The Battle of Chibi (Red Cliffs)

Hock G. Tjoa

The Battle of Chibi (Red Cliffs)

The Battle of Chibi (Red Cliffs)

  • Title: The Battle of Chibi (Red Cliffs)
  • Author: Hock G. Tjoa
  • ISBN: 9781453751855
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback

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Long ago, along a stretch of a river deep and wide but far away from the consciousness or imagination of anyone outside All under Heaven, a battle was fought that determined the fate of its people for the next four hundred years The Battle of Chibi vividly retells selections translated by the author from the great Chinese classic, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms ThisLong ago, along a stretch of a river deep and wide but far away from the consciousness or imagination of anyone outside All under Heaven, a battle was fought that determined the fate of its people for the next four hundred years The Battle of Chibi vividly retells selections translated by the author from the great Chinese classic, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms This novel combines fascinating characters in action as well as ideas in conflict and battle scenes, deception, and earnest debate there is even a marriage arranged for the purpose of entrapping of the Loyalist leader It weaves together stories, drama, poetry events and episodes that have engrossed Asian readers and listeners for the last seventeen hundred years Above all, the warriors and leaders in this retelling, their loyalties and conflicts, show why this classic has been valued as the best introduction to Chinese thought.

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The Battle of Chibi may appear at first to be a daunting read, but it is well worth the effort. The book offers an abridged version of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. For those who are not acquainted with this revered saga, The Battle of Chibi is an excellent introduction. The introductory sections of the book are extremely helpful to readers who are unfamiliar with the story or the culture. The reading advice presented here is excellent and helps to make the entire book more accessible. The [...]

Initially, I was skeptical that The Battle of Chibi would be a book I'd actually enjoy. The fact that it requires a "how to read this book"section made me nervous and feel overwhelmed from the start. However, after reading through the first few chapters I not only understood the need for the introduction and helpful hints, I appreciated the guidance. For example, the author explains the importance of not focusing on remembering every character because most are only involved in a few scenes. It i [...]

What makes "The Battle of Chibi," a 300 pager,such a worthwhile read is a feeling of global impact. Here is a mythos/history of ancient China worth absorbing. The world view of the most populous nation on earth and one that retains much of its ancient heritage should interest us, yet Western readers know little of its evolution. In this fascinating novel, which is part history, part fiction, part drama, and part poetry, Hock G. Tjoa ably takes on the mantle of translator and literary interpreter [...]

Other reviewers have discussed the plot of "The Battle of Chibi" so I won't reiterate it here. There is a long introduction which references the context of the original work, translations of some terms and even suggestions on how to read the book. This probably works better in paperback than for an e-book (I don't tend to flick back and forth when reading on Kindle) and I found myself skimming it, eager to start reading the thing itself. It was something I came back to at the end.Likewise, there [...]

Long ago, along a stretch of a river deep and wide but far away from the consciousness or imagination of anyone outside All under Heaven, a battle was fought that determined the fate of its people for the next four hundred years. The Battle of Chibi vividly retells selections (translated by the author) from the great Chinese classic, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This novel combines fascinating characters in action as well as ideas in conflict and battle scenes, deception, and earnest debat [...]

The Battle of Chibi is an historical war novel much in the spirit of the Old Testament. It is written in such a way that the tone is indistinguishable from books like Chronicles and Kings. Since I don't normally read books like this, I am going to review it on the merit of the writing and the story, as reviewing it on my emotional experience while reading would be unfair.The beginning was slow, laborious, and frequently pointless. Too many extra characters were named who did not need to be named [...]

Whatever the origin of the saying “All politics is personal,” it makes an apt description of the series of quicksilver alliances and multi-layered betrayals depicted in THE BATTLE OF CHIBI (RED CLIFFS), as translated and retold by Hock G. Tjoa. Whether it was the vastness of the Chinese countryside, its majestic beauty, its immense wealth or a peculiarly Chinese penchant for all-or-nothing gambles, the characters we meet in these ancient tales of conquest are compulsively driven to seek glor [...]

The Battle of Chibi (Red Cliffs) – Selections from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (compiled by Luo Guanzhong), translated by Hock G. TjoaI have long thought that the Chinese must be the originators as well as remain the masters of the ‘one-liner’, and Hock ‘s translation of this mighty work confirms that many times. But it is very much more than that. It gives an early insight into the composite mind of a nation that is emerging once again as a world power.Unfortunately I was not able [...]

I love that this book is so welcoming to those of us with limited knowledge of Chinese history -- the "Note About Reading This Book" that starts the book is a graceful, opening door that draws all readers in, and I thought that was well done.Of course, that would be wasted if the rest of the book weren't top-notch -- but The Battle of Chibi is excellent and reads like the very best combination of old world fairy tales and historical adventure stories. Anyone who remembers reading a Brothers Grim [...]

In THE BATTLE OF CHIBI, Hock G. Tjoa has translated the pivotal section of THE ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS, and provided readers with an accessible, accurate and stirring glimpse into that brutal world. The action here, as in the entire book, concerns the deeds of three great heroes, a great sage-strategist, a classic villain and many others who are somewhere in between. All live in a time when the world is in constantly at war. There is not a moment when plots are not being hatched, cabals an [...]

It took me a bit to get into it, it felt a bit like when I read an ancient piece of Greek literature that has been translated it just didn't flow for me right out of the gate. Once I was able to get the characters squared away and into the flow of the story, I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it. I particularly enjoyed the intrigue and strategies employed by the different parties in the story and then I have to remind myself that this isn't entirely fiction, the battle of Chibi really [...]

The Battle of Chibi is the tip of an iceberg. Tjoa whets the appetite with this condensation of an epic work on the decline of the Han Dynasty, filled with intrigue, bloody rebellions, military strategies, dirty politics, mysticism, betrayal, and honor. Not a light read, but one to be digested slowly as the reader becomes acquainted with the major players and their politics: the tyrant warlord, Dong Zhou; the ambitious, strategic-minded warlord, Cao Cao; the southern commander, Zhou Yu and his r [...]

This is the second book by Hock Tjoa that I have read. The Battle of Chibi is the translation of the well-known Chinese epic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It starts at the end of the Han Dynasty, 169 A.D. The whole time period is represented in a fascinating way that is made understandable to lay people. In this translation, the insight into the world and thoughts of the Chinese during this time period is accessible and easy(ish) to read. The power struggle between the warlords and the intr [...]

Phew, this really is an epic. I am fascinated by chinease history so I was really looking forward to this novel. I'm not really into military strategy however and so I did find it hard initially to get going and keep going. The names and numbers of characters are daunting but I soon realised it didn't matter, you only remember the important ones - so I plodded on and slowly I was drawn into the conflict and violence, the romance and poetry. A fascinating, mystical, intimidating read. Thank you P [...]

I graciously received a signed copy of this book through a first reads giveaway.The first third of this book left me bored and dreading having to wade through 300 pages. There were too many characters and I just couldn't keep track of what was going on.However, the book then picked up, I could follow what was going on, and I found myself attached to the book. I finished the last 2/3rds in like 2 days. If the whole book would have been this way I would have given it 4 stars. Def recommend to anyo [...]

I was very pleasantly surprised by this book and appreciate winning it as well as the author autographing it. It took a few pages to become familiar with the Chinese names but it was worth getting through them. I had a hard time putting the book down.I highly recommend this book.

I would consider myself a bit of a history nerd, which is why this book did indeed look quite interesting. However, I knew very little about Chinese history altogether, let alone Chinese military history. I have to say that I did enjoy the book though, thought it was very interesting.

A good book. Enough said. No criticisms. No complaints.

giveaway!WOW. So much history packed into it. At first I thought it was some sort of Japanese related stuff, but it is actually based off of China!

Really enjoyed this book, fascinating and well written Thank you

This is an English translation of one of the key moments from Luo Guanzhong’s historical book ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, one of the greatest works of literature from China. The moment is the battle fought between 3 warlords for control over the entire Chinese area after the fall of Han Dynasty. The failure of one to do so led to the almost 60-80-year division of China till Jin Dynasty reunified it in 280AD - historians differ on the years of the end of Han dynasty and beginning of tr [...]

This seems overwhelming at first - but is definitely worth sticking with it for the treasure inside. This story is a blend of genres that speaks across culture and time, really making connections with readers who can see that people are, on an emotional and social level, the same no matter when or where we live. Politics and war seems so large and impersonal, but the personal shows through in this sweeping saga. I am not familiar with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and this seems like a fant [...]

I would describe The Battle of Chibi as an epic novel of war, but also there was a lot of romance and poetry in the story. It did take a little time for me to get into the book. Reading the e-book version, there was a huge amount of preamble and explanation as well as a guide for how to read the book before I could actually get to the actual book. And then once you start reading, there are huge number of names to keep track of. It was a little daunting.Ultimately however, it's an incredibly comp [...]

I found this book to be enlightening in that I do believe I have a better understanding of the Chinese way of thinking. Without any knowledge of the characters, places, and basic history, however, it took me about a third of the book just to understand the loyalties of the different players without referring back. Although I learned a lot about this period in the history of China, I still felt like I was sitting in Latin class that last semester and having to translate Julius Caesar's war journa [...]

Placeholder for future review.I won this book via Giveaways.

The Battle of Chibi (Red Cliffs) is an ancient and complex Chinese saga superbly edited and translated by author/scholar Hock Tjoa. As a scholarly work, it is an absolute triumph. The source materials seem very elaborate and daunting, and the author should be lauded for presenting this material to modern western audiences.With that being said, however, although the book is a stupendous cultural achievement, actually reading it is a bit polarizing. Many reviewers have praised the characters and s [...]

An Epic War sagaThough The Battle of Chibi is an abridged version of the historical Chinese novel: “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” it is still undeniably a daunting read, mainly because it leaves out many human elements of the saga, focusing principally on the battle. For example, it introduces the three main protagonists, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei at the point where they take their famous oath, swearing to die together. The original saga—The Romance—on the other hand, gives m [...]

Well worth the effort.This book comprises a selection of chapters translated and annotated from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, an 800,000 word 14th century novel set in a turbulent period of Chinese history more than a thousand years earlier. Part historical, part mythological, it is one of the classics of Chinese Literature. And like most literary classics, not exactly a quick or easy read.While the author´s introduction and comments do much to place the story in context, the first chapter [...]

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