Clark's Law

Jim Mortimore

Clark's Law

Clark's Law

  • Title: Clark's Law
  • Author: Jim Mortimore
  • ISBN: 9780440222293
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Serving the residents of space port of call Babylon 5, Captain Sheridan is torn between duty and defiance when he is ordered to execute an alien for a crime he did not commit.

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Let's just get this out of the way up front: This books sucks. I mean the author is clearly familiar with the English language and knows how to put words together in order to form sentences, but I'm not sure it's something he should do. He does have some issues with knowing when to use "G" or "J" in regards to proper names. Seriously, it's "Jeffrey". It's "G'Quan". These are basic things. What the author lacks is any sense of understanding of the characters, setting or feel of Babylon 5. The boo [...]

I feel a bit guilty tearing into this book. The author clearly put a lot of work into this project, and has a definite ability to flush out pages, and break up the story to stave off exhaustion. However, the problem with the book is really a fundamental one: The story itself simply doesn't work.The biggest problem with the novel is that the author does not have a decent grasp of most of the characters. I would be surprised if he actually watched the entire show up to the point that the novel was [...]

This Babylon 5 novel has just about everything in it. It flashes back to the start of the Earth-Minbari war and explains why Earth had been pushing so hard into space. It also examines Clark's view of things at the time.Then it moves to a Narn attack on a planet of Tuchanq, how the Tuchanq eventually got the Narn off their planet, and a particular Tuchanq who killed forty Narn. In the end, though, they need help rebuilding the environment of their planet and so they come to Babylon 5 to request [...]

I am a huge Babylon 5 fan. I think it is one of the two best TV series to date. This book was terrible. In the afterword the author (who, before this, had only written Dr. Who novels), thanked a couple people for the data dumps he was given on B5. And this reads like someone who didn't watch any of the series before writing the novel. None of the characters behave anything true to the TV characters. I finished it because it's hard for me to stop reading a book, and I kept hoping that there would [...]

It's long had the reputation of being the best written "Babylon 5" noveld I can't disagree. The series was always at its best when lifting the veil on the insidious threat of fascism, bigotry, and insularity in the universewhether it be the titanic Shadows, or the sickening Home Guard & Nightwatch. "Clark's Law" uses this appraoch to the fullest -- the novel is full of situations with no easy answers, terrible consequences, and victories that don't quite feel like victories. It's intense, ex [...]

Taking place just after the penultimate episode of the second season of Babylon 5, "Clark's Law" perfectly captures that moment in the series. A war seemed imminent and Earth had turned into a totalitarian, xenophobic police state. The novel is fittingly bleak and is saturated with dark Shakespearean hopelessness.In essence this book is Jim Mortimore's manifesto against the death penalty, and as such it works very well. Even in a pre-established setting from a TV-series that often tackled such p [...]

Generally I enjoyed this book, it took advantage of creating a story that would have been too difficult/expensive to do on tv. And the story itself I liked, however I felt there was too much sci-fi babble, inconsistencies and fumbled plot threads. Having said that the story was strong enough to keep me going till the end

This read takes a look at the death penalty, when Capt. Sheridan is asked to carry out the execution of an alien who is brain damaged. The philosophy is well-balanced, but the author ignores a lot of canon, a lot of times without need.

Found this one a bit of a struggle to keep reading, but it has its moments.

I'm amazed how much like the TV characters they all sound in these books and once again I feel nostalgic and wish the series had continued. Good thing I own the whole TV series :)

A great story line with a great character development of a new race.

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