The Dragon's Bride

Jo Beverley

The Dragon's Bride

The Dragon's Bride

  • Title: The Dragon's Bride
  • Author: Jo Beverley
  • ISBN: 9780451217950
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Con Somerford, the new Earl of Wyvern, returns to his fortress on the cliffs of Dover to find a woman from his past waiting for him pistol in hand.Susan Kerslake, the new housekeeper at Crag Wyvern, was drawn back to Con s home by rumors of hidden gold and to help her family s smuggling operation.The magic they once shared was destroyed by youthful arrogance and innocence.Con Somerford, the new Earl of Wyvern, returns to his fortress on the cliffs of Dover to find a woman from his past waiting for him pistol in hand.Susan Kerslake, the new housekeeper at Crag Wyvern, was drawn back to Con s home by rumors of hidden gold and to help her family s smuggling operation.The magic they once shared was destroyed by youthful arrogance and innocence The years at war have hardened him, and the years at home have softened herbut can time teach them both to seize the passion that comes along only once or twice in a lifetime

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2'5 Estrellas. El libro no está del todo mal, pero no me ha cautivado lo suficiente. Sí, sé que Jo Beverley no ha sido de las mejores escritoras de romántica, pero hay algo de ella que me gusta mucho, y son las ambientaciones de sus novelas. Por desgracia donde flojea, es en la historia romántica de sus protagonistas, creo que he leído muy pocas suyas donde ésta me haya gustado (quizás en los Malloren sus romances son mejores).El problema que he visto con éste libro es que todo el rato [...]

This was a good deal of fun in a creepy setting with lots of fun actiony bits for spice. I particularly liked the background of the two main characters with such a battering event when fifteen. That's an emotionally vulnerable time and I can totally see how Susan's rash rejection would have stung in ways that would last the decade and more since.Of course, people grow in a decade, not least from their teen follies. It was good to see the mature Susan, while traumatized by her folly, doing her be [...]

me suelen gustar bastante sus libros, el argumento pintaba bien, pero se me ha echo eterno y en el final tenia tantos frentes abiertos que los ha querido cerrar demasiado rápido.

Con Somerford, Earl of Wyvern, is the heir to a long line of wacko, pervy nut jobs. Fortunately, he's not a direct descendant. Unfortunately, it means he has inherited responsibility for the main estate, which is basically a house of horrors that includes "erotic" art that would put the Marquis de Sade to the blush, and a torture chamber with working equipment.The last earl, whose bedchamber was littered with stinky alchemical ingredients and shriveled man-bits, was actively seeking a potion tha [...]

I usually like Jo Bev's stuff but this is painful.Yes, Con is an intricate and complex hero, and you do like him.However, Miss Susan is someone I find conniving, an odd lack of morals, and no shame about it seems to have been the one child to inherit her mother's genes a little too well. What she gets into her head seems not to have been thought about, neither discussed with any, nor given a more mature analysis-- the lady (or highly unladylike heroine)just bulldozes on with her stupid ideas. It [...]

Sheesh?!?!I couldn't do it you guys. I didn't even get through the first half(You know it's bad when you paid for something and then put it in the donate pile without even reading it!)

Author: Jo BeverleyFirst published: 2001Length: 321 pagesSetting: Devon, England, 1816.Sex: Infrequent. Not too explicit.Hero: Unexpectedly inherits the Earldom of Wyvern. Soldier (infantry).Heroine: Daughter of a smuggler and a whore.Almost Cheating: Con writes a letter to Lady Anne pledging his troth but goes on to seduce Susan.Includes: Author's notes.A solid story but the underlying conflict made me cranky.When they were 15 they had a Summer fling. Two weeks. She hurt his feelings and he ran [...]

They have this listed as the 2nd book in the Three Heroes series (which it is), but is is also like #7 in the Company of Rogues series.So, let me say I'm a peeker -- I always swear I won't be, but I always do. I read the last chapter or the Epilogue first. So, when I read the last of this book I was prepared to say UGH! Giving away a title -- marrying a bastard daughter of deported smuggler -- just didn't fit with what I had learned of Con Somerford in the previous Rogues books. Well -- believe [...]

Years ago, Con Somerford and Susan Kerslake shared a few treasured weeks together, but they parted badly. Now, Susan is heavily embroiled in her family’s smuggling business, with her brother, David, leading the group of crafty townspeople. When Con returns as the new Earl of Wyvern, both are uncertain how Con’s new position will affect them.At first, Susan treads lightly in Con’s presence, her memories of their intimate time together still achingly sharp, despite the passage of years. How [...]

Me entretuvo, pero no simpatice con ninguno de los protagonistas. Ademas no me crei el romance. Me hubiese gustado mas que los personajes hallan pasado mas de dos semanas juntos para que se piensen enamorados y tenga tal impacto el uno del otro.

Review pending!

The Company of Rogues” is a band of twelve friends who met at Harrow School in their youth and bestowed this title upon themselves. They came from different backgrounds and prided themselves as anti-bullies, “opposing oppression from all quarters.” As I understand it, each book in this series is the romance of one of the Rogues, except two who died while on active military duty. Other books in this series have been written as spin-offs utilizing the same Regency time period and background [...]

The curse has struck again. This being the third (or second-and-a-halfth) book by Beverley, I'm now disappointed, though I can't say if that depends on the book or simply me having read more of hers. It should be three stars, but I'm sad that I never saw her take him in hand, make love to him, so currently an unfair two stars.The complaints are the usual, ie. typical historical romance tropes: merchandising-fueled appearances by half of the men from her other novels, unchanging unevolving lust o [...]

Let's first say that I really like Jo Beverly. She has a certain realism to her books and they feel well researched. Her characters' behavior usually is quite natural, something that I find refreshing in a genre that fosters a lot of absurdity. She knows how to write a male lead. Not so sure about the women, but they're mostly not what I read romance for. This book was uneven, and at one point I only persevered because Race DeVere is my all-time favorite romance hero and I wanted to read more ab [...]

The area around Crag Wyvern is known for its smuggling. Now that the war is over, the navy is higher in numbers but in order for the community to survive, Captain Drake continues to push onward. Susan Kerlake and her brother David were raised by a respectable family, but they actually were born out of wedlock and their father one of the many Captain Drake, ringleader of the Dragon horde smugglers.Con Somerford is the new Lord Wyvern. He had. I sited the area over 10 years ago and met Susan. They [...]

I'm enjoying my re-read of Jo Beverley's Company of Rogues series -- but while I enjoyed Con's and Susan's story, there were a few items that made me twitch badly, especially the inheritance plot. The irony is that the situation set up in the book is quite possible legally; as long as a husband did not publicly disown a wife's children, they were legally considered his. Which means David could be argued to be the rightful heir to the earldom (and I don't blame Con for wanting to get the hell out [...]

Hmmmm. I know loads of people really rate this book but it didn't work for me.The set up of the crazy earl seemed really overdone and unconvincing, and a bit hammy, to be honest. Very much a pantomime villain.I liked Con (as I was meant to) although I couldn't see why he was so hung up on Susan. And the reference to his almost committing rape when in the army was just uncomfortable. I can see what the author was going for - people do crazy things when there's a war on, etc - but I just couldn't [...]

A new earl arrives at his fortress on a cliff in the heart of smuggling country to find that the daughter of the local smuggling lord who'd loved and spurned him when they were teenagers is now his housekeeper. Awkward. Together they work on keeping her brother, the new smuggling lord, safe from the local law enforcement, keeping their own respective secrets while trying to unravel those of the castle, cleaning out the home of a deceased man obsessed with dragons and sex (it'd be funny if it did [...]

This book was great for what I needed it for: an audio book to pass the time on my hour-long-each-way commute. It was easy, enjoyable and kept me interested to find out the ending. I always love a romance, even if this one was pretty shallow. I loved the narrator (Simon Prebble) and his reading of some of the racier scenes entertained me even in rush hour traffic. It was a bit boring at parts. I lost attention when the characters would go deeply into conversations about smuggling. I felt that th [...]

Es un libro que empieza muy bien y con una trama bastante original pero que, a medida que avanza la historia, y se resuelve el por qué de ese alejamiento que tuvieron los protagonistas y las acciones que llevaron a ello, no entiendes por qué siguen enamorados. Ambos son muy cabezones y egoístas hasta el final e incluso entonces, es todo muy precipitado y como de cuento de hadas . No con ello digo que sea una historia mala, solo son los protagonistas los que con sus acciones han hecho que no l [...]

This is about two young lovers who parted disastrously many years ago because the girl wanted to marry a man with a title. Well, as romances are based on the wonders of circumstance and opportunity, the man inherits the title and the castle where she is now housekeeper. Bitterness and fear keeps them apart at first but eventually they surrender to mutual passion. The subplots are that she is part of the illegal goods smuggling operation that folk in the area use to survive and so she is attempti [...]

Another good read by Jo Beverley! A little different than most historicals, offering a twisted look into the past life of a demented Earl and his obsession with S&M. When Con Summerfield took up his position as the new Earl, he was confronted with his first love. She was his housekeeper. She also broke his heart. Now, he struggles with his feelings for Susan, and his concern for where her true intentions lay. He also has to deal with the images of dragons and woman that are strewn about his [...]

The book had quite a few good sections, and the love story itself was interesting and believable. When I started the book I was quite sceptical about the "teenage lovers meeting again 11 years later" aspect, but Beverley did that very convincingly. The characters of the heroine, the hero, and the hero's "secretary" (who gets his own book in Hazard) were well done and very appealing. The mad earl/torture chamber/dragon/crazy castle subplot was not nearly as well done, although it had its moments. [...]

A more likable heroine and a group of minor characters made this addition to the series interesting. The plot was not terribly exciting but I liked the lead characters, Con and Susan, more than previous couple of titles. Susan in particular seemed to have self-awareness that allowed her to be honest in appropriate situations rather than succumb to insecurities of telling the truth in the previous books.

OK, maybe a tiny bit more on the 3 side than 4 but I always find this book absorbing and my heart is in my throat. What if Lady Anne says yes? What if they're separated forever? I really like Race too: I don't quite find him quite as effervescent in his own book.Now I have a question: didn't Nicholas and Hawk meet BEFORE this book? So what's with the "meet for the first time" in this book of course, maybe I'm wrong.

Susan Kerslake lives between worlds, she was raised on the manor, gentry but not quite. She's working as a housekeeper at Crag Wyvern, a peculiar place, full of dark eccentricity. She thought she'd never see Con Somerford again.Con has inherited Crag Wyvern and he's back to inspect the property. He hasn't seen Susan for eleven years, when they were childhood sweethearts. Smuggling is the theme of this novel and a fascinating tale it is.Great plot, great characters.

This is the first time I have read a book by this author. And I must say I was a little let down by it. The title had me going - I thought I was going to have a lot of drama and more history than what I did. However- I was very much let down. The story is about an Earl who comes home to find his former lover now the head house keeper of his house , and her and brother are stealing from the government right under his own nose.

This one I liked. I liked Susan and what happened to her to make her what she is now. I'm actually kind of impressed. I liked Con too and their reunion was painful, wasn't it? Once again, I feel badly for Lady Anne. Tossed aside again for a sexier woman. Who also has a name that starts with a letter S. Still, I ended up enjoying this book better.

Con Sommerford returns as the Earl of Wyvern, but he is a changed man. Susan Kerslake, his childhood sweetheart, began his ruination when she rejected him eleven years earlier. Susan tries to reconnect with her "Saint George" but apparently, he wants nothing to do with her, or does he? The story had an air of mystery, especially because of its foreboding setting.

I enjoy Jo Beverley's writing style. She creates likable characters and takes you on an interesting emotional ride. You may want to beat the character's at times for their stuborn thinking, but you still want things to work out for them. I will definately look for more of her work and would recommend this book to anyone, who loves period "romance" and stories with devilish twists.

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