed to feel sympathy, and could not relate to any difficulties he had. It felt like someone else had heavily edited the book beyond what he had written. Until you get to the en [...]

This book is great! Easy to read. Keeps you interested, and makes you shake your head and ask," what in the world??" As a mom of a child with Severe ADHD I'm thankful to have stumbled upon this book. I always look at my son and shake my head and wonder what in world are you thinking?? What is going through your head? He is too young to put it all into words. Actually he is getting old enough but I still forget he has an issue with self control and impulsivity. As well as low self esteem. The hyp [...]

This would have worked much better as a memoir than as a book dedicated to helping others with ADHD Taylor is one of a lucky few who was able to afford a diagnosis, medications, and has a supportive family. This book seemed aimed at other youths and teens who are in the same position as him: privileged. He's white. He's male. And his family is rich. It oozes into the 'solutions' sectionsIf you are interested in it, probably read it only for the personal stories. Which are told in present tense, [...]

My son read this book as a part of a summer project to engage with his adhd. It is a quick read and I think it would be most effective for a middle school student. Good and basic perspective from someone who has worked through adhd themselves. There was a focused concern for fitting in which I disagreed with, but i still think it would be great as a joint trading project for parent/pre-teen.

Thanks Blake for sharing your story. I found the lessons you shared and your insight into a world I can only see as a parent of kids with ADHD was so very helpful. Will try and get my boy to read it for his one piece of mind. It's always nice to know you're not alone.

This book isn't the best book around, but it wasn't the worst. I thought it was pretty cool reading about the experiences that someone with ADHD goes through and what goes on in their head while it happens. This book was written by Blake Taylor during his last two years of his highschool career. Just from the title I thought it was just going to be random moments in his life--where his ADHD has led him into trouble, packed into a novel. This book was fairly entertaining and not boring at all. I [...]

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD, read this book, and say, "my kid is nothing like that," you should take him/her to a psychologist and have them do the full test for ADHD. I was not diagnosed with ADHD until I was an adult. Prior to that time, I did not believe that it was really a condition. I thought it was just parents letting their children get away with things. To be diagnosed, I underwent two days of testing. After I was diagnosed, I still did not believe it, so I had [...]

I have to give the author a break because he is techinically still just a kid. However, I am not so sure I have to give his editor and publisher a break.I started out really excited because in the acknowledgements section there were two stories that sounded very much like life in my house with an ADD teend that is about as far as the likeness goes. Either my son is so borderline ADHD or I am extremely blessed-but I have not had to experience a third of the "issues" raised in this book. I even st [...]

I thought It was a really good read,Because it did a really good job at explaining the struggles associated with ADHD to people who dont have it. I also thought it was really good because I could relate to the majority of the writers experiences, and he gave a lot of good advice to cope with it. The issue covered in the book is coping with ADHD, or more or less how society seems to ignore the condition and treat those affected as inferior. It put a personal face on the issue because it explained [...]

The book "ADHD & me" by author: Blake e. s. Taylor was a pretty good book. It was not what ai expected but it was good overall. I was expecting to read about all this crazy true stories that would happen to the author because of his ADHD sickness. What this book is about is how the author has ADHD and he talks about all the troubles he has had ever since he was small because of ADHD. He explains how having ADHD is hard to deal with and how difficult it is to live with ADHD. He tells a lot of [...]

I stumbled across ADHD & Me in the General Psych section at Borders. I was looking for a book that would fit my special ed professor's criteria (a first person account of living with a disability) for a book review. I've always wanted to learn more about ADHD (I'm totally one of those people that think it's often used as an excuse) AND the angle with which this book is written caught my eye. The author is a freshman at UC-Berkeley, who has lived with ADHD since he was five years old. The boo [...]

Having read this book just after reading "Only a Mother Could Love Him" I did like this book much better. The structure of his writing is really good for such a young man. Each chapter is well written, has a clear subject, lesson and suggestions/instructions for how to help with the particular area of ADHD he is discussing. It is written for the tween/child to relate. Blake does advocate the use of meds combined with his suggested techniques for helping the ADHD child. While I am not sure I agre [...]

Blake Taylor wrote ADHD & Me during his last two years of high school. I chose to read this book because my brother and my Dad have ADD or ADHD (even though my Dad won't admit it and has not been officially diagnosed) and I thought it be interesting to see what Blake had to say about his experiences. He wrote this book to be more geared towards people who have ADHD and after each chapter he gives tips about how he learned to control his ADHD better and how his tips could help his readers as [...]

Perhaps given a slightly lesser rating because I read it under the compulsion of an exceptional education course, I was intrigued by the life stories of the teenager. I was able to level with the reality of having ADHD, yet my prior conservative views about the disease remain. From my previous research, many teenagers are over diagnosed to having ADHD, even misdiagnosed altogether. It breaks my heart to hear stories about children who may have not received the proper upbringing, as a result have [...]

Blake Taylor wrote ADHD and me in his last two years of high school. With a great deal of humor, (oneself laughed out loud multiple times) the author tells stories illustrative of the problems he faced as a young child processing into a mature man. But this book goes far beyond a simple memoir; it is cleverly organized in chapters each containing three parts. Each begins with a funny and poignant retelling of a particularly illustrative story from Blake's childhood and youth. Which is followed b [...]

This book is not geared towards me and I don't really like the way it is written. Each chapter has a memoir part, commentary on what the author learned after the experience described in the memoir and then a list of strategies. Though I find the suggestions in the strategies section helpful, I would like more memoir. I can see the usefulness of the format for someone else, however. His lists of strategies are useful even if you are not ADHD, because they have useful organizational tips. I think [...]

Amazing! This book was written by a high school student about his life growing up with ADHD. He gives an honest, insightful, and often humorous, look at what goes on inside the head of a child with ADHD. In addition, he provides suggestions for other children dealing with the same issues. I came away from this book feeling like I better understood why some ADHD children do the things they do that cause both peers and adults to ask that often asked question "WHY did you do that???". Definitely a [...]

For a book written by a young adult boy with ADHD, I give it (and him) kudos; however, this slim volume made me second guess ADHD sometimes as some of his explanations were simply childhood antics and not necessarily because he has ADHD. I loved when he explained how his brain was working in certain instances as it might help me understand those in my life with ADHD, but to blame ADHD for EVERYTHING seems to be an excuse. If you're looking for high quality writing, keep looking further. If you'r [...]

I read this book on the advice of a friend, trying to understand my own son's struggles. I found this to be an approachable, insightful memoir. The negative reviews I have seen seem to be mostly from people who doubt that ADHD is a real diagnosis. I think one of the greatest gifts this book can give is to let other kids (and adults) know that there are many amazing qualities that are part of ADHD. While the challenges are great, so are the rewards.

An interesting insight into the mind of a child with ADHD. I was surprised by how many common place things affected Blake so seriously, and how frustrated he was with some of his own behavior, and his inability to control it. A great read for anyone, parent, teacher or friend, of someone who has or suspects they have ADD or ADHD. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of this problem, and gives suggestions about how to minimize the effects of it.

Part rather disjointed memoir by a 17 y.o part tips for success - some of which are easier said that done, especially for kids with ADHD. It wasn't as illuminating or as entertaining as I thought it was going to be, especially given the subtitle, but it was interesting and there were some good ideas for organization, advocacy, etc. I'd love to see an update by a more mature Taylor - this was written in 2007.

This was a pretty good book. Although my son was diagnosed ADHD two years ago, if what this boy has gone through is normal, then I would say my boy likely is VERY mild on the ADHD spectrum. Even so, it was insightful and also very encouraging to see how well Blake has adjusted and continued on to a very successful life with lots of "tools" to pull out of his box when dealing with life and it's hurdles.

Read for a special education class assignment. However, it was definitely worth the read for a college student looking into entering the education field. It gave me more insight to an individual's life with ADHD. It took me a few chapters to get going, but I found it very intriguing the farther I got in.

Got on a whim from my library's ebook section This book read like a long high school essay, which is basically what it was, being written by a 17-year-old and all. It's not bad, but it's not something I'd recommend unless you are a) In high school or b) Have ADHD. Preferably both. I think this would be great for high-schoolers with ADHD or social issues.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who lives with ADHD; whether you have it, your are a teacher or a parent. Written by a young college student who was diagnosed with ADHD at 5; this book tells what it is like to have ADHD through humor and understanding. Many strategies are offered for dealing with ADHD

This is a phenomenal read for teachers, parents, and students alike! While the title of the book is what initially drew me to it, it was the authors humor and complete honesty that hooked me! It has fantastic tips and tricks that he used to make his ADHD more manageable, which is great for reference. The best part is that he talked about what a gift it is. Two thumbs up! A must read.

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