Grammar Girl's 101 Misused Words You'll Never Confuse Again

Mignon Fogarty

Grammar Girl's 101 Misused Words You'll Never Confuse Again

Grammar Girl's 101 Misused Words You'll Never Confuse Again

  • Title: Grammar Girl's 101 Misused Words You'll Never Confuse Again
  • Author: Mignon Fogarty
  • ISBN: 9780312573379
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback

Millions of people around the world communicate better thanks to Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl, whose top rated weekly grammar podcast has been downloaded than 30 million times After realizing her fans were asking the same questions over and over, Mignon decided to focus her attention on those words that continuously confound the masses In Grammar Girl s 101 MisuMillions of people around the world communicate better thanks to Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl, whose top rated weekly grammar podcast has been downloaded than 30 million times After realizing her fans were asking the same questions over and over, Mignon decided to focus her attention on those words that continuously confound the masses In Grammar Girl s 101 Misused Words You ll Never Confuse Again, you ll learn When you should use affect and when effect is right Whether you should you say purposely or purposefully The difference between hilarious and hystericalPacked with clear explanations, fun quotations showing the word used in context, and the quick and dirty memory tricks Mignon is known for, this friendly reference guide ends the confusion once and for all and helps you speak and write with confidence.

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Ever wondered when to use fewer versus less? Or farther versus further? Read this short and concise book to gain a better command of the English language and thus become a better speaker and writer. The quick and dirty tips offer additional hints and fun memory tricks to help you keep words and their meanings straight.

I just discovered Mignon Fogarty aka Grammar Girl and her little books should be a staple in everyone's home. All of those words that we never remember which one is correct, this little book takes out the mystery. Grey or gray? Either one is correct - who knew?

Disclaimer first: I was moved to pre-order the book because Mignon was offering an incentive -- a personalized video -- for those who did so. I received that gift, but I paid the regular price for the book, and I made no agreement to review the book. It's a good thing I didn't because I've taken so long to finish that a review is now probably so late it's not very useful. But go out and get this book, for yourself or for that friend whose not-quite-right word choices are driving you around the [...]

Once again, Mignon Fogarty does not fail to deliver in the next instalment of her 'Grammar Girl' series. This time, she tackles 101 words/phrases that are misused, often providing additional information regarding the etymology or just additional fun facts that make the nuanced differences stand out.My favourite was learning the difference between carrot, carat, karat and caret (*mind blown*). Never again shall I misuse the verb quote as a noun or use the verb impact when I actually mean affect; [...]

This book, like all of Grammar Girl's prior books (and podcasts), is well written with easy-to-understand examples. Like most people, there are words and word pairs that confuse and befuddle me. Grammar Girl clears up a lot of the uncertainty around these words, and provides background information on word orgins in an interesting and fun manner. I now know that when I shuffle cards, I'm actually riffling, and after reading this book, I finally understand why my wife was mad at me when I brought [...]

Good and succinctGreat for those composing written docs often. A quick read and time saver. Examples are provided for ease of use.

This is a great book for people who make those tiny, awkward mistakes (think ¨for all intensive purposes!¨). In all fairness, I have to admit I don´t think I´ve made any of the mistakes listed, but it IS good to know the difference between carat and karat, remember that it´s skittish, not skiddish, and that the correct term is ¨trouper.¨

I learned that segue "a smooth transition" is not spelled segway unless it is the two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle. And it is disappointing to learn that "snuck" will eventually be acceptable by all. Really? Sorry, Mr. Hess (my beloved 7th grade English teacher and grammar stickler extraordinaire).

I can not tell you all the ways I love this book! I use it daily in my classroom!

I am a big grammar girl fan. This book is lighthearted and not dull.

I wish I were rich enough to hand this out to all my students every semester. Unfortunately, even if I could give this away to all of them, what are the chances they'd read it? That's the problem. This is actually for those people who really do give a darn how they use words. And, hey, maybe forget about the students. I think this should be handed out to all those wannabe authors who put out those cheapie e-books that I have been gullible enough to order for my Kindle.This book is not all-inclus [...]

This book was a quick but a fun read. I liked how each page was short and crisp. I also loved the quotes on each page from popular sources. lastly, the call outs at the end of most pages, on how to remember the difference in usage was a nice touch by the author.

Clearly written and helpful.

I strangely learned much more than I thought I would.

Easy, enjoyable read. Learned a few things

Been using this little book right along all year. Certaintly helps me at troubled times when writing anything.

This review first appeared on my blog:knittingandsundries/20ANOTHER wonderful and handy tip book! I run into these mistakes (and likely commit them myself sometimes) quite often. For some of us, seeing these types of mistake in print (whether on a blog, in a book, or in correspondence) makes our eyes glaze over and takes away from the story or the message that is being imparted.Look at the example below and you'll see why this book belongs on your shelf!EXAMPLE:Especially vs. SpeciallyThis was a [...]

I really liked it.

English is my third language and I thought this book, or any book on English and grammar, would help me a lot. I was really excited to have placed the order on Flipkart and eagerly awaited its delivery. I wish I had gone to a bookstore and seen the contents before I bought it. I was shocked to see more than 80% of the words in the book aren't confusing at all. I was thinking to myself "why would anyone misuse those words?!"Then I came to the sudden realization that native (American?) English spe [...]

I love reading books like this often because practice makes perfect. I liked it so much that I purchased copies for my nieces and nephews. This book does a great job of taking 101 commonly misused words and explaining what the words mean, how they should be used, and giving examples that are easy to follow. the structure is simple and clean. There are also very helpful tips that accompany most of the words. They give a bit more insight into structure and/or how to use the words correctly.I'd def [...]

My Mini Review: I'm glad I picked up Fogarty's 101 Misused Words. Although I already knew a good chunk of the words in this book, there were still some that surprised me. When I didn't realize I was using a word wrong I felt pretty dumb, until I realized that I'm obviously not the only one misusing the word if it is in this book. Grammar Girl's 101 Misused Words would be a great easy-to-read reference book for any type of writer, and it would definitely be a great book to give as a gift to those [...]

This book made me realize there is a lot I think I know but actually do not know. I regularly misuse many of the words featured in this book. Reign verses rein, explicit verses implicit, farther verses further, infer verses imply, fewer verses less - Each set of words in this book is explained and has an example on how to properly use the word. Many have a quote from a popular TV show, movie, book or famous person such as Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind saying:No, I don't think I will kiss you [...]

This book taught me the difference between lot of words that I used to get confuse. Now I know the meaning of the words and I can tell the difference between then. This book is good for anyone who need help with words that sounds the same or have the same meaning. It will teach you which words for that sentence. For example, a set of common words that people always get confuse are their, there, they and they'are.The book will help you with using the correct word for the right context of the sent [...]

There is a good chance in the future I will get some of these confused again, but i've learned quite a few facts about words and their usage that the outcome of reading this book is right around what I was hoping to get out of it. A more precise, accurate use of language is one result that will come from my reading of this book. It's not perfect, and about a quarter of the examples (possibly a little more) I found to be very obvious, but I am an English major and not everyone is, therefore I did [...]

Greatest little find EVER in the library. I loved this little book and may consider buying a copy for my shelf for possible browsing again in the future. Great little tips inside for how to keep words proper use straight in your mind. I was happy to find that I knew the correct usage and definition of some of the words and was pleasantly surprised to gain quite a bit more knowledge. I fully admit that I struggle with grammar and am endlessly being corrected, but that is fine with me. I'm more th [...]

This is a really good book on grammar. It's full of information and is easy to understand. Therefore, everyone should read this. It even taught me a few things, and I'd considered myself to be well-versed in regards to grammar. Grammar snobs will occasionally be shocked as they thumb through this book. I didn't know that people had such a hard time with such no-brainers as "guerrilla" vs "gorilla" and *gasp* "peak" vs "peek" vs "pique"! I'm embarrassed for anyone who learned something new whilst [...]

I thought this was an informative book that would be a great help to writers when they are faced with choosing the correct word for the meaning they're intending and there are different words to choose from that may be confusing to choose from. That sounds crazy, but I hope you can understand what I mean. The words she chose to discuss and explain are listed alphabetically which makes it easy to look up the word you may need to check out to make sure you're using it correctly. She shares this in [...]

I am not fond of people who correct others' grammars as if they are the best language users in the whole world. Reading this book allows me to stop being corrected all the time. I may even correct others. This is the best grammar book for English students because our own grammar books suck. The quick and dirty tips really help in remembering words. I really love how in the first page of the book there is this: For the confused.

Grammar Girl is excellent. She uses fun quotes and characters (Squiggly and Aardvark) and illustrations to make grammar rules enjoyable. Each misused word section is short and she does her best to make it memorable. A great bathroom read or while waiting in line or as a daily devotional. You cannot go wrong with Grammar Girl.

This a reference book that anyone interested in correct grammar should have in their library. Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogarty, has written this handy book of tips to help keep us straight on proper usage.I also have Fogarty's "Grammar Girl's Punctuation 911: Your Guide to Writing it Right" in my reference library. Serious about writing, give this tip book a read!

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